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morning thoughts

morning. so ive got a small amount of something to do today. so lets see what happens when johnny puts his big fat foot onto the outer turf. i hope the way i was awoken doesnt set the days theme.
i was awoken by barclays bank. they didnt come round my house, just imagin how much space that wud take up. clerks coming out the washing machine. restyled the kitchen in blue and white. actually that just reminded me of a dream i was having when the bank woke me.

i was walking along past this cafe and people with scooters went past. the handle bars were adult hight. i had paint and i was gona paint a wall. it was white but changed purple when i painted it on. this downsyndrome kid came along and said he was gona help and the carer said that the man was ok and would say if i need help. the carer was fit and kept looking at me in an interested way. the phone rang in real life and distroyed this world.
anyway im jumping out of bed in about 20 mins because i mite doze off 4 a little longer before i jump out my bed in a mary poppins step in time style