Monthly Archives: January 2008


Ruby is 2 months and a bit now. Were getting used to her and loveher to bits. She can hold her own hed up and has started to wave at people. She’s also started laughing when you poke and tickle her and smiles when you smile at her.

We’re moving out of my dads this month hopefully. We’ve managed to get a place in Purton near Swindon. All of my stuff i use to put videos up on youtube has been packed away untill we move in and i plan on getting internet in aswell.

Besides from that i havn’t been up to much.

Radio Updaye – COMPUTERS

Well we finally have the play out computers in and that will be really good to get going. I am not sure when work starts on this but i really want to get it going so we have music on the system. My crew want to get into the studio and start doing our tests and stuff and were looking forward to it.

Radio Update – SCHOOLS

Well i was at Dorcan Technology Collage last week with the station manager of Swindon 105.5 Shirley Ludford showing year 9 kids how to do a radio show. Dorcan technology collage which is a seondary school in Swindon will be doing shows on the station. I was showing they guys how to use the kit and shirley was telling them the bomf about the station and how to conduct interviews and things.

I’m going back tomorrow to help out again so that will be good. It was fun.

Radio Update – MY NEW RADIO SHOW

Well its been marked on the scheduel and myself, my mate Rich and our mate Jonathan have landed ourselfs a show. It should start at some point in march and we cant wait.

I’m heading the show with Rich Grace as the side kick. Jonathan Mills will be our producer and we’ll be unleashed across the swindon area on 105.5fm. Launch details are sketchy so i’m not gonna mention them but looks good!

We’re going to have loads of features and games, very interactive and loads of great ideas. We’re going to be on for two hours, at the moment looking like saturday evening between 8-10.

I’ve contacted our first “outside” feature (This is someone who is not involved with the program directly but will be doing the odd thing for us) with others in mind. The aim of the radio show is to draw attention to ourselfs. Were going to see what mad stuff we can come up with to do that and its looking good at the moment

However… i am still asking about at the locals to see if there is anybody who has the odd job going. I shall be posting the highlights of our trial runs on my website

Happy new year

Hey thought i’d start off this years blogging with a happy new year to every one. Its a bit daft that i decied every so often to stop writing… and loose all my people who read the blogs. GREAT!