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Spider webs

I went into the kitchen and i discovered Fat Albert has webbed all over it. Thanks!

I think i may have pulled my stomach muscles with all that dancing the other night. They feel like ive been beaten up and kicked in. I managed to survive yesterday without collapsing and as long as i don’t cough i wont flop over in a heap of flaff.

I think there are ants in the kitchen. I caught one crawling up my legs maybe looking for some sugar. I was wearing shorts. You’re not getting your anty hands on my lollypop, Twat.

Mary Jane smiles at meep antics. This is good.

Fat Albert

I Saw fat Albert the spider today.  i was putting some washing in the kitchen and i walked through some webs and i thought “I bet shes in this pile of clothes” so i shook them out and there she was, running off under the cooker. I hope she doesnt get too hot under there.

Anyway. Im just about to go to uni now to get this podcast done. Laters!