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Back to training

Sort of happy but a bit annoyed about this

In 2000 i left school and was sent to a training place called Taurus Skills foundation which i left in 2002. I did my Warehouse NVQ there and when i left there was talk on taking me on but there was two people who didn’t think it was a good idea. Also in them two years i asked to do a computer NVQ and they said i couldn’t do it and they wouldn’t give me a reason either.

I went to the job centre today as I’m still finding it rather difficult to find a radio job, and spoke to someone on new deal. I was expecting an ear full like “You cant to that, think realistically” and all that. Instead i was greeted with a “You’ve come onto new deal… why do you think you haven’t got a job yet?” i told him why and a bit of what i did in the past and doing now and said “I know a course that can help”. Now the thing I’m not happy about is that apparently i need to go on a “Course to help build my confidence”.

I don’t need that, my career involves me nattering about a bunch of stuff in front of a potently high audience and I’m confident about doing that. The second, is that the courses I’ll be on are going to be at where i used to train. The difference is though is that they have changed their name and that they do more courses so it would be good to see who’s still there. Apparently they will put me on placement and if the people like me where i go they will take me on.

I’m not sure on whether that will happen because i don’t have much faith in that system, i hope it does!


Swindon borough council arn’t helping when it comes to having to be rehoused.

My Fiance is allergic to cat fleas and the doctor said that we have to move immediately as her health and the unborn baby’s health is at risk. She gets a doctors letter to say we need to go, and a letter saying that we need to be gone from my dads by September (One month before the baby is born) and the councils answer??



I spoke to two people and the council say “You do not fall under the “At risk circumstances” so your details will be updated but nothing with your account will change”

As far as I’m aware we do as health is seriously at risk. So that well pissed me off



Walcot Wasters Pt 3 – Manic Monday

This has gone beyond a joke… And like rich says, “Jonks life is like a soap opera”.

Im sat on my bed and Caroline was on the computer. We hear this noise on the window and a few bricks missing and hitting the wall. I open the window… knowing already who it was and start shouting.

Jonk: WHAT THE F***
Asshole 1: What
Asshole 1: F*** you
Jonk:F*** you t***
Asshole 1: You wana say that to my face?
Jonk: you wana say that to MY face? T***
Asshole 1: F*** off you fat b**terd
Jonk: U gonna come here and say that then?
Asshole 1: No you come here
Jonk: OK then…

So i shot down the stairs and burst outside (No shoes on BTW). I ask caroline to “Call the police ‘cos somebodys gonna get hurt” and to hold my glasses (I’ve already had glasses in my eyes and didn’t like it)

I’m followed out by my dad (who was sent home from work from having a swolen gland in his throte) and Barry (our lodger) to confront the 3 wasters. One of them was walking back giving indication that he wanted no trouble, but still gets his weapon out whatever it was. The other two was giving us mouth, and one of them was the guy who attacked mat. When my dad found out he went completly nuts. He started shouting so EVERYBODY in the street could hear and a few even opened their doors to watch.

So about 3 minutes of this happened and caroline finished the call with the police on their way. The other 2 were showing their weapons ready to hit us if we scared them too much, one with a bit of wood and one with a Crow bar or something.

I’m there watching what the other two are doing when my dad seems to be the one running the show now, and i’m making sure that none of them go for my dad. The thing was though… they were still mouthing us and walking backwards at the same time. I tryed to keep them near by so they would still be here when the police got here but they buggered off and we told the police what happened when they got hereone minute later.

What the hell is going on. Its completly out of order and STILL nothing has been done about the attack on my brother. Not enought is being done, and i think it’s time to have a word with the press.

Big Brother 8


All i’ve heard is some a$$hole thinking she’s “The Bitch” Making a big deal about everything and it’s just annoying. Her name is Charley . They got this girl out the other night, Shabnam… Dunno why but there was something about her… i figured it out. Something i call the curse of 84. She didn’t seem too bad and shouldnt of gone. by the way


I’m done. Night People!

Baby, Baby

Well we went for a scan the other day to see what the baby is… We don’t know because the baby was moving around and then turned around (being a pain) so now we don’t know if its gona be a boy or a girl so keep the Boys names coming in! Were trying to avoid names that might already be in the family or names of people we know.

Re-occurring Things

I’m not sure why but things have been re-occurring lately and i’m not sure why. Even before i left swindon these things wern’t there. Most of it has been from the 1996 – 1998 period.

1. There has been Two Songs that seem to turn up in my dreams… One was off this advert. It goes (I think) “Shaboom shaboom – De dum de loolang shaboom a langa lang – Oh life is but a dream” which i have no idea whi but i had that before with the ki-ora adverts.

2. The other song i keep waking up to going round in my head was something that reminded me of Madonna’s Dear jessy, Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours, Corgies’ everybodys got to learn some time and some phil collins song (Not true colours) it was always on the radio when i was at school in “Theme Club” but i couldnt remember anything about the actual song. I asked Will Truman (Worked with him at Swindon FM, but for a bit we went to the same school) if he knew what song i was thinking about… Obviously he didn’t Know what the hell i was on about. In the end i found the song on a CD from the car boot at random… It was Donna Lewis – I love you always forever, which peaked at number 5 in September 1996… Which was a good guess because i remember being told to go to the shop to get some biscits and i found an extra £5 outside under the “Magic” Tree (I belive its magic anyway) and it was starting to get dark and knowing how playlists work that song was probably played alot untill December and i pin pointed october when all that happened.

