Monthly Archives: October 2014

Good things

So over the last few weeks and months loads of cool things have happpened. The stuff with Ruby is all done so she comes down regularly, we had Finn, I completed my course and am officially a bachelor of arts and theres stuff I said id mention soon which now I can talk about.

The most exciting news is first… I’m engaged!  Yay me and Aphre dont plan on getting married like mega soon, but we wanted to show our commitment to eachother and enjoy life without rushes. We talk about it sometimes about what we would have at our wedding and that, but were taking it easy.

And although things havnt been so great with work, I’d say I hit the ground running. The podcast is on its 4th episode and going well, good listenership and it’s getting me noticed. Last week I had an interview with someone from Heart (the radio station) and althought it didn’t go so great and didnt get he job, I’m hoping to have a chat with them soon. I’m also chatting with someone else from another station, and another one who may want a pilot with me and Zoe in a place called London. If nothing comes from it I at least hope to make friends out of it.

Then finally, the radio awards will be happening on the 6th, which im looking forward to especially with the possibility of winning!

One of those Christmas posts

So Christmas is slowly approaching and at the moment my irritation meter is on very low. That’s becauee right now although I am seeing christmas things and talking about christmas, its good to prepare. The meter will quickly change to high though when the december holiday goes overdrive at the start of November.

The thing I find sad about christmas is that for me I end up finding that because the christmas ads start early, the music starts, decorations go up and im fed up way before it’s started, its fine to prepare, ive never had a problem with that.

Aphre and I (mostly Aphre the superstar that she is) have been looking at christmas and birthday presents today. Aphre is project manager and I am the guy who just looks and says it’s amazing. She loves Christmas and is really excited. I am too about christmas and the things happening, but shes really really excited and its nice to see that.

I thing my problem is that I dont like the same thing over and over again. Today I asked the facebook friends I have who are likely to get me a present not to get me sweets. I like sweets but over the last year I’ve taken a step back from them because retro sweets are special. I had my fun last year, but I need to cut down anyway. Ive still got some from last year and my sweet tooth got bored. Aphre bought be an irn bru lolly last year. It’s still in tact because the last time I had one, it was so big it took me days to eat and it gavebme a headache. I feel bad for not eating it.

Anyway I have an important day Tuesday which will mean some preparation so I’m off to do that then bed… so… laterssss!

I am a grumpy guss today

So tonight I am utterly disappointed. I’d made plans this evening to do something mainly for the convenience of someone else, so made sure I had time to do it, by cancelling things and making sure that no other plans were made. I only found out that what they had done something else from something they just posted and didn’t bother replying to my messages. The person not only did not apologise about it, but they haven’t said a word about it. As you can see I’m not taking it personally at all.

In other today stuff, I’ve been listening to a few podcasts and reports on audioboom – checking out the competition. One of the reports is a story that’s been on my mind a little bit because it’s about a radio presenter.

Stephanie Hirst is a radio presenter from Yorkshire who has is currently transitioning from a make to a female. You may know her as Simon Hirst who used to present hit 40 uk. I think all I want to say is that I am pleased she is happy. I have a lot of respect for her professionally as a presenter and is very talented and a modern inspiration to those in the radio industry. I think it’s also a very brave thing to do for someone who is already in the public eye, but felt so strongly that something had to be done about it. As a creative person and seeing other creative people I think were kind of emotionally on another level and I don’t know how I can explain that, but from things I’ve seen and observed about people, it’s nice to see when someone is satisfied, so im happy for her, and hope she continues to do radio.

So this weekend, well I did plan on doing things but they fell through. I’m sure something will come up.

We’re properly socialised

So a very brief update about things and theres some good bits of news that I will share when the time comes. I’ve told various people about these ‘newses’ but keeping them under wraps for various reasons so I need to wait for the right time to reveal it all.

One however could mean something huge is about to kick off. In total theres 3 things and one is potentially a fund raiser – that one I need to make sure that I get my facts correct and make sure that before I do it that nobodys going to copy me before I get to do it.

In other news that I can talk about is that we’ve just had some visitors leave from having them for dinner. Its the second night in a row we’ve had someone for dinner… were properly socialised in this house as long as it doesnt mean going outside. I’m not the best meeting people outside a business setting and can be a little shy but hopefully overcome that before being overcome with tiredness – which by the way the tiredness will have to be worked on.

We did get to go put today… today we dropped by to Swindon to pick some presents. I seemed to impress my niece with an app on ky pad that looks like the tumble tap on kids tv show something special. I think she tried to hide my pad on the basis that she would get to keep it.

Earlier this week I was not very well. I think it was a bit of food poisoning that kicked in just after I’d done the podcast recording. This week’s recording will happen tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that tomorrow.

Now though its time to go to sleep before the bubby wakes 🙂

Nom nom nominations

I’m getting pretty rubbish at keeping this blog up to date. Im considering integrating it into my website.

Hello. So right now I’m eating garibaldi and other biscuits in order to satisfy my hunger and not be sick as after the podcast last night I wasn’t very well. Id had chinese food and I think the culprit was this dimsum dumpling thing. I hate being sick mainly because I always strain a muscle or something somewhere and hurts for days after hence the amount of alcohol I don’t consume.

Since the last update a cool thing happened. On wednesday I was at the nominations party for the student radio awards and one of my entries was picked! I presented the show with Zoe, and Jelmer, Dan, Alex and Jamie were onbthe production team. We’re going to london to the awards which will be ace.

This does mean though that I need to arrange how to get there and back. The main problem I seem to have with that is what time I would have to leave which to be honest doesn’t leave me much time qt the awards. I did look into staying at a hostel which is the best option. I will have to make sure that I sleep under my pillow because I snore really loud. I kept a whole camp awake once at a festival. It varies depending on tiredness, intoxication and if I’m ill so yeah, oh and maybe ask a doctor about it again. I went last time and they did tests but nothing was achieved other tthan confirmation that I need to shead sone weight which I’m working on.

Anyway, time to try and get this baby back to sleep, so… laters!