Monthly Archives: March 2015


So recently I’ve had a bunch of fun times that I’ve not really blogged about that i would really like to. The first was a little while ago. Aphre  and I took Finn to a Soft play area which was really fun. We went for a chinese after, which didn’t go down well… if you know what I mean. I was sick for 3 days.

Then last weekend I went uo to see Ruby. We watched Shaun The Sheep, had popcorn and haribo in the old cinema again. I think i prefer those to the newer ones. Yeah the new ones might have amazing sound systems and 3d screens but they are all the same. The small knes had charm, cost £5 to watch a film and a medium popcorn is £2 or something. Apperently there is one in Gloucester now, which i am very much looking forward to.

As far as work stuff… still looking. I’ve announced something big I am looking forward to, but I really need to plan it. In June Zoe and I are gointo present the world’s longest podcast… we’re mad.

Anyway if I dont forget, I shall update again soon 🙂

Forever Hurumph

Ok so I’ve not kept my blog up to date. It was ages since the last one, at least now the quiet patches dont last 6 months like hey used to.

Hello there. So there’s not been much happening other than my body is in its first stage of failing me. My teeth were the first thing. Instead of going for a filling it turned into a root canal. My wisdom one has to come out via the hospital. When will the day come when human evolution allows us to separately eject our teeth when we feel, and even replacing teeth with a replacement one when were ready without the need of a dentist. False teeth dont count. The scary thing while you’re having your mouth fiddled with is when dentist says “there’s quite a lot of blood… hmm, quite alot. I’m not really sure where from. I could give a clue but i dont think she’d have appreciated it and i wouldn’t have been able to say due to a mouth full of blood so… yeah. She figured it out… although a week and a bit later it doesn’t feel right, which means another fiddle in a few weeks, another time feeling terrible and… gah!

Then I’m on antibiotics for a week, and that didn’t help because now I’ve got a really bad throte – and I’m pretty sure thats supposed to stop infections, so if  i have a throte infection, my mouth does too. Then sunday after going for a nice meal, it’s given be a horrible tummy bug. Mix all that with a lack of sleep, im feeling rather drained. Im sorry to complain but im trying to save the people who see me and speak to me regularly the pain in the arse. I am going to call the doctor in the morning about my throte. I think it might be some sort of infection… I get those regularly.

I’ve just finished recording a podcast and just laying in bed really. Since leaving uni I’ve not had much chats with them other than Jelmer and Zoe. I did tell the ones that wanted to stay associated with me that I wouldn’t forget about them. The sad thing is they are far away apart from a couple.

I’m starting to fall asleep now. Night world