Stupid ideas

So heres some ideas ive had that I wanted to note down

Last weeks news tonight with Jeremy Paxman
I woke uo from a dream right after seei his and it managed to carry through to the point where I remember most of it.

The show was a comedy satire show based on the American tv show “last week tonight” With Jon Oliver. The format was slightly different as it has 2 other panelists as ‘reporters’. Paxman woukd be the main host and the other two would report on it, and sometimes take opposing sides of the matter. The show was on ITV and it was a new seried of it, like the second series. It looked like it it was actually a good show and was going to run for a long time, although I wasnt sure whether I liked the format in my dream but was excited to see that it was a thing, and wanted to google it up.

A superhero based up on pugs. He runs with the pugs, has a pug sidekick

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