this post is worth double gold coins

.todays blogsworth of fun is two days of posts because i fell asleep before i could do it.

i had a doctor appointment, then trondled myself into uni to mess about with the kit and did some mixing on my kit. i need to get better at it.

i got a text from my sister,she had her baby which was good. its weird because the way people get a few days before babys come its like they have an age wait.

jelmer and i are looking for good bits for our demo to the student radio association. this continued til 10 pm then went home. i think i didnt sleep til 1am, and jess texted me at 2am or something. i didnt wake up. I slept a bit rubbish.

i sware i was talking to myself in my head while sleeping cause i was all groggy like someone kept you up all night like they wudnt shut the fuck up, hehe.

My nose hurted, so i looked in the mirror and my face didnt shock me any more than a normal day so i left it alone.

i got ready to go out, and then i did, because thats what happens. whoo. jumped on the train and met mar. sorry these posts are pretty general arnt they – regular every day life.

so… went so see my sister, who is currently swamped with baby hungry friends but i managed to get a hold of the baby. conversation went onto a dead woman called fanny… so i said she was now named fanny holder. i nearly killled my mum as she climed up the steep hill when i said that.

id been on planet urrrgh for most of the day so went bak to mars and just been here since. went online and wrote this. i cud have seen my dad but im gona see him tomorrow before he goes. im just still on flaff mood.

so what will tomorrow bring? well tomorrows post will reveal. my question to you…

Should i do sumfin interesting or daft to spice this blog up?


One thought on “this post is worth double gold coins

  1. Anonymous says:

    Daft…. ofcourse…

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