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Boxing day at 2:46 am

So… Just spent Christmas day at my dad’s and was hoping to get a podcast out but not had chance to do it yet (See the below word “worried”). Not gonna lie, actually feeling rather lonely. Nobody seems talkative any more. Oh well poor me and all that. I’m on my 6th Kopperberg (Strawberry and lime one) as i have a thing for them at the moment.

I’ve been going to bed at 5am lately and been a bit worried about how long its gonna take me to do all this work for uni. Mainly reading because it takes me forever to understand it – I got my report back from the dyslexia thing and the reason it takes me forever to read is down to reading comprehension which means I need to use my own way to understand what I’m reading better. Also i need to be tired enough to sleep on the sofa, so I’ve been waking up about 12-ish. Sorry par!

Not sure what’s happening for new year. Seeing as i’m skint i might just go back to Cheltenham, offer some friends round and stuff. If not I’ve had some offers which i’d really like to take up but i need cash (See the above word “Skint”).

The juicy bit… I didn’t get so much for Christmas but happy with what i did get. A big JD Picture, some Jelly Cola Bottles, Muppets in Space DVD. That’s it so i’m gonna get myself some stuff I think.

Anyway I suppose i should go to sleep. Feeling kinda hungry after this alcohol though.

Its really… yeah

Having a christmas back in Swindon – And that’s all I’ll say about that. But I’ll be at my mum’s later today for Christmas eve dinner. I’ve been watching some youtube videos, so have a lovely listen to these. They are from December – various years, so these were in the charts when we were all celebrating Christmas Hope they make you smile 😀

Just an odd thought before hand though. If the Duke of Edinborough dies on christmas day or New Year… does the nation go into morning dispite christ’s birth or the celebrations of a new year? Which one is more important?

I have informed the cat his sentence. “Sammy your mouth smells inside”.

Working on podcast as we speak. Expected release date on Christmas Day bot don’t quote me on that

Here is the videosss :D. Merry Christmas.

I’d rather be in the Hulk’s gang

Yes, the week.

So just a quick one to say things before bed time. A few hours ago i managed to hand in an assignment to deadline. And i also got another back where i got a 2.1 which to be fair im happy with. first uni assignment which i guess was good. I think i’m less stressed out now.

I was getting a bit worried about uni with assignments because i realised i was taking longer than others to get work done but apparently it’s a form of Dyslexia… so now i know how to handle that – i have to start earlier. Yeah… great lol.

Apparently i can’t cram and taking notes is hard so i cant leave it til thw last day because i’ll be late. So if i’d had support in college when all my work was late in then i would have been better with college but cant blame them. So yeah. this blogs hardly read anyway

Bed Time

Note to self :P

Note to self

I am my own worst enemy. Especually when it comes to keeping friends or getting too :S about stuff.


CHRISTMAS is a sellout

Ok so i’m getting dressed and since i got up i’ve been wanting to leave this post so i’d better hurry up about it because i have to go out in a bit.

There are 2 types of Christmas. Christmas and CHRISTMAS.
Christmas is warm. It is all about fun and santa. It invites you and is all about cookies and lovely tinkly things. You sit around the TV that’s been decorated with Christmas lights eating crusty rolls, and is always celebrated with a christmas party in a pub surrounded by golden things in one of those booths with a bottle of champaign on every table on ice (Which the kids nick… the ice, not the champers). The TV has nice original stories on it. The radio plays songs a nice mixture of songs that dont over do it. and Christmas morning is getting a selection box, eating all the sweets other than the crunchie (Which you fob off to the nearest brother). Christmas starts when YOU want it to and builds up to the big day, and is a black forest gateau with real white cream and cherries you can clearly recognise ate cherries.
CHRISTMAS is cold. It is Evil. It is SLADE ON REPEAT. It is every shop you walk into playing “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day”. CHRISTMAS starts on November 25th in full on mode and is a total sell out. It is a money grabbing monster you get nothing back from with no real spirit. It is getting something really pants instead when you’d really appreciate getting nothing more than that peice of poundland christmas based item like a tie or socks (Or in my case a T-shirt i can only wear at Christmas) when to be honest they could have put that money into MAKING a christmas card with proper love attached. It’s Chitty chitty bang bang, Oliver!, Wonderful life, Waterbabies and Christmas film marathons on EVERY CHANNEL. It’s something you drown in because if you don’t drown in it people ask where your christmas spirit is. There is hardly no love involved, just what you’re going to get, driven by heartless media and retail. It’s exactly what it says on the tin – CHRIST – Which is what you say when you open a present someone gives you, and MAS – Mass sellout. Everyone goes over the top. And this is what i cant handle because it ruins the whole thing.
So if i retreat to building a tent in the garden or switching on the Wii to get away from it then it’s getting a bit much for me.
Gotta Go!

Why do people do things!

