Monthly Archives: October 2010

Internet Radio

Hey, Right I thought I’d write this in the hope of getting some sort of support on the whole radio industry being ruined thing.

I was contemplating my radio future last night as i’m doing a lot of video at the moment and my creative attention seems to me veering towards that at the moment, even though the UK film industry is just as ruined as the UK Radio industry. I’ve been off the actual radio since May 2009, and off internet radio since June.
But I’ve recently been looking at an alternative to commercial radio broadcasting. The last FM station i was at was a Community station and to be honest, if i wasn’t on it i wouldn’t of listened… and i don’t listen now because its not to my taste (Putting it nicely). The problem with the alternative though is that it’s only as slick and as professional as the person behind the desk.
But Internet radio has the power to be good enough to take on the new national type locals in the way the pirates used to do to the BBC… Only if they were advertised well enough. Internet Radio could be the next platform for modern pirates, that aren’t cheesy or just playing random drum and base tracks. Its the place where people can actually make pioneering radio again, and people would really listen, but only if they knew about it. Internet figures have gone up but if 1 station bombarded the market like one of those heart clones it wouldn’t be so bad.
Anyway I dunno where i was going with it. I just noticed a bunch of internet stations that sounded like good candidates to be something better. Really they should have the same amount of attention given to them that a commercial one should have, because whats the point in doing something that only about 10 people are actually listening to?