Monthly Archives: October 2016

On my bike

In Saturday’s post, I announced that I’d be doing a radio show from Tuesday and the rest of the week and said I’d say on what station and when ┬átoday. It’s today now so hello.

I’ll be on Worcester’s More Music Station Youthcomm 106.7 FM waking up Worcester at 7am. Now all I need to do is make sure I get there on time and hit the news, with the weather and traffic and travel. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve done some practicing of the weather and traffic. I won’t get much time to practice that when I get there so what I need to remember to do with reading is just pace myself and look ahead┬áto what I’ll be reading. I’m over conscious about these things.

I even bought a bike. It looks like it’s from the 90s but it will do for what I need it for, and it’s in a pretty good state. I’ll be having a quick ride in a moment to make sure the gears are all good and that the breaks work (or at least work to a good enough level that I don’t have to stop by scraping my feet on the floor).

Back on-air

So today I’m back on my way to the place I was yesterday, which I can now reveal was Worcester! Why am I telling you? Could it be that yesterday’s chat/meeting/interview was a success? Well it was. I’ll be on the radio from next week all going well, I will reveal more info about it on Monday right here on this poor excuse of a blog.

It’s weird to be on air back in worcester, not that anyone will remember me from last time because nobody would have listened to me last time for various reasons. Due to the circumstances of last time though I am really nervous about coming back on-air, the last time wasn’t a fun experience, but I’m looking forward also to doing something I love and that I’m good at. It’s also a bit of a bit of personal nostalgia as the playout system I’ll be using was the one we used at Tone when I first started which made me smile, and I actually know the systems functionalities really well. I’m looking forward to it… which leads me on to today.

I’m off in today to see how it works, and maybe even for a little practice if I get chance. It depends what the idea of today is so im open to it happening if it’s a thing.

In today’s leg report, it seems to be alright today. I got back last night and it hurt, but didn’t take long for it to calm down. I’m hoping that I don’t have the same stairs experiences of yesterday which were not fun, it was like i got half way up and felt like my knee was like “naa mate”. All seems well though so far. I do have a bit of a walk in a bit though, it better keep its shiz together.