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That is supposed to be a mixture of sleepy and update as I’ve not blogged gor a little bit. Today i took Ruby home after having a lovely week with her, and as it’s the school holidays, i will get her again in a week. She’s off on another holiday, then back to me which is weird. 

We spoke about music, and was subjected to a mixture of animal jam youtube videos of some songs she liked. It’s annoying because there isn’t really a safe place for her to actually access songs… like… for instance a kids radio station that played kid safe pop would be great. I’ve mentioned Fun Kids Radio before, which for some bits is good, they do have shows where they play regular music, have presenters, and they someti es play radio dramas. The downer is they do also play some terrible nursery rhymes and some of the productions are a bit old sounding… but i think to have a kid equivalent of heart would make them feel more like it was for them. Fun Kids is great for little kids, but for cbbc age to teenager (7-14s) maybe they are missing out. 

Tomorrow will probably be a tidying up/tidying up after Finn day as I don’t think anything is planned, but you never know… we might get Finn’s robot chinchillas out again.


If you’re a regular to this blog, then you will know recently I’ve had some stuff to say politically. I wrote this for the Labour Party Members forum but it was quite long.

I’ve mustered up my £25 from various legitimate places (Including sofas, those things are gold mines. I even found an unopened perfectly good Bounty chocolate bar) and later I’ll be ready to vote. Before I do, I wanted to tell the world why I think Jeremy Corbyn should remain the leader of the Labour Party.
I read this forum regularly since joining, but ever since the run up to brexit I have been watching BBC news like a hawk. I studied Radio production at University and TV production at college so the courses were very BBC heavy, and I was led to believe that it was slightly skewed more to the left but mostly impartial. To me it’s clear that they stepped away from their (mostly) impartial ways in reporting the news, whether that’s due to neglect or if they’re using this as an opportunity to shake off the left skewed reputation. I feel this is partially to blame along with the press and other broadcasting organisations views.

They painted us out to look like the bad guys – which Average Angela didn’t make things any better (by the way ‘Ordinary Owen’… Maybe if he had to drive a PPT around an Iceland warehouse in -18 picking and packing frozen food, I’d accept that as ordinary). Eagle made things toxic, and I think reporting attacks and threats in the news has advertised that MPs are open game. It’s important that it’s reported, but was it the right time?

This coup has torn the party apart, and it’s easy to see that. For me it’s down to the PLP not open to change. Refusing to believe that they are wrong and not listening to membership or CLPs. The fact is that Jeremy Corbyn has enthused more into politics and got them into Labour which can only be a good thing. Also getting them into Labour opposed to just getting them into politics will mean the person is more likely to feel that this is the right choice for them, the same was as people will only ever use Apple products, or only ever drink the same brand of Tea. These are the guys on the street and having them as members means that the party benefits financially and becomes more of a party of the people.

To respond to a point some people have made on this group – the one where people who have joined don’t understand how politics work – that is for the PLP to figure out how to implement the views they have been given. They shouldn’t complain… they are MPs there to do a job. They might not understand how it works, but that doesn’t mean they are less of a member than anybody else. I’m new to this politics world and only in the last 6 years have I seen it within my peripheral vision but since Brexit I’ve seen how important it is and that I could enthuse people with a similar background to mine.

I grew up on a rough council estate in Swindon. My dad was a builder until the early 90s recession. He lost his house and by the end of the 90s we were living on rough area in a council house. For some reason there was a mentality where everybody’s view of politics was the same “They’re all the same, they don’t care and we’re screwed anyway, It doesn’t matter who you vote for” or just took whatever was in the front page of the Sun to be the gospel so I guess we would have been known as ‘Lower class’. I didn’t even know being left or right wing was a thing. There was no enthusiasm because nobody knew that they actually could have had an influence. I didn’t know I could have gone to Uni earlier than I did, or what schemes there were, or not let my lack of GCSEs scupper a potential academic possibilities – that sort of stuff changes lives and makes quality of life better. It could stop people getting into crime, or help people see their potential and maybe even get them to actually consider other people. I’d like to see more of this and I think Jeremy is the person who can so it.

