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Pigeons and walnuts

I had an extra long extra snorey sleep last night. I did try and contain the snores but they get 300% worse when i am over tired. I’m hoping that this Christmas Santa will bring me enough sleep so I’m not always tired.

I had about 9 hours last night, Compaired to the 4 hours I’d been getting recently I felt treated. Finn woke up very briefly for a few hours after that and managed to catch an snuggly 2 more.

Today was Aphre’s uncle’s birthday so we went to this pub where everything was like £10+, it was alright though. Some of the food was nice, mainly the food other people had because I decided to go for some Pigeon breast and walnuts apple celery thing. It wasnt to my taste so I wasnt sure if it should be nice, but from what I gather it could have been better, but it wasnt disgusting. 

I did have some roast pork with other stuff and an extra Yorkshire pudding for the main and shared Icecream with Aphre. The almond one was lovely.

I’m having a reasonable bed time tonight. Hopefully it will be enough to get rid of the lingering lack of sleep from yesterday.

Why why why why why why why why why why why (nothing to do with delilah)

You’re lucky You’re even getting a blog tonight. I know I’m not good at updating daily but I’m on one of those splurges when i update a lot… anyway you’re lucky because I’m so bloody tired I am not far from drifting off.

I got back about 8ish last night almost unable to walk after everything this week (graduation, the events around it, being ill, podcast recording, job interview tasks and the travel to Manchesterto have it) so tonight is an early bed. I know its nearly 10.30 but Finn wakes up at about 7am and aphre has been so amazing and giving me time to sort everything out that shes had Finn alot and he has knackered her out too, so I couldn’t spend the day sleeping as I wanted to because it wouldn’t be fair. Plus we have Quen (Aphre’s brother) over and I’m sure they’d want to have time together.

Black Friday… I just found out that is a thing. I’m appalled, like deeply. Why would that even happen over here? Is there any need for it anywhere? Is it to do with thanksgiving? We dont even celebrate that, all I’ve seen is the videos from places like asda and tescos. It looks worse than January sales. People got hurt and stuff over things like televisions and games consoles and electrical stuff that realistically mean nothing to anyone. In 6 months you’ll want a new one of whatever you got. Im glad I missed it in a Shawn of the dead zombie report way. But yeah i saw the videos and it was the first time in ages I said “why the fuck would anyone do that”. The supermarkets should be responsible enough to know the reaction of customers – some of them risking their lives for a cheep TV because it means so much to some idiot who would litterally do anything. It’s disgusting.

I can feel the sleep engulfing me now so I shall say… Night!

Graduation time

So I’m on the train to Manchester right now for my Job Interview, and I’ve done all the tasks, however one is niggling at me so I’m going to re-work it on the train.

Yesterday was graduation day so I thought I’d better blog about it. It was really nice to see everyone, probably the last time in a university setting, but hopefully not the last time. I’m doing projects with some people like Zoe, Jelmer and Fred.

Aphre has been amazing. When i came home last night shed made me a carrot cake, and made banners saying “happy cleverday” and was totally proud of me. She got me a little graduation present… a Batman watch. My mum was there too. Aphre has been so good to me especially  this week. I don’t know what i would do without her. I’ve had so much work to do (I’ve still not edited the podcast… that’s for the train journey back) and has really done loads so when you read this Aphre, thank you and I love you xx.

After the graduation I went out with Jelmer and his parents with Robin which was cool to catch up and nice to meet Jelmer’s parents and their respective other halves (By the way I’m not sure if I used the right words there). I get the feeling that when Jelmer and his dad are together they are a right team. We went to the Spice Lodge, a place I’d walked past a number of times being round the corner from two of my uni houses. It was nice, and although I tried to make sure I picked things that wouldn’t set my weird spice allergy off, it still happened but didn’t let that ruin things.

So back to today, off for my interview. I’m hoping that what I’ve made is good enough and it will impress.

Post interview:

On the way back now and I’m knackerd. I tried to edit some prick up your ears but I fell asleep, and so put some music on and although i didnt snore,  I did start waking up mouthing the song in my sleep.

Not sure how the interview went. I got stuck with my words which happens when I feel under pressure sometimes but hopefully something I said made some sort of sense.


Today marks some lovely times in my life, more specifically ones that have happened over the last 2 years. A year and a half ago (and a bit) I met Aphre, and on the 25th of May we made it official.

