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No Time For Mr Jollie

Song of The Day – Candi Staton Feat The Source – You Got The Love How many more times do I have to explain to radio outsiders about the situation I’m in regarding my career?!?! I try to tell them that radio jobs do exist if you can prove you aren’t a time waster and actually want a career in radio and because there are so many time wasters they are stopping the real thing from getting in. Thing is when I start telling them that its so hard, they just say i’m making excuses!

The person who’s in charge our group at the training centre (Named Mr Jollie here for Legal reasons) is doing my head in at the moment. I suppose i’m doing his in as well!

Conversations go something like this:

Mr Jollie: Why not try hospital Radio
Me: Hospital Radio wont let me in
Mr Jollie: you don’t know until you’ve tried
Me: I tried hospital Radio Swindon ages ago, for 3 years constantly, they wouldn’t let me in. I’ve been at Swindon FM and loads of other stations since then and anyway they make you pay £10 a week to go there
Mr Jollie: Get a job and then you can pay for it

Hmmm, i’m in that place so they can help me get a RADIO job, or other wise I’ll be back there in 6 months. And I’M NOT GOING TO PAY £120 A YEAR to use their radio studio and nobody listen.

Other conversations go like this

Jollie: You think you can just walk in and get a job at radio one don’t you?
Me: haha, I’ve been involved in radio for 5 years, only 15 year olds with stars in their eyes think that’s possible. It’s terribly hard to get into a local station to do back stage stuff let alone a show on radio 1.

He then talks to me like I have no idea… I know what i’m on about!

Other times it starts with:

Jollie: You need to work for a small station doing back stage work first
Me: I know that, I was at Swindon fm for god knows how long doing back stage work and eventually I got on air… BUT IM NOT LOOKING TO GO ON AIR! I don’t mind doing back stage stuff (then a trainee gets involved)

Trainee: Why don’t you try GWR OR BBC?
Me: I’ve Tried there…
Jollie: You have to keep Trying
Me: I know… I try every few months and they don’t have much
Trainee: Keep Trying Hospital Radio
Me: I tried there for 3 years non-stop! I sent them a letter every two months and nobody got back to me besides from the time I spoke to someone and they didn’t get back to me either. The only people who listen to hospital Radio is people over 60 and radio anoraks
Jollie:(Does the “Yeah but no but” Dance) Yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no but.

For some reason he thinks I seem to say “but” half my life. Last time I checked it was coming out of his mouth!

When you or your mate had broken a bone or something or went into the hospital for an operation that listened to hospital radio? (It doesn’t count if you’re a radio person). You have so much choice on patient line, including TV and Internet. I’ve got nothing against the hospital Radio Jocks, I used to be one in Bradford. But there’s so much choice and the younger generation would probably rather listen to their local Radio station. When I was on I can remember that nobody even called, besides from patient line. At least on SFM we had a caller every so often that wasn’t the station manager.

I feel like i’m being treated as a time waster… even though I’m clearly not, he just doesn’t like me! The bloke has even read my CV but looks like he’s not convinced like I’m lying or something. I don’t see what his problem is but he’s trying to knock my confidence by what he’s doing. I’ve put up with that for long enough and knocking it now doesn’t work, it just riles me up into my point-making mode.

But wait there’s more! My Heroes are Chris Moyles and Kenny Everett, some mad person even compared me to Kenny Everett! (not in a gay way) The people at the training centre know they are my idols and the trainee who seems to but in all the time had the idea that Chris Moyles has been at Radio one since he started radio and strongly suggested I try radio 1!

It went something like “Chris Moyles never worked at somewhere like hospital radio or GWR” I explained he had done hospital Radio. The guy then came back with (Thinking he was smart)” AHHHH! There you go then, he started at hospital Radio, where you should be going to get experience before you go onto radio 1″. (WHERE HAVE THEY GOT THE IDEA THAT I WANT TO BE ON RADIO 1 ?????)

I then try to explain that hospital radio was different when Chris Moyles was on there, and I went on to explain that he didn’t do hospital radio and then jump to radio 1… he went to other local stations and joined Radio one about 12 years ago. He was confused. They have no idea how much it takes to get somewhere.

They seem to think that I haven’t got enough experience. I would like to get more experience, but doesn’t mean I haven’t got enough already. As for being turned down for a station… for 2 years nobody has said “You need more experience”

…. Hmmm lets look at my CV for a minute:

“August 2007 – Present Brunel FM

I currently help out as voluntary staff on the sports show at Brunel FM. My duties include recording the sports material from the IRN Feed and supplying the latest scores for other games to the presenter

July 2007 Event Radio Live 10 day Broadcast, Trowbridge

Was involved with the Restricted Service Licence (RSL) broadcast for 10 days in July. The broadcast was on-location at the 34Th Trowbridge village pump festival at Stowford Manor Farm and the West Wilts Show in Trowbridge. I was appointed Station Manager duties, including Scheduling Shows, Presenting, creating the Station Jingles, Technical Operator, Making sure presenters stick to station style and locking the outside broadcast van in the evenings.

Sep 2005 Community Radio Swindon Trial, Swindon

I was involved with the Restricted Service License (RSL) broadcast for 28 days in September 2005. My duties were as Swindon FM, with additional tasks including presenting my own show and was a technical operator for most of the RSL.

Feb 2005 – November 2006

I completed a radio Basics course at Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB), been involved in Hospital Radio in Bradford and helped out at preparing the Myriad System at Phoenix FM, Community Radio for Halifax.

Aug 2003 – Dec 2004 Swindon Fm (Swindon Radio Ltd), Swindon

Started at Swindon FM as a Broadcast Assistant. Responsibilities involved scheduling shows, fill in presenting, making sure the broadcast runs properly. I presented and edited the “what’s on guide”, made show trailers, Jingles and edited music. Was a technical operator, co-produced various shows and helped out organising competitions. I also locked and unlocked the doors in the mornings and afternoons.”

Most of that I couldn’t of done all that at hospital Radio!

The thing that’s pissing me off though is that nobody understands, they think it’s a breeze doing it and it’s all about talking on the radio and playing music. The person who was training the group before was a bit more understanding because his dream job is to be a voice trainer, but thy guy doing it now and his trainee friend thinks they know it all, when then know ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! They should mind their own business and let me get on with it.

For those of you who are un aware… I’m looking for an entry to a radio job in the Swindon area (Don’t have a car or licence but can travel and am prepared to move if the job is out of Swindon). I’m at Brunel FM at the moment doing minimal stuff at the weekend but I’m enjoying it. I’m expecting some other stuff from someone else in the area Plus I have no idea what’s going on as far as the community Radio is going, well I might but nothing I’ll be mentioning!