I think Jeremy is trying to unify the PLP… he is uniting THE PEOPLE with the MPs who are supposed to be representing them in parliament. Is this wrong? If the PLP don’t want to do what the people want (not just the ones with money), then why are they there? In what way are they doing what is best for the people?

I respect the thoughts of others, and why they might vote for Owen Smith, I just don’t feel like he is what Labour or the nation needs right now. I believe that Corbyn can lead us into a future that not only takes Labour back to its roots, but reel it in for what being Labour actually stands for and so it can distinguish it’s self from the other parties. Times are changing and it’s time for a new way of doing things as the old way clearly isn’t representing what people want.

Yes, I’ve mentioned Jeremy Corbyn a few times, as I feel like right now he is the one that is standing up for people like me, and truly believe that his leadership works, and what Labour needs to be go into the future but the PLP need to stop and listen… He’s trying to build a new version of the party with the bricks left from the previous version… you’re either with him, or you’re a rotten brick. You can’t have a stable Labour wall with bricks that crumble (If I learnt anything from my dad). If you look at what he’s done for the world and his achievements, look at what he can do for Labour and for our country. It boggles my mind for anybody to say he cannot lead this country when he has so many great relationships that are built on the foundation of peace. And before you start saying about the abuse – the man has a Gandhi award, if you had a peace award do you really think you would condone violence and bullying?

What he’s trying to do is clearly working, but now he has to spend more time on internal struggles and a pointless leadership election instead of beating the Conservatives, and making our party a force to be reckoned with. Maybe Jeremy’s successor will have the same view and continue to take the party down the same route… after he’s done being the Prime Minister, obviously.


Today has been a bit of a chill day, mainly because we were still tired from climbing a hill on Friday.

We went to Robinswood Hill in Gloucester, which is about an hours walk from our house. It was a nice evening. We went with a group of people and some bat detecting kits, and we were able to hear whether there were bats in the local vicinity. It was pretty cool to see them flapping about and knowing when they eat insects as they fly. We also saw some glow worms which was also cool. They are a lot more brighter than I expected.

We walked there and back including all the way up and down and neither Aphre and I managed to fall over which was a great achievement.

Not really much else has happened recently. Go back to sleep.

Eventful Times

In the last blog I mentioned a few things I’d be talking about in the next one as there has been a lot on… so let’s start. I took some pictures.

Johnny Learns the Danish Alphabet


So I was there for 3 hours, trying to figure out when the correct time was to say Æ. It was difficult. This was when I was confused and was about to show them which letter I was stuck on.

Finn builds a robot Chinchilla

finnchilla robot.png

So this is Finn’s new plan, and proving how bloody smart he is. These are his robot Chinchillas and as you can see they are flipping impressive. I don’t know what he’s doing it for but I’m sure it’s something amazing.

Aphre joins Labour

aphre labour2

So it’s finally happened, she’s joined a political party. Unfortunately she joined too late to get her own leadership challenge together, but she’s ready and waiting for 2025, however she might try sooner depending on the circumstances.

That’s what happened yesterday!

Doing a J Turn

In today’s blog to start with, I must announce my J turn on Veganism. When I say J turn, I mean half a U turn.

After a few days and failing… I’ve deemed that at this time going vegan is a step I’m not able to take at the moment. I feel like that might be a step made easier if I was already or had previously been vegetarian so instead of going full on, maybe to take a step forward towards it might be the best way to go.

I’ve been having a look at some more political stuff too recently – if you’re not interested in this new interest I have in politics you can switch off now, however I would say that this part of the blog is a good “beginners guide to being a Labour member”.

I don’t comment much on the Labour Party members Facebook group and would probably post it on here where not loads of people will see it. However what I will say after reading many posts and comments and things that have been posted on it, it is a good thermometer in knowing how people feel and what the general feel is.

