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September 14th Part 2

Continuing on with the 10th anniversary of this blog I’m going through the last 10 years from the date it started. 14th of September.

In 2008 I was doing my show on Swindon 105.5, getting in good online listening figures. On that basis we were one of the most listened to shows at the time, and Ruby was learning to talk. By the time 2009 came around, Caroline and I had been split up for aout 9 months, i’d finished from the radio station and I was starting College at Chippeniham doing TV and film production. 2009 was fairly quiet as far as posts were concerned, and mainly stopped because there was so much going on.

In 2010 the stuff with me and Dave kicked off and I went our with Sam. She was pretty cool but we only stayed together for 3 months and split up for reasons that were silly really. I don’t think we were in the right place to be in a relationship, but I think if our circumstances were different and were both in the right frame of mind for relationships, things might have been different.

I’m really tires do it’s time for bed… The final part is tomorrow so… Yay I guess!

September the 14th part 1

Sorry for the quietness the last couple of days wih the retro blog.  Todays blog isn’t a reblog, but a quick look back at the 10 years with September 14th as a check point.

It starts in 2005, I’m having annoyences with telephone companies as my uncle had bad credit so couldn’t get a phone, but on the same thing they would send me messages saying “get a phone”.

The birthday worm posted a message in my blog, then i revealed that I baught huge studio mixng desk from a guy called Ted. I was doing the community radio RSL (yes happy birthday Swindon 105.5). I was sort of, sort of not seeing a girl, but things didn’t work out rather quickly. I don’t think it counted really, there was a momentary close connection I think then just went into sillyness, not revealing why I was (as she put it) “dumped… d u m p e d dumped”.

A year later I’d finished working at Coliseum… that is a bit complicated to explain and I didn’t blog anything at the time. Dave was Staying at mine. We were best mates but we split up a few years later because he was on Plenty Of Fish and was messing arounf with 4 girls at once. One had just finished being in a complicated relationship and not only did she like Dave but loved the kids too. He was gojng to dump her anyway but we got talking and clicked immediately. There wasnt any intention originally to take it any further but did in the end. He got angry, trying to say that they were still together, but what actually hapened was they split, she went back to her ex and they had a three way relationship and was doing regular trips to wherever they lived. Anyway thats way later. Also in 2006 I met Hayley, my good friend who helped me in the future.

2007 and I’m looking for a radio job – bare in mind this is before Swindon 105.5, and before collage and uni. I’d still have a nice bit of experience by then working at Swindon Fm, involved with Phoenix Fm in Halifax and done a few rsl stations that I’d been in charge of. I went back to training at Taurus Skills Foundation, where I gained my NVQs in 2002. There are 2 things I hate about telling people outside of the radio industry that I’m lookin for a job in radio. The first is people who think they know how it works – especially when I knkw they are wrong. The second is people who tell you to do the most obvious thing that you’ve already done, and you know the reasons why but they always try and tell you to do more, without knowing what you’ve done already. Mix that i  with my other pet hate – people who work for the government who talk to you like a brainless peice of shit and wont listen to you… that gets me to a nuclear level of anger, which I really had to try and not blow my lid at that…. grrrr I could say Fuck but i was trying not to.

It still pisses me off today, people who think they know how it works… heres the top 5

5)  You need to work back stage first. Yes state the obvious. It’s not called back stage though,  what do you think they actually do on the radio?

4) have you tried hospital radio? Hospital radio is pretty much not a thing worth doing mainly because of reasons in my number 2, but people say things like *Insert famous radio DJ* used to do it. That was when hospital radio was the only thing people could listen to because that was the only thing wired in. Hospital radio is so 1980s. I know because I did it in the 2000s and it runs on an old method that I think is outdated, and people who do it – fair play to them – are hobbyists which I am not.

3) Keep trying until they let you in. No, don’t.  Try sometimes but don’t become the station’s weirdo, that’s worse than being an unknown because you’ll just get annoying and a bad reputation. You need to also show them you’re willing to improve.

