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Oh, one more thing

One of my favourite things that happened at the gig today… I was beaten with a microphone to name 5 different types of Cloud. I didn’t know any so i said the first thing on the top of my head. Smoke, Steam, Saw Dust, Spit, and another that i cant remember – Pretty good considering my dyslexia refrains me from quickly retrieving words and memories at a quick pace 😀

Just to apologise on how badly my last post was written, it was rushed. Monday then… what will that bring? Probably nothing. Maybe I’ll write something. Its a bank holiday and i don’t like this mass publicity of Queenal proportions.

Will the band “Queen” have a jubilee one day?

On this note i think its time to finish my drink and get some sleep. have a huge lay in. Maybe watch some films tomorrow.