A year later we had our bubby who’s now just turned 6 months. It’s amazing how he has grown in that time. Even the littlest things he does make me smile, like when he hears a noise he turns his head to look at it, or  when I whisper and he brings his ear closer to my mouth, or when he smiles just because my hair flops.

But yeah I’m glad to have them both. I’ve had some pretty odd times and developmental times the last 3 years, some bad times the last 6, and going back 9 years I’d not even think that life would be like it is now. I didn’t even entertain the thought of gojng to college. There’s just a few things missing, some that can sort like work, and some that I need to take for what I can like trying to spend more time with Ruby.

Time for bed 🙂

Cross with myself

So I am a little cross with myself. It’s nothing mega and i will get it sorted. Because i was ill all yesterday and saturday the tasks for this job I’ve applied for got pushed back so i feel like they were wasted days.

Now i need to rush stuff. Growl. Anyway it’s not as hard as some of the assignments i did and only managed to scrape them in when they should have been. Compaired to that, this isnt too bad. Just wish i wasnt up so late doing it.

Under all the weathers

So yesterday and today haven’t been such great days. I had a migraine all day yesterday and the lag over of it today… which is not ideal on days i should be doing production tasks. I’ve been trying make a music mixy type thing. I’ve never done it on pro tools before but I have on other editing things. The main thing is that the songs I need to mix don’t necessarily go well together, normally something can get around but having the migraine and that weird after feeling.

What’s also not helped is getting frustrated with it because I feel all bogged with a poorly head and can’t think properly. I had to leave it yesterday which is also frustrating because this week is going to be a busy one and counted on the weekend to be my get it done days.

I also miss the radio room. The atmosphere in there was nice and i actually could get some work done. Home is nice because my lovely ones are here, but theres just that feeling of being in a working atmosphere or a creative atmosphere when you’re working in a professional atmosphere. That didn’t have a lot to do with today though to be honest, because I’d have probably done the same, but i might have just stayed in, laid on my bed and watch things on youtube, sleeping and eating creamy cakes until I felt better if it was the old uni days.

So I’ve decided tonight to leave it in the hope I can get some sleep and have a clear head, is to do it tomorrow. I hate hate HATE HATE HATE  being sick because i can’t even write when I’m like this. I guess you gather that I am not keen being ill. That would be an understatement.

I can’t even be bothered to write an end to

As for dinner i can’t be bothered, feed me a big rice cake full of sleep and I’ll have it all in one mouth thanks.


So today I had Finn all to myself which included going to cheltenham, buying Aphre a Mr Frosty for her birthday and meeting my friend Nicole who works at the uni.

Tonight’s blog isnt about that though. It should really go into my ‘rubbish radio ideas’ blog because i should for one change the name but also i like talking about my media opinions and ideas, and maybe this blog isnt about that. I will hiwever carry on regardless.

I have strong opinions on whether sitcoms should come back from the past because I’m not sure how they are supposed to work without a total reboot from scratch. The repeat of open all hours from Christmas last year was on today, the one where David Jason’s character Granville takes over the shop and almost becomes exactly like his uncle, played by Ronnie Barker in the original series. It doesn’t work! Sorry but it doesn’t.

The options I’d have seen for the series would have been that the shop has a different owner like a brother or someone else who the shop went to in Arkwright’s will who wanted to update the shop and tried to compete with the big supermarket and Granville is still in the same position as he was years ago, and with new technology the new owner tries to update it but it doesn’t work.

Thats why it should belong in rubbish ideas, but still I’m not sure if i agree that it should come back

All the parties and other stuffs

So I don’t have much time to update tonight because I’m nearly ready for bed. It’s time for a bogblog (blog written in the time in the bathroom, because as Andy Partridge from XTC once said, “the best ideas come to you on the toilet” which is a fact.

Ruby came down over halloween and it was really fun, it was a party mixed with her birthday as i wont be seeing here for another few weeks now.

I went to the SRA awards, I didn’t win but it was ace to be nominated which was cool. I had a tour around Capital radio earlier in the day which included standing next to Toby Anstis in reception waiting for Alex, going through LBC, Classic FM, Heart, Capital, Smooth and all that. It was nice to see my old uni buddies.

Aphre also had her birthday which was also ace. We all got drunk and a little bit sick but was great to properly let our hair down for the first time in nearly 6 months.

Today I got a phone call about a job interview. Not saying where or whatever but I’m looking forward to it. That’s about it really, lots of uninteresting other things happened but thats a highlight mushed uo into one.

The last thing to wait for… graduation!