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Wishing for a meteor: Episode 1

I thought i’d start start a new feature in my blog now because my awkward moments never seem to fail me, so I’m calling this feature “Wishing for a meteor” as the moment is so awkward id rather br struck down by a meteor… simple.

This time it was the crotch split. Oh yeah it’s as bad as it sounds. It seems as the cargos I put on this morning had weakened since I baught them and they ripped all up the crotch. I scootered them to death. Luckily I had underware on and a long t-shirt and a bag in the way. Plus people dont tend to look at other peoples crotches when they first meet, so I think I got away with it, and baught some emergency jeans at the nearest Primark. I could make jokes about that it split because of the size of my manhood, but I think I’ll skip that and just put it down to that I was scootering and the ware and tare must have gotten the better of them… whether its true or not.