2) Go to community Radio, if you love radio you’ll do anything to be on it. No… you do your time at a community station then you find something better.  If you work for free for too long, your time is worth nothing in a professional atmosphere – this is what radio professionals say. Why should we pay you when you do it for free for someone else.

1) Have you tried Heart or the BBC or sent a letter to Radio 1? Firstly Heart isn’t a LOCAL radio station. They are in in your area, but the presenters are on a network. That network is based in London along with the other radio stations they own with fairly well known people. They only have a 2 hour local show in the morning – probably half presented by a former cbbc or kids tv presenter. Their local production team is 3 people at most and the local station is mainly run by the sales team. The BBC don’t let anyone just walk in and present a show. You need years of experience and a proven track record of everyhing, but only take you on if you have that one skill they need right then, and if they need someone they don’t tell anyone about it because you need to be working for them already.

Anyway bit of a rant there.

10th September 2014


Firstly the title of this blog is a not to This Is Jinsy which for odd reasons I like, but also nit sure if I actually like. I’ve watched 4 episodes now, and although I watch it and giggle at bits, and also kind of feel that its a bit shit, I watch more.

Today I applied for jobs,  one of which I’m still debating whether I want to apply which I won’t go into – but I’m not sure whether its something I want to do for a number of reasons, and then again it might be good to get my foot in the door.

I’m up a little late as for some reason fin woke up but I really need sleep.

On a plus side, I was having a chat the other night with a friend and we may be recording a podcast soon, which will be great! Stay tuned Bat Fans.

In the mean time goodnight you!


So I didn’t watch any more “This Is Jinsy” because it was wasn’t funny enough. I watched Top Coppers the other day, I think BBC3 are going the right way, but totally there yet. There were genuinely funny bits.

Lots to talk about

So jist did the podcast and a tiny bit of editing. Hopefully the latest one will be out tomorrow bit we had loads to talk about and lots to think about. The topic this week, penises. It’s where we seem to be going lately. We’ve been there before, like the penis park.

This time it’s been about tapir cocks (continuing on from last week). Not all of it though, I did ask about if we could have have something an animal has what would it be. Teaser for you there. I love the subjects we talk about orthe odd ways we seem to have a certain subject.

The retro blog will be out soon. Its weird looking at what I’ve blogged before, but i like having the chance to revisit it.

February 12, 2012

Firstly… just a quick thing. The posts from about 2012 onwards I think are better than the years before. They seem to be a better standard, I make more of an effort, better spelling and I get into the swing of it. I was in my first year of uni and after spending the 2 previous years in college and writing reports and stuff, writing was becoming a thing I rather enjoyed.

Drinkin a JD

So I had a bit of a crazy weekend and I’m just chilling out with a Jack Daniels and watching The Baftas. Yeah that awards ceremony that’s that has the word “British” in the title and Americans win things – not having a go, just pointing it out, but i think they are past that bit now. Anyway so Whitney Houston died today didn’t she. Even Tina Turner lived longer than her. Well it was a shame, it always is when someone famous dies. She was 48 which is a bit rubbish, but at least she sold loads of records and I think almost like Michael Jackson we all know a Whitney Houston song we have a memory to. So RIP to her.

Let’s rewind to Thursday now – I got to uni late because of some idiots sleeping in the bathroom and just generally having a rough night due to all the screaming. I don’t usually go to uni on Thursdays but Jon Briggs who does the voice on the weakest link and a number of other things was doing a guest lecture. I show up 5 minutes late stylishly bumping into chairs – i suppose it’s more like something from an American film. I probably should have gone to talk to him as i’m really interested in the voiceover stuff but i didn’t know what to ask or talk about. I went to Swindon to pick up my glasses and went to my mum’s and got home. Pretty eventless but thought I’d mention Jon Brigs.

