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So I’m sat at my place in a bit of a limbo. I don’t really have much choice about it. I don’t have enough time to go and do something as Aphre is coming to monkey cuddle be in a little bit, and i need to pop into uni to add the shopping forecast in the pre-recorded show for today. 

The other weird bit is that the pre-record was actually meant to be to cover me tonight as i DJ’d at Oxstalls… but that’s changed to Saturday. So instead of spinning tunes or doing Halloween things, I’ve got writing and all sorts of other work to get on with.

Also I’m feeling a little down-ish at the moment. Kinda questioning whether someone i’m friends with actually really wants to be friends or if they are just putting up with me, so that’s a little thought to annoy me for the day.

So i guess tonight is a mixture of trying to get work done and maybe an early night to help with getting other work done tomorrow.


I’ve just got back from Djing and then walking back from Pittville campus and the first DJ set of the week. Tomorrow is kinda a rest day, although, it probably means i’ve got lots of work to do, but not as much as normal.

I’ve also been working on my CV today, one that’s more if a creative one, but I think it looks professional. I’m going to make another one for comedy purposes/certain radio stations.

And by the way to my commenting “friend” who thinks i dont know who they are… WordPress logs the IP address of comments and you can look it up online so… yeah.

So, i suppose sleep is the answer to my day. More bloggy things in the world of Johnny tomorrow.

A bollock too far

So this post is about a reply that I got to one of my blogs and I didn’t publish the reply because even though this blog is full of bollocks, the reply was a bollock too far and isn’t worth getting worked up about.

I think it’s funny when people get jealous. I mean look at my blog… all the way through (more recent years especially) I’ve not been the happiest of people but I get past it, so someone says something a bit rubbish and I think its sad that they had to have a pop through the blog and not even leave a name for the public to see.

Anyway, I suppose its also funny and a little sad that the person (who im pretty sure who it is because of the reply) still reads my blogs and spys on me. Look at you and your beedy eyes reading my words and you getting riled up on every letter thats on your screen. One more word and you could pop with anger! Like Mr Creosote from the meaning of life. Which word is the waffer thin mint that makes you explode? Is it spoon? Or frog? I’d like to think the word mongoose would set someone off like that. Whats even more obserd is that a mongoose isnt even a goose, its not even a bird! Wtf!

Right… time to work on things because my day is always busy, doubly so tonight.

Switch to the other side

So in an unexpected twist of events today In the live broadcast module at uni I have switched sides! It felt really weird because my team were happy.

Last night before the blog I had written a pitch with a proposal for a panel show to pitch to both teams in the module. It half worked. After a lit of deliberation, multiple questions and throwing ideas around, the show jelmer and I devised was… well… commissioned I guess.

Next time though, maybe I shouldn’t leave it til midnight to write a pitch. I should have known that from the days of sending 2am emails littered with errors and spelling mistakes.

I dont have to be in bed by a certain time tonight, but sleep will do me good. I have a busy afternoon.  Djing til about 11 tomorrow evening.

Oh baby… another one!

So the big news in my life this month… I am having a baby again. Obviously I am a man so my organs dont look after that kind of stuff, luckily my girlfriend Aphre DOES and hapily contained inside her is a little one cooking away.

Not gona lie… it was a bit of a shock. It will be out in about may time next year.I’m looking forward to telling the other one she has a brother or sister on the way. In the mean time I’m carrying on with uni and other plans. I have a scan picture, but I shall post that up when I have time to plug in my scanner.

I’ve just  finished my presentation for tomorrow which is at 9am, I just wanted to bring the world the happy news.

I’m still standing

So lately this blogs become a reflective thing on the day. Its been ok by the way. Todays day of meetings was reduced as two of them were cancelled. Space newspaper is out now so the world can read my article.

Ive just finished going through music. I may have come up for an idea for the halloween show. My moods have been all over the place lately so I’m hoping i wake up happy and ready to go.

Jelmers pointed out that theres a picture of elton john in the bathroom hence the title of this blog. Night!

Let me reintroduce myself

So during my shower I thought about how many posts ive done over the years and how on what basis my thoughts are based on, and also if there was things I’d forgotten. I know theres a lot I skipped out or just failed to mention. This blog’s been going since 2005 so to say “oh, trawl through my blog” to make a connection with new readers, it would be better to sum it up, so here goes!

My name is Jonathan Mark Robinson, I’ve just turned 29 and I’m a third year student at the university of Gloucestershire studying radio production BA hons. I dont like horses much as I am a little afraid. I also dont like it when my egg gets mixed with beans or tomato, I do like noodles though. My favourite colours are red and black

I have a girlfriend that has suffered me for 5 months now. I also have a daughter named Ruby from a previous relationship. I live in Cheltenham while im studying,  and i have a huge interest in broadcast. In my home town of Swindon, I learnt a lot about the towns history and heritage to the point where if I’d gone any deeper I would be a history geek too.

