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Since I’ve been gone

I’ve had lots on since the last blog but heres what happened.

I did a podcast with Zoe last tuesday and released it on friday. It got 2,700 in the first 3 days of it being launched.

I saw Ruby on Saturday and Sunday. We went to eureka again but this time with Aphre and Finn as well. It was really good to see them all interact and just generally be all smiley. On sunday we went to the media museum. It was good but the kids section which is really a bit crap was still the same as when I first saw it, just more broken.

We stayed in Brighouse Saturday night but traipsed all around 3 supermarkets to find a non existing travel cott for Finn. The result was him sleeping in his buggy. He slept like normal but did mean getting less sleep.

There is also some really good news that I want to say, but I will leave it for another week.

Making a swift Exeter (exit)


Yesterday we all went to Exeter to see Aphre’s brother doing poetry. It was pretty cool, I shall not go into it much but you need to go and see for yourself. His name is Quen Took and lives in… guess where? Keep out an eye and an ear anyway.

We didn’t stay long other than to have some food in a place called Los Iguanas and earlier today trying to try and look for a stupidly priced frying pan where the spot will probably burn off after a week. We also went to build-a-bear… some interesting chrismas present ideas… hmm.

Finn had fun and Quen was so pleased to see him. He is very smiley, but also very tired, he has been a tired child. He went to sleep at 6pm today and has slept various times in the day. All the excitement.

Over all we didn’t get to stay for long so we didn’t see whatever sights Exetr had as we didn’t have much time.

I cant think of anything to write so… heres a picture of Finns foot


What would a radio geek do?

So Finn is finally in his own room tonight, after having 2 rather long sleeps today he’s back in his room hopefully for the rest if the night. There was one thing that needed to be done before bed though.

We dont have any baby  monitors right now (they are in the post as we speak) so the solution I came to was plugging in an old mixing desk I have laying around, plug the microphone in, leave that my the cot and plug the speakers in so we can hear him from the bedroom. I am a little bit pleased.

It feels weird not feeling his cot at the end of the bed on my feet.

Were still whispering as force if habit.

Today I have been moving the crappy sofas out of his room and his furniture in. It was very tireing. Our room still isn’t completed but at least most of it is and hopefully soon we will be rid of these fucking sofas.

Get your own bedroom!

So in the continuation of Johnny’s exciting life (said sarcastically) I’m hoping that tonight will be the last night Finn is in our room and that tomorrow he will be in his own. It’s a bit of a step and although its recommended that 6 months is the right time for a baby to be moved into their own room, Finn at 4 months seems to be ready for it, especially because it is a silent gauntlet trying to get to bed.

Even once asleep I am woken up being tild that im snoring too loudly, and my worry is that it will effect his sleep. Im surprised he’s managed  so far considering my snoring escapades… like when I was at wychwood festival and I kept the camp awake.

The only issue is that we need to remove iur old sofas from his room. They were put in there when we got the new one, only until we get chance to go to the tip.

In other news I’m trying to continue my writing and making other content. I’m waiting for my radio friend Zoe to let me know when were going to record our podcast but shes not the best at replying. I’m also doing Code Red… I wrote some more yesterday but I’m stuck on a bit of the plot but given a few days I will figure it… I’ve got a few other of my own projects to try and do, but in the meantime it’s another routine of applying for jobs.

Right now though it’s time for bed.

Evening sofa club

I started writing this while on the sofa alone but after a failed attemot at a Finn bed time it’s taking longer than I hoped.

Finn has kearnt how to pronounce his ‘g’s and has been doing that as well as making a sound with his tonsils. He had gone to bed now so Aphre and I are just here doing tech stuff.

Yesterday I met up with Jelmer and Robin again for a nandos along with Dan, who was also on our course who is sticking around. It was Jelmer’s last night in Cheltenham so he wanted to say goodbye. It was nice.

I was meant to see Ruby tomorrow but she’s not been well this week so I’m seeing her again soon. It’s rather a long way to risk going up and possibly not being well enough to do something. She’s getting better though and looking forward to seeing her.

Anyway that leaves tomorrow unplanned so the mysterious day is on its way.

Bake off and milkshake

Jelmer came round today and we all watched bake off. Aphres friend was going to come round too but plans changed. We had milk shake and almost didn’t talk about radio.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I watched the super moon with Aphre and Finn. One of the funnest times I had with Aphre when we first went out was that we went to watch the super moon and I got cold and complained. To be fair it was midnight and a bit cold, and I get a bit twitchy in dark places, especially in tue middle of the Park Campus at uni.

