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The show!

Today i had a bit of a visit to Bristol to talk to someone about radio stuff which was mega helpful. A few tips and some feedback was pretty ace.

As I’ve been saying since about January or so, I’ve been preparing to do my independent radio show and I think now is about the time to finally say when it will start. There’s been lots of prep like moving house, setting up the new studio and getting a bit creative with it all. The jingles still need doing – providing i actually want them- and i need to do some practicing but the running order is ready, got some sketches written and all the tech glitches ironed out.

The show will be on Friday nights, starting on (evil laugh) Friday the 13th of May from 9pm -12am. You will be able to hear the show live at and the show will be uploaded on there too. I will also be on perescope where you can see my little studio which looks ace by the way.

I’ll be doing some stuff with the website later so the new bits will be added onto there. I’m trying to decide if I want some interviews on the show, which would be ace… but whooooo?

Bands, comedians, writers, artists, people with something to talk about… feel welcome to email me at if you want me to interview you.

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