  1. Loads of people joined (Like myself) to support Jeremy Corbyn
  2. Many people support Jeremy Corbyn
  3. There might be some people on there supposedly supporting him but they actually don’t and are trolling in order to make it sound like his supporters are “Dogs” as some people put it, but there also may be some over enthusiastic members too – both pro and anti Corbyn.
  4. A few people go on about how they hate Jeremy Corbyn and is “Unelectable” when they are unable to actually name an electable MP that they can all agree on.
  5. The a lot of the current PLP (Parlimentary Labour Party) who are the folks who you see on TV sitting behind Jeremy Corbyn in the Houses of Parlement, voted no confidence on him on the basis that they don’t think he is right for the party and that they (the plp) don’t represent the “Guy on the street”. The CLP (Constituency Labour Party) and the Members of the Labour Party who are the closest thing to “the guy on the street” vote these people in who they want to win in a leadership race… so if you’re not doing it for the man on the street… who are you actually doing it for?
  6. Neil Kinnock, Some kunkbarcle from the 80s who was un-electable has said Jeremy Corbyn is un-electable – like he can talk. Fuck off dickweezle. You have my vote in the people who should mind their own business. I get the same feeling from him as I do when I hear a 60s radio 1 DJ talking about how they did the breakfast show 40 years ago hoping that they are showing they “Still have it” and pretending they don’t have a glimmer of hope they would be asked back and wouldn’t jump at the chance if they were asked back – sad.
  7. Angela Eagle seems to say things that she thinks people will give a shit about when -on the basis of the Labor Party Members facebook group – nobody actually seems to support or have anything to say about her.
  8. In any other job if you don’t do what the boss says… the boss will tell you to get lost and get a new job. If you answer back you get suspended … why is this acceptable in the PLP? Do your job… the job you bloody well signed up for and agreed to do.

There’s a bunch of other stuff I could probably say or have missed out, but that is the general idea really.

I’m sure this wont be the last time I do politics. Moving on, I went to some training today for a charity. It was interesting but Finn was there too. He ate all his sausage roll everywhere and did an impression of a toy car while watching twirlywoos on Youtube.

In the next episode of the life of Johnny Robinson… Johnny learns the Danish Alphabet, Finn builds a robot chinchilla and Aphre joins Labour too.



Lights off but everyone’s awake

So firstly sorry for more typos then usual… I’m in the dark with no glasses on writing this.

I’m currently watching Daily Politics on BBC Parliament… for a few reasons. One of them is that Aphre and I went to bed at 9 tonight in order to get some extra sleep. when what had actually happened is that I fell asleep, snored in the face of Aphre as she cuddled me and then had to wake up so she could sleep. Not the best of situations but she needs sleep. The other is that I figured BBC Parliment is soothing enough to not wake me up too much.

As I watch it, I wonder why they give more than enough time to people that don’t deserve it. I mean watching the Chilcot stuff yesterday and how much Alastair Campbell has been on TV – the guy is a total utter cock muppet and why they felt like giving him so much air time when they know what he’s going to say, and can’t really justify it because they know he was wrong anyway, is probably down to lazy journalism because they know they can get a lot of air time out of him. Same for Tony Blair really, but then I do boggle as to why they just make it clear he’s talking, cut away and then come back for the important bits or cut it down, it was a long time to be on him for. I’m probably wrong. I think also though now isn’t the time for cocks who voted to go to war to say “Yeah… it was right to to to war” while their loved ones are obviously feeling pain on that day and they are outside saying the war was wrong and a report even said it was… shame

Also I really don’t understand the whole thing going on in the labour party.I mean if it was work and you didn’t do what the new boss told you to do, you either stick to it or you leave.