…and just so you know I’ve swapped drinks to this dirty black stuff that Rich and I got to I can remember the taste of JD when that’s done.

Friday my day started slowly waking up and messaging my classmates and doing some boring things again until i left to catch the train and trapsed my scooter onto the bus in Yorkshire. It’s this point I wish i had my web address on my clothes because this girl saw my scooter and wooly hat and kept giving me a cheeky smile… Oh yes :). I finally reached the destination of castle bobskill

Friday finished and I woke up in Saturday slightly achy thanks to riding the scooter all week. I met up with Tom and went to McDonalds and endured a so called breakfast. I think I shall consider what that entails next time and just be happy with an Egg McMuffin or something. That burger thing… well it was like “WHY?”. I forgot my socks which I didn’t realise till I was on the train up so i had to get some new ones and then went to spend the day in With Ruby. Got knackered and came back with tons of pictures, went back to castle bobskull, dropped some stuff off and watched Chronicle at the cinema for a curry and a chat with Tom which nicely brought me into today.

Still tired and achy from the day before i woke up at just before 7 because i had to get into Cheltenham for 12 for the Radio show. Made it just 10 mins late which is pretty good considering the second choice was an hour late.

I really should be also doing this essay thing but I’ve just not done it because of the business.

Really this was a nothingness post, but better to say something i guess. It doesnt sound crazy to you but it was wall to wall for me. Meh laterssssss.


I don’t remember chronicle. It must have been really bad. Big shock is that Castle Bobskull is no longer a thing. It’s dead. Bob sold the house. R.I.P Castle Bobskull. I still see tom sometimes, he lives on the same street as bobskull almost so i dub it Castle Tomskull i  honor of that. I’ve not been up very recently though. Houston and Jackson are still dead. Not dead long inouh to be considered “properly dead” like my gran.

People sleeping in the bathroom… I don’t remember writing it but I’m not surprised it happened. I seem to forget thi gs like that because i don’t want to remember them and I think it just grayballed (inside out reference). What I do remember though is pushing my wardrobe or bed up to the door in my first student place because I lived wih the kind of people I think would shave your eyebrows or head i  your sleep, or piss on you or climb into your bed naked just for a laugh/freak you out. One time they knocked on my window just to I could see them piss on it, and another time they crept in to the landlord’s house to steal a carpet thinking they were out only to roll the carpet up and wake the lady up with it in their hand. I managed to distance myself though.

Anyway there was loads of fu  stjff too and I did enjoy playing hide and seek in the dark. It was a basement flat so was really dark.

January 20th 2014

Fact Cock

Gone to bed at a more reasonable time tonight and feeling a little better physicly than yesterday which is good. Little under the weather but it happens does it not?

Yesterday I was having a chat with Aphre and about how much money we will be bringing in when I’ve done at uni… and one idea (as I may not be working full time on my own business with dutch pal jelmer at the start) is to go for a pgce – basically means I can teach people. Im good at it and have always done it so makes sense. I might look into it but I have a while to think because i really want to do the business and I know it will work.

Also we got feedback from the student radio association when we handed in code red, it was good feedback. Compliments on the recording, mic techniques and sound. The bad was they didnt get the story line.., but they only got 7 minutes of a 22 minute drama so… no you wouldn’t have got it but the restriction was 7 minutes or somethin like that so couldn’t really do much about it.

I’ve managed to top my essay to 1200 words so if I do the same tomorrow and tuesday I will reach the minimum word count. I think all the writing is the point for the under the weatherness im experiencing.

What I did learn from a book today is where comedy comes from and how it came to be on stage. If you must know I shall get the fact cock out (feature launching this week on my radio show) Cockdoodle doo. Comedy was from the greeks in 500 bc at the same time as drama or as the book said “tragedies”. They used to perform trilogies of plays where they would have 2 tragedies and one not so serious one called a satyr play (note satyr = satire) and they also used to have what is better known now as poetry slams (or rap battles if you are from 8 mile) but for drama… so now we all know. Cluck.

