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Triple barrel swear words

So Last night and today had had many reason to frustrate me, and although it has a little bit, it’s given me an attitude a little. I can feel the old me creeping out. I feel like i’m winding back in time in a way and getting qualities that seem to have gone to sleep back. I am having some sort of quality regression. Its hard to explain, probably sounds crazy.

But yeah with my crossness thing going on and this managing to hold it down it’s caused me to create spitting double or triple barrel swear words which is quite funny.

I’m still not feeling too well today. I’ve been not well from sunday and its really effecting me to be tired really quickly so i’ve just hit the wall. And apparently tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock my house mates will be waking me because they have all lost their keys. Good luck because you wont wake me!

Speaking of sleep… We were talking about doing a tone marathon and we may have come up with an idea to fundraise. Yeah it’s another marathon broadcast but with a difference, i’m not going to go into it too much but even though i am having sleep problems at the moment, i am pretty sure i could stay awake providing it is a contest ūüôā

Robin, Jelmer and i were writing our script earlier today which seems to be going silly and well.

But yeah with the problems i’m having i may hae to take tomorrow off because i’m feeling rather rubbish. Oh dear. Let’s see how tonight goes.

Well done on the Cheese

So I forgot a few things in the last post which i thought i should update. The tasks i gave myself at the start of january have been going not bad for the first month. He’re what’s been happening.

Stop talking about un-interesting things – This is a new one but i want to focus on cool things more because i sound boring or depressive.

Stop talking about myself – Another new one,¬†there’s¬†a couple of people i feel like i should cut some slack. They helped me out and i feel like i’m being self indulgent when really want i want to do is show them my appreciation.

Well done on the Cheese this week… I had none, only what was already with food i may have purchased from uni (Although one rule was to not have uni food).

Keep to the daily tasks – I’ve kept to some but not all.

The alcohol thing – Although I’ve not stayed off the alcohol, I’ve really cut down well and only drank a small bit when i found that i needed a little to help creativity flow, or that time i went with Hayley to my old work a few weeks ago.

Sweets – This week I’ve had some sweets, I was worried this week i over did it because i had a big bag of allsorts and some haribo in the week because i felt like i’d had no sugar and was on a total lag.

Fizzy Drinks – Not doing too bad. Been drinking juice, squash with no added sugar, diet coke and diet pepsi or pepsi max. Had a little bit of regular one but yeah.

Basil Fawlty Knee

I’ve just got back from my short sort it out weekend where i transplanted the downstairs carpet into the bedroom and had a nice Tidy and a vacuum. It must have been the first proper one at castle bobskull in years. I remember when i lived there in 2005 there was no hoover and it was all swept away but obviously that didn’t help with dust. I remember once Bob came round and swept the carpet on the road outside to make sure the dust escaped. I have a picture somewhere. I actually just looked all over the internet for it because it’s not on this computer.


It was pretty cool seeing some of the old pics i made. It’s weird because I’m still just as creative but i did it in different ways. For instance the Coliseum Taxi Book and the “First To Rip You Off” post. I only used the basic paint but that didn’t stop the creativity.

bus boulder


In other news my Knee is hurty still. I’ve not seen a doctor because i wanted to see if it would fix its self. It has in a way but not totally. I knocked it a few times and i managed to put pressure on it earlier but as soon as i tapped it, well it electricuted me again :(. In the mannor of “AHHHH”¬†SYBIL! Nothing¬†I’m¬†fine just the war shrapnel… the old leg playing up again Basil Fawlty style.

Tomorrow… well i need to get up for 10am for a man to take my computer away to fix. So i’m gona have to move all my college stuff off before i go to bed to i don’t loose it. Looks like i’ll be without protools for a few days. Grrrr.

dreamwatch – more dreams!

ok heres 2 more dreams which i remember from last nite

it seemed to be a last of the summer wine/ed edd and eddie mash up. 2 of us went to this generals house to interview as a butler or something. i was to say something but cant remeber what. the general was outraged and told me and my friend to get in the box and say in the box till he says get out. instead i said “im not getting in any fucking box” and left. i went back to this house where this cat kept following us. it was a dick head cat that wudnt leave us be, eventually something happened to

the next one was i was with a friend at uni and he was angry at me because we were writing an essay and a thought came to my head. i worked for 5 hours without 1 word so i spoke and he flipped out so i had a go back and left. i sat in the journo room and sulked for a bit. an hour later he had left. fred was left in the studio too and was about to go but didnt hav the key. i was gona stay after 5 so i got the key out. ellie wasnt in so this woman came down almost falling and was unsure what to do so i showed her. it then started raining really bad. u cudnt c outside for all the rain. when it stopped i got my and rode home. but it was weird. there were lobsters all over the floor and birds with weird heads all dead. some how i found one of the birds heads in my hands. i also at 1 point stopped and walked off forgetting my scooter and went back for it.

the next was that we had to set up a tv rolling news and entertainment station for germans from bmw who gained a contract with tv shops and sky. they offered it to tone radio and me and matt belt were riding our bikes everywhere to find alex jones. he turned up near the end. the group had to pitch it to the germans.

from the other night… was at my aunties in didcot and i woke up in the bedroom. stayed with my sister and there was letters for me.

shin deep

today has been a bit of a fail mixed in with little achevements i’d say. i am currently at castle bobskull trying to improve it slightly which some of the little stuff is done. my leg is getting better a week after i wacked it on the floor but its still numb in one spot and i cant kneel on it. its like an electric shock. i keep bumping it. ouchy.

the rubbish bits… the bank took money out my bank when it shudnt have and now im skint totally, it is really snowey and can hardly walk in converse because im slipping all over the path and holding onto things worried i’ll hit my knee again. and i cudnt be bothered to do any proper work for this place.