I’m still a bit down about yesterday but things are not as bad. I was pretty down when I went to bed last night. Aphre is up now too as she can’t sleep, hopefully I can wangle some hugs from her. 😛

Right, I can’t see any typos, but like Thelma from Scooby doo, I can’t see without my glasses

Change up

So I’ve had a little bit of a change up in life recently. I wouldn’t say that I’ve grown up, I’d more say that my childish self has done some sort of deal with my obsessive self and they’ve decided that this is happening. Yes I have an obsessive self and it’s not one of those mental health issues,  when I have something that I really want to do or an idea and it’s the thing that I’m determined to do, I will keep at it. It’s a flaw, but also it’s a positive.

Firstly, last week I joined the Labour party. I know right? How did that come about?

Well I watch a lot of TV news, so the first thing I noticed is the inaccuracies or odd views the BBC had at times, and as I’m aware of how things are reported and filmed and the magic of television thanks to having two media qualifications and knowing that organisations tend to have an angle. I usually put these on facebook, and usually it’s something like “Oh the woman who does the weather is Sarah Blizzard” or “They’re not in London, they’re in SALFORD… THEY STOPPED PRESENTING BBC BREAKFAST FROM LONDON 5 YEARS AGO!!!” you know… that sort of crap.

So what did it for me I think was Brexit. Since Jeremy Corbyn was voted in as leader of the Labour party I’d considered whether maybe he could be the guy to get us out of this Conservative shartfarce that we’ve been in ever since the coalition. made worse by the split in the 2015 election… and to be honest with you, in the four years it happened you’d have thought shit couldn’t get any worse… when now you look back things were so much better when you consider the crap we’re in now. So I watched some of the debates on TV and was astounded by how much blame was put on the E.U on issues that were actually issues the conservatives were actually in charge of. Then as far as making my decision on remain or stay… I figured there wasn’t really much information about leaving and staying wouldn’t really change much, so I voted remain. Plus it seemed crazy to me that a party that had no clear path of what they are actually going to do could achieve what they wanted until they actually started scaring people.

Now alongside all this, my fiancee Aphre is very political but wasn’t part of any party, so along with my own observations of the news and looking online and her worries about the way this country is going, I paid attention to it for a long period of time. I’m not sure whether this became a Stockholme syndrome towards politics but spending so much time watching it and being concerned, I kind of felt like maybe it’s time I should do something about this along with a bunch of other folks on the internet. For a really small time, I’d considered whether I could be in politics, and thought don’t be fucking silly… I mean I have media experience and did comedy so could use that to do some public speaking, and I’d increase my following, and then I thought don’t be fucking silly again. I did think that I could actually show I have a fuck and support a guy who 1) needs it and 2) I believe in so I joined the Labour party.

Since then I have kept an eye on the members forum on Facebook and I tend to find myself going there and reading comments and posts quite a lot and I’m a lot more bothered about certain things more than I have been in recent years where as for instance in the early 2000s I’d have not been too bothered about political parties, politics, leaders and all that. That’s because I was brought up to believe that it didn’t matter whether I voted or not because whatever I voted for I’d still not like it. Politics was bundled in with the news, or wars. It wasn’t until the 2010 elections when I actually thought that maybe my future mattered and I should maybe vote for someone who had that in mind. I was one of the people who voted for Nick Glegg. Things went fucked. in 2015 I went for Greens as obviously after the massive Lib Dem fuck up I felt that they were the party that had the best ideas, even if they were not the most popular that didn’t matter because I went with the principal. Then the Jeremy Corbyn biz happened and upon looking at lots of old videos, watching some Tony Benn also… and listening to the Corbyn was saying… they made sense.

So before I joined but just after Brexit I noticed a few things. The pound was really low compared to the dollar (today it hit another new low. I’ve been looking at it fall regularly). This is something that I’m concerned with/obsessed with because it’s scary to look at and wonder when it counts as a recession. LOOK AT IT!

scary pound graph

The big graph is how much our £ has changed today… the bottom one is how it’s changed this year. You see that final bit of it being high… That’s the day before Brexit!