So now we are all educated its time for bed.

So yeah, passed the degree so that essay was alright I guess unless it was the law one and in that case it sucked arse.

All tha money I’ve earnt off that degree… well that still needs to happen, but the pgce was mentioned again the other day so that’s something to look into.

The SRA feedback… it took it’s time. Since then we sent in our other things and Zoe and I and the team got nominated for best student chart show 2014, and got some good feedback from the other stuff. We got better feedback about Code Red too, which I am currently writing – and it’s going well so expect something more on that soon. Zoe and I are still doing Fack Cock on the podcast.

It’s Not Rocket Science… well…

Switch to the other side Post from October 29th 2013

So in an unexpected twist of events today In the live broadcast module at uni I have switched sides! It felt really weird because my team were happy.

Last night before the blog I had written a pitch with a proposal for a panel show to pitch to both teams in the module. It half worked. After a bit of deliberation, multiple questions and throwing ideas around, the show jelmer and I devised was… well… commissioned I guess.

Next time though, maybe I shouldn’t leave it til midnight to write a pitch. I should have known that from the days of sending 2am emails littered with errors and spelling mistakes.

I don’t have to be in bed by a certain time tonight, but sleep will do me good. I have a busy afternoon.  Djing til about 11 tomorrow evening.


So I’m not sure if this is today’s podcast rubbing off on me but we were quite open about things… this might be why I’m in the mood for being open about this now.

In the Live Broadcast Module we were all picked for certain teams by the executive producers. I was wanted by both teams. Matt’s team as I think a producer and imaging, or Zoe’s Team as a presenter. Zoe and I worked really well together as we still do on the podcast, so I picked Zoe’s team, however there were others on the team that felt that I shouldn’t be a presenter, and although there was a bit of umming and ahhing, Zoe made it clear she really wanted me on her team and I was really happy that she wanted me to be.

Our team seemed to be going ok, but there was some conversations happening that made me feel like I was the core of them, Zoe was obviously stressed out with what was happening with other team members, I felt a little like other people had plans and I was’nt really wanted on the team in the position I was in, mainly because other team members wanted a different type of show than what Zoe and I wanted.

Jelmer and I had talked about our show idea loads in the year running up to the module, so put a pitch together and proposed it. There were major problems with Matt’s Team, people were arguing or displaced, everyone seemed to be pulling in different directions and lost for good content. When we proposed the idea we said we’d like a two hour show, however it was decided this couldn’t happen. After we pitched it I was asked if I wanted to move teams. I asked my current team if they wanted me. Zoe told me to go if I wanted to and Matt said He’d really love me to join their team.

I picked Matt’s team. I’ve never revealed honestly why though so here goes. Nobody else on my current team at the time showed any enthusiasm for me being on their team. I think Zoe genuinely felt if I was happier on Matt’s team then I should go. I actually didn’t want to go at the time. It was a suggestion in the hope to fix the issues that were starting to surface on our team, and fix the ones on the team Jelmer was on. Because there was bundles of enthusiasm on Matt’s team and they liked the idea I went with them. I felt really bad because Zoe made it very clear that she wanted me on her team before and I’d have stood by my team if they stood by me.

Anyway… the show idea was a panel show originally called “Top Secret” – based on instructions from a spy agency and Fred (the news reader type guy) being the person who sets our missions. It became It’s Not Rocket Science which you can listen to here. 

Although I really enjoyed myself on Matt’s team and it was the right decision, I feel bad for letting Zoe down during that time and wish she was on our team. Me joining Matt’s team sorted out the issues there and we got some really good feedback from it.

Without blowing my own trumpet on this… I feel like in a way I was a key in which direction the shows went. I also feel like once I left, the people in Zoe’s team were more in the position of where they wanted. Matt’s team seemed to be less at stress about the direction and making new games was rather fun, especially making the features like socially challenged.