the snow here is pretty deep. in cheltenham wasnt too bad compared to here. its like double the deepness, i dont think iv ever been in snow this deep. its shin deep.

other than that iv had one of my upsy down days today. i shud hav stayed in bed. on that note im laying in one now so i think thats a cue to skidaddle

My batch of dreams last night

i had a number of dreams last night so thought id mention them. the first was my dad went to a shop ran by indians and he was trying to buy stamps or something but he was acting a bit daft towards them so they didnt understand what he meant so they gave him a sign that said water cooler. i said to him to say it to them how we say it to eachother and not in an indian accent.

we left and we went to another shop, this this time with my brothers. the same thing happened again and they gave him a watercooler sign. i explained he wanted stamps so they gave hin a post card. i gave up and went to look at stickers. i had £4.20 in my pocket.

matt came up to me and said ben had been putting sweets down his pants, and matt shoved some down mine. a woman came to see if we needed help and as i had sweets down my pants i said no, got up and left. but for some reason when i closed the door i had a scoop full of sweets that i took off matt and they flew everywhere. i came back in and explained what happened and i was embarressed so i just wanted to go and the woman found it funny when i came clean and was prefusely sorry for everything and that i would pay for the sweets that were in my pants.

she gave us loads of sweets. seemed to appreciate my honesy and seemed to like me for it. there was these bags from a warehouse in canada that had been closed from fire in the discount section and they had loads of cool things in like toys and sweets.

this linked onto a dream about the kids tv show funhouse where i went to this place where people played with remote control cars. it was an abandoned entertainments place with a go cart track inside it. i decided i would buy it and convert it into itv’s funhouse with a race course around it. i went to investigate and found lots of toy cars and model petrol stations

there was another dream where i took forever to take off my clothes to go to the toilet because i had so much on. one of my friends opened the toilet from the outside and saw me naked but was ok with it.

i drept that i was watching videos thatwas made by one on my lecturers at uni and the technician. I think Andrew and Marcus were making crazy videos, and at this house i watched it in there was a man and a girl playing on a rollercoaster game.

another dream, i stayed at a girls house and her parents were so pleased they did us a leaving party. i think i was there with ruby

Can i not be left in peace?

I’m ill again! How can this be? not even a month ago I had my throat thing. That was brought on from getting stressed out, then what happened?? Sunday again I got stressed out with uni work and everything im supposed to do, and then yesterday i felt sick again. My throat is all swollen again and i’m couging, and all achy so its the early starters of the flu.

In other news… I left in the dark. I think i mentioned that i made a decision the other day. I also decided that maybe i shouldn’t do the classic chart any more so i could free up some time and do things in similar fields that i dont think i will have the time for doing to much.

Anyway i have a lecture in the morning so i guess i’d better get some sleep, and see if theres anything else i can do that will reduce me being ill. I’m really hoping the paracetamol in lemsip¬†doesn’t¬†make me all red.

knee juice removal?

Today has been pretty shit to be honest. Theres a lot going on outside of uni and inside uni. I think i need to take a break from certain bits of it. I’m not revealing the decision i was talking about the other day, Im expecting to reveal that that tomorrow. I may have to make a few similarly related decisions.

On another note i think i need to be doing some more cutting things out of my life. I’ve kept to most of the rules, but i seem to have substituted it naturally with something similar. I have managed to keep to my sweets, chocolate and cheese cut down, although i¬†haven’t¬†really cut out cake much. I need to reduce that.

My knee is still swolen so i’m gonna have to see if i need knee juice removal. my side still hurta. With everything thats gone on today it feels like i’ve been in the wars.

No Tomorrow

So… Yeah. I’m ready for today’s classic chart show on tone radio. It’s important that i get today spot on. I’m trying to get the standard of my presenting up so I’m going to present the show like there is no tomorrow. I got a B in the assessment the other week which is an¬†achievement. Another¬†achievement¬†I learnt about this week is the one where I am the first tenant Caveman has had where all cheques have bounced. Thats going in my secret blog. The secret one is not¬†viewable¬†to the public. its just something that is an outlet of thoughts so i can forget things, it seems more secure than an actual paper one because when i’m gone people can just sneak in and read it. But yeah. I suppose I’d better go and so stuff then. I might update again later but depends how the day goes. Laterz


Today and all day i have been discovering new pains across my body. Without sounding too much like Marvin the paranoid android and the diodes down his left side, It feels like i have been beaten up twice down my right side.


Well i DJ’d at Pitville campus last night and it was proper fun. I actually had a good night and although it was tough getting back it didn’t ruin my night. The journey back was the issue. See it is all snowy here. It had been snowing all day and we spent the day doing a snow day broadcast on tone radio. On the way back from the gig, i fell over twice. At the time it was just my leg that was hurty and i did something to my hand. It seems to have been ok since i warmed up but is still rather hurty. I think though that when i went down i fell harder than i thought and the laptop may have dug into my side because I’m totally aching and i think i might have bruised my bones on the indoors. My knee is still swolen but it¬†doesn’t¬†hurt so much now but some of it is numb. Sleeping on my dad side might not have been the best thing either.

Anyway i have been watching Fawlty Towers all evening doing my assignment. I think its time for bed now though.

Oh and i had a weird dream last night. I drempt that i found a bit of plastic behind one of my teeth so i pilled it and it was a blue white and red string which was there for some unknown reason. I kept pulling it until it came out. It was attached to all my bottom teeth and my teeth moved but the rope didn’t seem to keep them in, just stopped them from wobbeling.

Right… BED!