Corbyn was getting flack from his party for not doing enough and I did wonder where he’d gone and it turns out that he just wasn’t getting media attention from my favorite broadcasting establishment… and I was like WHAAAA! How dare you BBC to try and turn me on someone who I highly regard as a politician that could change this country, I thought you were my friend (But obviously not because you still refuse to employ me).  So yeah I thought about it. I went on the website and literally 5 minutes after looking, my friend Rich asked me if I was going to join, so I took it as a sign.

Now as far as Brexit, I’m not a happy bunny. I strongly feel that we should have stayed in the E.U as it means there’s freedom to go wherever I want. I respect that the leave vote was the winning vote, but I also think that it was a fucking stupid decision, but I wouldn’t hate anyone for doing what they thought was right, even though it was clearly wrong. I also don’t think that blaming older people for fucking the younger generation over, and I also wouldn’t say everyone who voted leave was a racist, more of racists voted to leave along with non racists. Who knows what the fuck happened there. Maybe Johnson, Gove and Farrage honed in on the vulnerable and scared them. Maybe some people just believe what charismatic politicians say even though it’s utter kunk.

I doubt that I would ever actually have a political career but maybe I might actually get involved in political matters more often. This is not the only change that makes me question what the fuck I’m doing, but I’ve gone VEGAN!


Yes, that is the guy who plays the Atom on Arrow, who also was Superman once

Ok, so this has not happened to me yet as I had cheese on toast this morning but that’s because I didn’t want to waste the cheese. Dinners have been interesting this week so far, so tomorrow let the fun continue. Maybe I will actually lose some weight, who knows.

Today something has ruined a core part of me that took a long time to repair and it’s just all been scratched down like a construction worker who has said “This is all wrong, it all has to come down”. I can’t really explain the situation in the way it actually is because it’s really fucked up, it could potentially damage a bunch of stuff but I feel like I need to air the way I’m feeling about it. Today I found that inside a newspaper that someone I trusted had done something really bad. Now what made this thing really hard to even comprehend in the first place is because when I first heard about this from someone else I really trusted and was close to, I wasn’t sure which one to believe. I felt I could never turn my back on either of them, so I accepted that this bad thing may have happened, but could never validate one against. I couldn’t believe that any of them would have lied to me. Turns out one lied more than the other, and although I’d not intentionally distanced myself one of them had, and because of that, I was risking losing one of them.

So person 1 – I’d had a strong connection with them since I was little. They were like my idol when I was little, I found them funny and even though I’d not seen them for a few years, when I reconnected with them I still thought they were funny, but as an adult I could see that they needed to take control of their own life and stop just agreeing to things because they thought that’s what wanted people wanted them to do, and any other way of thinking was wrong – they had self confidence issues and I was trying to help them with that.

Person 2  – I got close to this person around the same time as reconnecting with Person 1, and we spent a lot of our time together because we just seemed to tally up together. I see them as a life-long ally in this world, and even though we’re not as close as we used to be, I feel like it wouldn’t take a lot to repair that if I was in a closer location or could spend more time together. What they said about person 2 had no baring on why I’d not been able to have as much time for them, I’ve had a lot on and not as much money as I’d hoped I’d have. They backed off though knowing that I was spending time with Person 1 which I feel really bad about.

It turns out that something happened in the paper that tallies up with what Person 2 said about Person 1. So now when I was trying to do my best for person 1, I find that I’ve been betrayed and lied to – not to mention the actual things they did. I’m sad about it. I’m furious too as I’d given person 1 another chance after telling me they did something really stupid that could have risked things for me too. All I actually want to do is hug person 2 and maybe have a bit of a cry or something. But thanks to person 1 doing what they did, I can never associate with them ever again. and that really sucks for me because it’s ruined every fun memory I’ve had with that person and it can’t ever be repaired. I guess it’s one thing that I can’t let “Floaty Away”.

And finally today to leave things on a high after that bunch of twakballs, I’ve got some fun news on the way… I’ll be revealing that hopefully in the next few days.