Dedicated to the simple update

So when I do the blog, there’s been times when I just drop in for a quick update, usually with the title of “Update” or something. Whether that’s been a quick do it because I’ve not blogged for a while or if it’s what I like to call a “Bog Blog”… a blog written during the time I’m in the bathroom.

There’s also been times I’ve not blogged at all. For instance in 2009 I blogged once. Between 2008 and 2011 were the worst times for updates and it wasn’t until university I was encouraged to revive it a bit

Update (from 15th January 2008)

Ruby is 2 months and a bit now. Were getting used to her and love her to bits. She can hold her own hed up and has started to wave at people. She’s also started laughing when you poke and tickle her and smiles when you smile at her.

We’re moving out of my dads this month hopefully. We’ve managed to get a place in Purton near Swindon. All of my stuff i use to put videos up on youtube has been packed away untill we move in and i plan on getting internet in as well.

Besides from that i haven’t been up to much.


Ruby can hold her own body up, talk, dance, read and pretty much many human things now that she;s nearly 8. She’s very smart and I get the feeling from talking to her and seeing how others act around her that some people don’t don’t realize her age or how much she twigs on about things. She also has a brother now and she’s a great big sister. She makes him laugh so hard. He’s a year and 3 months and is still trying to master waving, but he’s been faster at other things than Ruby was too.

Purton was a really nice area. The only problem was getting out there, especially for collage. Caroline left in Decemeber 2008 and in 2009 I started college, so Purton was in a weird place. It’s right near Wootton Bassett that I had to go through ti get to Chippenham, but I had to go to Swindon to get back out there. Strangely I still have dreams about the flat. I set up my radio studio in the kitchen as it was a nice size and didn’t really have anything to put in it. My friend Anthony moved just down the road with his girlfriend back then just as their baby was coming. They now have two kids together. Anthony has been a friend ever since… I’d say 1995 with his brother Andrew, but since doing uni I’ve not seen much of them.


I moved the blog at the end of May 2012 from Blogger to WordPress, On may 13th I posted this lengthy thing.

Random Drivearound

So i came to Swindon on Saturday. I was gonna change it to Monday because of the lack of time. But instead I thought stuff it and came anyway. I only had time to see family though so sorry friends. I’ll sort you out next time.

Anyway Matt had to go to the bank to check something out so we went for a drive… at like 11:30 at night. We checked out the places we used to live so went to West Swindon. We used to live in Middeleaze in the early 90s and were listening to random radio stations on Tune-in radio on my phone, which happened to be left on 90s which was weird. We checked out Shaw Ridge School, and tried to remember where the school was… because they’ve completely replaced it with a whole new building.

Then we went to Castleton Road and looked at our old house from the outside. It’s weird because it’s not changed, not even the bit where we played with the cars in the mud outside the house. It was like something off a film because we were looking at these places and totally unchallenged by anyone, which must have looked so weird. 2 guys at 11:30 at night. Had a look at where the park was, which was also weird for me because i remember before the park was built.

Then we went to 2 places where we always drove past but never went in. The first was near that mechano building which led to some warehouses… and Matt made me mega dizzy. He went round this roundabout about 10 times. Then we went to Blunsdon where it said there was a train station, we just went there though because we’d never been there and things got spooky.

We actually locked the doors to the car just in case of a zombie attack, then there was loads of bunnies – the scene in Jurassic park came to mind, the bit where the goat/lamb(??) was left for a dinosaur to be eaten and then the next thing was the bleeding carcass on the roof (Which i later mentioned). We were listening to absolute 90s which had on Happy Mondays – Loose Fit, which made it feel even more weird watching all these bunnies surround the car. Anything could have come from anywhere.

Anyway we left that spooky place and went to McDonalds for a McFlurry, but when we got there, there was a cue so while waiting we had a bit of a singsong – Another Level – Freak Me. The girls in the car in front didn’t appreciate it which was a shame.