3. I keep seeing people from school (Which i left in 1999). That includes Hayley from the BBQ post, and Sarah From last post. But I’ve spoken to Hayley and told her that i saw her but havn’t spoke to her just incase she didnt know who i was and thought i was a weirdo.

I hated school because i wasnt interested in what they tryed to teach me and i wondered off and got detentions for not listening or doing home work so i skived and got expelled… But i remember the good bits and some of the people. All i wanted to do was go to Music, English, Drama, I.T and watch P.E . I keep seeing people in town. I know Leroy remembers me because i go past his house to go to baby sit and he saw me once and shouted my old nick name (I’ll show you a pic if i can get hold of one and explain why)

I wonder if anybody else from school thinks about me? I dunno why but i’m curious about that because i’m pretty sure i have a fan who knows everything about me and reads these long blogs… u know, probably someone from school, one of those fans who has posters of me on their walls and a doll of me but when they see me they dont say anything to me and cower away. What the fuck am i going on about! can you tell im sort of bored but think alot? Anyway i’d love to know if i have any secret people who love me quietly hehehe. You would have to prove it though. I don’t know why i’ve been thinking alot lately but its all in cupboards in my head and its all falling out… Little details and possibilities and its doing in my head but i dont wana sound like a wacko by telling my bird, so i tell the blog (Thinking about that, why dont i just tell her instead of telling the whole internet content world? naa she might think theres hidden messages) is there any hidden messages?

4. I keep bumping into eating Cheep mini Tescos pizzas in a sandwich and watching working lunch… the two things i used to do while skiving. Same thing with MTV and eating tomato soup. The difference is i’ve got my Fiance with me and our lump hiding away within her tummybox.

5. Anthony (Known him since the begining of time) lives infront of my old school and it gives me an odd feeling because i remember looking out of the Window at his house (Before it was his) and then remember everything else

Anyway theres other things that keep popping up but cant remember right now. One more post then i’m off to beeeed

Laters quiet lovers (whoever you are)

Keyboard Learning

I don’t know whats going on with me lately but i’m starting to do things i didn’t used to do.

I’ve decided to start learning how to play the keyboard. I started a while ago when i was in my flat but it didn’t work, but i got some different books today and i’ve learnt a little bit.

I Orignally started learning how to play the keyboard in school. I was ok but i got fustrated on how long it took me to learn and the teacher was really trying to rush me.

When the teacher said that if i had’nt learnt a certain thing by the next lesson i would not be in next weeks class i quit it. I still practiced in music though. Me and Sarah (Old school friend… We used to hang around the library) used to play Elvis songs together (There wasn’t any reason for it, Elvis was easy because it said what notes to play in letters as we couldnt read music).

Lol i don’t think she remembers me now, probably not because she’s forgotton who i am i guess like most people from school. I don’t approch people i used to go to school with just in case i look like a complete twat and they dont remember me (Although i’d rather someone i used to know from school would aproch me) . I see her in Town sometimes and apperently has a kid now. We were well good mates in school (Oakfield Secondary) before i left and used to hang around together at school.

I don’t know why but lately stuff has been cropping up from when i was in school… hmm i’ll save this for another Blog


I’m gonna start loosing some weight it think.

Since i’ve been back i’ve put on a bit of weight so as from next week i’ll be going out a bit more, Bike riding and running. I’ll see what i can get from the car boot to excersise a bit more too. My eatings not bad now, A lot of salad and stuff (If i feel like munching something during the day it’ll probably be a carrot or something).

Since coming back i just hav’nt had the money to go and do stuff and have spent most of my time writing sketches. I used to keep my weight down by working my ass off and dancing and getting well sweaty.

My cousin Sophie thinks im cuddley as i am (Awww…hehe Love ya) But im not a bear so the excess stuff has to go ’till im comfortable again.


I can’t seem to sleep properly in this double bed.

Last week Caroline and i moved into a different bedroom as the lodger and his son have moved into our old room. On the first few nights i had no problem in my new bed back with Caroline, but the last few days i was realy moving about all night and now its doing my head in. I’m not cold, Not too warm, Got the window open and the room’s naturally hot so that evens out and i have my own blanket because i kick the blanket off when i get fustrated or to hot in my sleep. I’m not used to not having as much space though and have got into the habbit of automatically sleeping with my hands above my head. I tryed going to bed early, Moderate, late, Really late and its not working.

I hav’nt tryed upsidedown yet so i might try that tonight.

Annoying Police

Me and my brother Mat have called the police EVERY DAY since he was attacked on the 5th of June and STILL nobody has come to take a statement from him. The police have said that they will come and see him and every time they are due they don’t come. They even arranged to meet him at work the other day and after an hour of waiting they still didn’t come.

If the Police are just going to do nothing why not just tell us to save me wasting my phone bill, Wasting Mats time, my time and theirs. Everybody i’ve spoken to so far have said “It Is Unacceptable” What do you think?