Ok so i’m in a little bit of a mood over people. I’m keeping this mystical because i’m not comfortable revealing the whole stuff but its enough for me to want to blog it. The past is the past thought, other people made decisions and people were messed about. I’d like to leave it there and look at positive things for the future. Im not saying there isnt a friendly future for that person but anything more will not happen. But just the fact it happend has definatly put a downer on me to yeah. Thanks for that.

So i’m here having a chill drink. In a confused thing about something else. And also i’m a bit meh about uni stuff this week. Not really enjoying things this evening to be honest. I ate a box of chocolates that was on cheep – as mentioned yesterday – Didn’t last long to be honest. Gave me a headache if anything. All i know is that Nirvana songs will not help in this mood.
Lol i should do something happy before i sleep so i’m not all meh in the morning.

What i’m talking about

I’m currently listening to the Peacock and Gamble podcast with loads of crazy thoughts and soppy things going through my head. This is not cool things for guys to be thinking. It’s pretty soppy gloopy girly things guys don’t do. It’s like… Am i like… mental or something or am i seeing way too much into something? darn it i shouldnt let this effect me! its not a bad thing and i dont mind it being out in the open but seriously… do i gotta pull myself together?

It’s weird listening to this podcast because they are talking about the launch of the ipad and Steve Jobs as its podcast.

Hey i got well suspicious yesterday. I think the co-op in getting used to me and the girl at the till asked me if i liked chocolate. I knew it was cos she was going to try and sell me something on cheep but my reaction must have been so odd. It was something like:
Co-op girl is putting my items into the bag:
Girl: “Do you like chocolate?”
Me: “Do i like chocolate? Uhh… it depends”
girl: “Depends on what?”
Me: “What chocolate it is and where it’s from”
Girl: “Heros and roses”
Me: “Oh cool”
Girl carries on her sell. i think she was taken back by my suspicion though.
Girl: “They’re uhh.. down from from £4 [something] to £2 [something] and [bla bla]
Me: “That sounds cool, i cant do it today though”
Clutching my £2
It was just an odd moment, maybe it wasnt worth sharing but yeah.
Did the show last night where i had my character the birthday worm do a christmas party. Another show tomorrow for in the dark. I’m looking forward to actually getting some decent sleep because this morning i had to get up at 9… i got up at 10 still knackered. even during the week felt like id not had enough hours. I just feel actual power drained at the moment, but actually really creative.
Anywhale im deciding if i want to go to bed now or not. Blog again maybe tomorrow, whatever my mind spews out on random.


Toys r us… what the fuck are you playing at? Nobody wants to be a fucking toys r us kid. This actually puts me off from going to toys r us. I may not be a kid but if Ruby came up to me and said she was a toys r us kid just look disappointed. And surely i have more money than a kid so i could just walk in and buy stuff without asking my dad. Kinda. I still ask him for cash when i’m skint so a trip to toys r us is no different than it was in the mid-90s – but this is not the point.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it. The old advert was fine, just change the end so its not 25 years again. The only problem with the old one – doesn’t mention things kids want anymore. They want ipod, a new phone, fags maybe. Kids still want bikes i guess – and the advert features skates (Which were big when the original ad cam out in 1989 – i had a pair).
But how do they fix it? they make this whole advert with a song that doesnt rhyme properly well if at all and nick the sleigh idea from the film “Santa Claus” cutting the Reindeer out of the equation.
And do they mention the MP3 players, phones, or anything cool? Bikes, Trains, Video games. Video games are probably the nearest thing to anything cool. It’s a bit misleading though. A bike’s not a toy. you can ride that, but as far as getting a life size train in your front room?
What dick heads.
I just had a great idea for a podcast! I could do it on Adverts!

World Music

I do think long and hard before putting a video up. The first thing that happens is i find something really pantsy and then go mad on the other things in my head. I thought pan pipes at first… then that linked to the song “The lonely shepard” from kill bill – then randomly went on to the video you see above (The Fry’s Turkish Delight ad) obviously hand made by ex-class mate Elsa Fry 20 years before she was a pip – and i don’t think she’s Turkish much so they lied on that one. sorry guys.
Missed the lesson by the way due to too much sleep/lack of sleep. Not sure whether you could blame it down to that i needed more sleep or that i hadnt had enough.
Something i forgot to mention last night – When i got back from my social last night at about midnight, I found the gate, front door, and a bedroom door wide open. When i looked in the room there was my house mate conked out with his clothes on backwards. Trousers half way down. Snoring loud enough to wake the county. It either looked like:
1 – He staggerd home with great difficulty, and too drunk to realise he should of closed the door
2 – Got in, got pissed, someone burst in, gave him bum love and left as quick as they came.
I assumed option 1. When he woke up he told me about that his clothes were backwards because he was being the backwards man from the film Freddie got fingered. He also discovered that he’d some how baught a chicken sandwich on the way home and his belt was missing – adding more points to the bum love possibility.


Why have i never properly blogged about christmas? im not going to start now