I enjoyed music from a young age and wanted to follow my dads footsteps as a DJ. My dad left when inwas 9 but we still saw him regularly. My mum found someone else who was abusive towards me who eventually left. I moved back with my dad after that.

I went to Oakfield secondary school in walcot in swindon which I think is either a carpark or new houses now (I assume). I never showed up so they kicked me out in year 10. I went to another school organised by stratton education centre where I left with a poor gcse in maths. I went to a training centre and got a bunch of nvqs which was the equivalent to good gcses. On placement I went to a radio station, swindon fm where I learnt how to edit and do radio.

I took a break and went to yorkshire where I met a girl and we got engaged. She moved to swindon with me and we had a baby. I started voluntary work for a community radio station I helped form who promised me work. In xmas 2008 my girlfriend left me and took the baby during my radio show only to discover they wont be coming back when i got home, The job then fell through so I was given a choice. Go to college or get back with the ex and give up radio. I decided both but it wasnt good enough and after realising that it wasnt fair to stay with someone who I didn’t love anymore and it wouldnt be good for the baby, I chose college. I had a few relationships that didnt work out and met some people that stil mean bundles to me, but then met someone in college who although a lot of the time was fun, she turned out to be not so great… faking a pregnancy then a miscarriage.

Although I forgave that person, it really messed me up and added to trust issues especially with the bad stuff as a kid I decided to stay single. Career wise things were good, I passed my media production course with enough to get me into uni. I won a couple of awards for films and stuff which was good. My ex partner made things difficult for me to see my daughter and I got an order to see her, supported by my good friend hayley Since then nothings changed and I’m still having difficulty seeing ruby which isn’t down to any fault of my own.

At uni I’ve met some cool new people. I decided to get back into dating in February and not long after met someone new.

I suppose thats about it really. Things are a little more complicated than that but thats the general rundown.

Right… bed time!

Thinking Ahead

So I’m still up late but not as bad as yesterday. Todays been fairly OK with a nicer end than yesterday.

I’m gona jump in the shower before bed tonight to beat the rush for the shower in the morning. But between now and saturday I have lots to do, and between Saturday and Monday I have to devise the one of the biggest student radio projects I’ve ever attempted – it’s probably more ambitious than the chart show – however i wont mention that till Monday afternoon when i mention it on here all depressed that it’s not worked.

But the thing that will mainly be a thing for this weekend is something that I’ve already done some preparation for, next weeks radio show. I’ve not long come back from todays show. We’re pre recording next weeks show as i’ll be busy busting out the tunes at Oxstalls for haloween.

Whats going in next weeks show? well i have no idea but i have a day, and my days full of meetings so I guess I;ll be doing things in the evening.

I suppose though I should get some sleep or i will be totally lagging tomorrow. Goodnight world.

Turn Back Time

Today I just felt like going back to the year 2001 or something and talking to a certain friend that i never talk to any more, the reasons  are because around that time just to be in that group of friends (even if it wasn’t the best of times) they used to look out for me when i was at the cusp of doing something silly. At least still left the day with a sense of things will be OK, with a positive feeling that things will move on.

Fast forward 12 years later, and i feel bad about some of the experiences i’ve had and a few years of being messed about, it’s not left me in a good state… I know theres not many people who understand that and I dont dislike people who don’t understand it, but it’s especially caused me to think about things in a way I wouldn’t have if certain things never happened, and I’ve kind of failed to see the positive today, but hopefully things will be OK.

I’ve had issues with sleep, emotions, thoughts and everything lately. Mostly due to projects I’ve been working on, and Ruby, court stuff, future, work, and the new things happening in life, the effects its having on my health – theres a lot i dont say. The blog is just a small part. The people I work with on projects are cool and not would i want to change anything as far as that goes. I work with fabulous people. Whether the story is different due to my issues is another matter but I hope that’s not the case. I think i have to accept that a lot of people just wont get it – and i also get that some who don’t know the whole story will get the wrong impression but I’m not going to start disliking people for something I’d rather not get into those conversations with as I personally don’t think they need to know. On the other side of that, the select few who seem to get it totally understand and have had good life experience so that means more to me when I have days like this. One good thing, when something tries to take over my thought process i bury it with work that needs doing, and I’ve done a fair bit of that today.

I’m up late talking to one of those friends. Well actually, i say talking, what is actually happening is she is telling me about her sherbet from her glove compartment. 

I’m not in the mood for sleeping right now though. I’m still thinking things over, making little decisions about things. All that I need to remember is that… Tomorrow is a day.

Hit it

So today went rather well id say, even though there was a major lack of energy by the end of the day, but I thought id save the energy drink for another day. My default mood seems to be set on grumpy at the moment but that didn’t ruin doing the chart show.

That was the funnest part of the day. The bit where we do count downs and stuff, my favourite is the on air bouncing with the other presenter though and making up silly stuff to say in the countdown like “get out the way… its little mix with move” or “dont worry, worry dolls are at number blablabla”

So… that one is getting entered into the awwres for the nominations next year.