Monthly Archives: August 2008

School Reunion

Went to a school reunion last night instead of doing the show (i Pre recorded it). i actually saw people i had’nt seen for 9 years! I wasnt the best when school has anything to do with it… I skived most of it.

But yeah met up with a few people, Pretty crazy now that were all older. The thing was that not that many turned up. From what im aware they had one in march and loads of people came but i think this one was too close from the last one. So because there wasnt many people i just hung around with 2 people i remember untill 10 then i had to go to sort my show out for repeat. I was getting a bit too drunk aswell and i wasnt really keen on waking up with a hang over. I was drinking quicker because i was a little nervous (I usually drink quicker when im nervous, you should of seen the state i was in when i proposed to Caroline)

The pub we went to was a Wetherspoons pub… so good thing was it was cheep alcohol. The bad thing… For some reason after my second drink they refused to serve me and wanted my I.D to check my age! Basterds!!! I got someone to get me one then i got the rest from upstairs. the weird thing about them not serving me… Before the pub was wetherspoons it was

(see edwards post)