Anyway we parked up and had our McFlurrys and just as Matt turned the Engine on, the girls in the Focus started up and shouted across to Matt “Don’t Follow us”… We weren’t anyway, I think they were just weirdos. But Matt was like “Well I’m not anyway, so I’m going” so they pulled out in front and were acting stupid so Matt got into another lane and outran them… Bit of a downer on the adventure but it was way fun. We’re gonna take the camera next time


So that was the last time I spent quality time with Matt since, so not had chance to take the camera. Like I’ve said in yesterdays blog (I think) he just hasn’t been round other than coming with my dad for an occasion. We’d not had any time together like hanging out without a time limit which I miss. He was involved in a bit of an accident a day after Finn was born and is kind of lucky to be alive. He wasn’t driving, but was in the passenger’s seat and escaped with a head injury and hurt his hand pretty bad. I guess in a Marty McFly way he won’t be playing guitars the same way ever again. But yeah, We’ve not really done any brother stuff since then.

I’ve not been back to the areas we went to since either. I have heard through my mum from people at Shaw Ridge, and I emailed them not long after the look around the area to see if they had my records, which they didn’t. I used to make an effort more about going to Swindon even though I was busy with uni work. I think my faith in them has reduced since then. I made an effort, but still even then maybe there was a lack from their side.

Anyway Time to write my other blog (The one to Aphre) then sleep time!

A-ha haha

So I’ve just watched bbc breakfast and A-ha were on promoting their reunion and new album and tour. They all looked so awkward and I’m not sure if the questions were too closed,or the band were deliberately closing themselfs with the answers but I was just watching it goin GAHHH!

Also… it was their 10th album, and I’m nor sure about in other cpu tries… in this country they only had a few hits in the 80s…so since releasing take on me, hunting high and low and sun always shines on tv, they did 10 albums… uhh… right and then the BBC play the 80s songs, so have they actually done anythin notable since then? Not reallly. And they split up 5 years ago, so why are they even on tv? It feels like a “by the way” story, as in “By the way did you know they’re getting back together”.

Yay hey were getting back together after 5 years, but if nobody even new they were still doing music let alone still together back then. I’m not saying the band are crap by the way, it’s just they made nothing big since and by the way they were reacting it was like “well we did stuff since”.

What also made it awkward, the presenters were trying to crack light hearted jokes and the band  weren’t really taking it as a joke and trying to justify their answers. I’m not sure how much the bbc got right also, or whether they could have handeled it better but yeah, it was just also an awkward thing.

Vodkaa – March 28th, 2012


So I’m still in Yorkshire… I decided to stay up a little longer and thinking of going back on Monday for a little bit to get some uni work done.

I’ve had fun since iv been here helping Hayley consume vodka and also helping each other not do uni work. So day 1 – Sunday night was vodka night, I think I had a lot. Day 2 – went with Hayley for lunch then went to see Tom who informed me of experiments with skittles and various other sweets mixed with vodka. That night I’d never had so much vodka that straight, was really nice though. Day 3 – after sleeping at toms we went to Bradford, then back to Queensbury. I left my stupid keys at Toms though so had to go back. went with Hayley (surprise surprise) after for a pub visit and taxi back. Today has so far been just a creative day writing things but i got bored.

Anywale i am gona finish watching the One show. Maybe more later


So the creative day from what I remember was when I made a video on Adobe After Effects based on old cinema stuff. The lunch with Hayley was at a mini Mumtaz place and it was probably the most yummiest curry lunches I’d ever had.

I’ve not helped anyone polish off any more drinks since then. Not really much to update on. I probably went up to Yorkshire for a Ruby visit or a court visit which was usually the case. I recall Hayle once took me to a place where there was a Haribo shop and she got me some sweets. Fun Fact – Hayley has read ALL of my blog… well at least untin 2014 anyway. If you read this… Hayley I miss you!!!