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First Newspaper since coming back

Well got my first Swindon Advertiser. Still used to calling it Evening Advertiser.

The Paper in Halifax was well too big. it was broad-sheet, so I’m not complaining about it… yet.

When i came back to swindon the first thing was that Farepak went bust. I knew i should of nicked that Hat 4 years ago. Pretty weird tho, it was rather busy when i was there, besides from standing around doing nothing when someone ran out of spam and needed more.

Brunel FM
Yesterday was the first time in ages when i sat on the computer (Doing Internet stuff) and listened to a local Radio Station. Tuned into Brunel FM from 10am till about 9pm. Seemed like nothing new and need to think of a better way to sound more exiting. Besides from that it was OK i suppose. I listen to my own play out system for total radio, needs a bit of tweaking still though.

Lower Shaw Farm
Get Rid Of IT???? DON’T BE F***ING STUPID!!!!!
I went to Lower Shaw Farm while recording a one-off show called the Poetry mix for swindon FM, Part of the swindon Litracy festival. It would be a well stupid thing for the council to sell something like Lower Shaw Farm!!! Completely out of order! I know I’m not usually bothered about these things, i must be getting old, but The thought should of never been thought of! They wouldn’t sell the council offices down or the town hall to knock That down for houses would they?! so why do that!!?? Since 1990 till 1997 i lived in Shaw Ridge in swindon. There was a conker tree near there. There was a better one up the road because nobady knew about that one.

Thats all for now Jonkaholics!

Your not going to believe this

Its official. The two applications for the Community license for Swindon are Community Radio Swindon and Swindon FM.

Swindon FM (The station I used to work for) is now known as Swindon FM Community Radio.

It’s going to be exiting to find out who wins!

The orignal Swindon FM has had a number of sucsessfull Trial broadcasts. They launced a service on DAB digital Radio For Swindon (Which i was on). Last year they went for an FM commercial Licence, but last september it was announced that Brunel FM had won the licence.

During my time at Swindon FM i met up with 3 people, Greg, Ian and Rich. Ian had told me that he was thinking about launching a community radio project and we helped him get the ball rolling. He got in touch with some of our contacts and it all took shape. We started broadcasting our Trial in september 2005 and discovered that Swindon fm didnt get the licence during our trial.

This morning i had an email from ofcom saying that they had recived both licence application forms for a community Radio Licence.

Good luck to them both (Especially the one i’m with)

New Audio Section on Website

I’m in the process of putting an audio section on the website.It should be done by tomorrow depending that the computer is fixed by then.

Website is


In Swindon

Well back in Swindon. Yesterday i discovered work had dismissed me from my duties and i no longer work there. They belive the aligations made against me, So i shall be taking the matter further. I don’t want to work there, i want to prove my innocence. From here on i’l not be mentioning my former work due to Leagal Reasons that may arrise.

Anyway I’m in swindon now till i find out whats going on with Radio stations and a new Job.

Bob was trying to talk me out of going to swindon Today. He gave me and claire a lift and kept saying that he didnt know why i was going (I had told him a million Times) He had to bring Carol with him though. Claire and Carol don’t get on at all, and the atmosphere was mad. It has just been a complete mad day. Cazza went with her mum and Dad. Carol kept watching Claire while drinking, I brought up the fact that me and claire have Two number Twos in out name, not just one, and claire noticed that she kept putting the mirror in the passenger seat (Over head mirror in the sun thing) to watch her in the back seat

Cazza and i have no bed, so tonight were on the sofa and getting an inflatable bed tomorrow. All our stuff’s not packed away yet. My dad has a friend who’s kids come with her when she visits, its cool to have them around but it feels different to what it used to be. Anyway they kept going through our stuff (Like the old days) so im getting a whole bunch of locks to put on the doors.

I’ve not been able to sleep properly lately and im well nackered from not sleeping last night. We were supposed to be up at 6 but carol made bob wait longer till she did her ironing, Which took the piss big time as i was paying bob 40 pounds to take us, and cazzas mum and dad was doing a lot more and they didnt want paying. We were all supposed to meet up at 6am and all go at the same time. Bob turns up with Skinny at 7:50 and explains that she had to do some stupid stuff.

i went in to detail of telling her that i thought she was F*CKING THOUGHTLESS and was stupid. she went on about that she is working so hard (Like nobody else in the world works) and i went off on one on how there are plenty of other people who work a lot harder than her who take a load more hastle than she does in her petty job for un-employable people, and they arnt thick as pig sh*t

Everything is still getting at me like a i’m cat stroked the wrong way and ready to scratch. I’, off to bed in a second. Im hungry and tired.