Tomorrow we’re off to swindon, then I’m back later to see some uni friends who are still about which will be cool.


Firstly the title of this blog is a not to This Is Jinsy which for odd reasons I like, but also nit sure if I actually like. I’ve watched 4 episodes now, and although I watch it and giggle at bits, and also kind of feel that its a bit shit, I watch more.

Today I applied for jobs,  one of which I’m still debating whether I want to apply which I won’t go into – but I’m not sure whether its something I want to do for a number of reasons, and then again it might be good to get my foot in the door.

I’m up a little late as for some reason fin woke up but I really need sleep.

On a plus side, I was having a chat the other night with a friend and we may be recording a podcast soon, which will be great! Stay tuned batfans.

In the mean time goodnight you!

Back at FCH


So today I was djing at FCH for my first paid DJ gig and it was ace. It was for the birthday of one of the SU staff’s 2 sons (if you got that). I was the winner.

I am tired, so im going to peel myself off the sofa, finish Finns bottles and snore myself back to awake. Also I think the attempt to do something nice for my dad isn’t happening. Aphre and I were in about taking him to Toby Carvery as I know he likes going as we go there regularly when he has money. Instead he declared that he hates eating out. Its supposed to be for his birthday. I might just stay in bed if he doesnt want to do anything. Not going to swindon for ni reason

Anyway I feel all sleepy so uh… night!

Hey there!


Hey there! So I’ve not been so on it on the blogging thing. Mainly because my pad died a death. I’m back now though which is cool. Today had been busy and I smell more than normal. In the return blog (meaning after that short break I’m able to blog more regularly.) I will mention whats been happening the lasr few weeks starting on my birthday!

Thursday the 21st of august… I turned 30. Not particularly happy about that but it means that now I know who my real friends are. A few of them were offered to do me a video but only two did it, and even the ones that Aphre asked and had a reply saying they were too busy still found time to say happy birthday means something. I’ve even had friends that have stepped up a bit too and shown me that they were more of a friend than before. Since uni finished for instance theres one who has really stepped up and been really ace, another i thought maybe they wernt sure on me but they are still there for me, and regrettably also another who I thought was a good friend but has totally blanked me which is disappointing. Anyway only Jamie and Jelmer sent videos and they made me happy, Aphre did so well organising it all. We didn’t invite all my friends and I wish I could have because most of them were away but the most recent regular suspects were invited along with my family.

Aohre sorted it all out and I appreciate it sooooo much. She messaged Mel which was cool because we’ve not had chance to see much of each other lately. Fred (of news… and ex tone radio) came and even made me a sponge cake which was ace. Stephen (who was venom black in code red) came and so did Rich (bloggy mate and ex radio partner). They all seemed to get on.

Aphre made a coconut cake for me from scratch. My mum and sister got me some comics and I got a few cards. One of my favourite ones are from someone calked Tash who is my sister’s friend. The card she got had dinosaurs on it and she drew a number 0 on it so it said 30 instead of 3.

The day was really ace, and I enjoyed it all, especially because Ruby was down here, Ki brought Mia and Matt is getting better.

Why I’m not doing the ice bucket challenge

This craze seems to have lost its true reasons. I kniw there are people I know that have done it just because everyone else is doing it, not understanding the cause. Another reason is that I feel like it’s forcing someone to do something so they don’t look uncool. I have been nominated twice and I know that one person nominated me legitimately on the basis she actually said why a donation should be made. I don’t mind donating, I just don’t think that me doing it is actually going to make a difference and don’t want to be seen as doing it because EVERYONE ELSE HAS DONE IT EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. I refuse to participate in it… sorry guys but it’s not something I’m rolling with.

I did see one really good one by ex collage friend Jack who did a breaking bad type short film version.

I can see clearly now the telly’s on
We got a new tv today, and a new sofa. Im pkeased because it means thatbi dont have to strain to watch tv. I realosed also that the sofa was the reason my arm was in pain. Becaude I had to get up after being sunken into the sofa, I had been using my arms in a certain way to get up. It was the reason for my arm issue in my recent blog. When the first arm went bad I used the other, and now that’s bad too. Luckily this new sofa is much nicer, and doesn’t have springs poking out the back, a bonus to when you have a baby that said springs would be eye level to him once he started crawling.

Also I saw Jelmer and Robin today. They were cool but I was late seeing hem as I was putting the sofa together with Aphre’s friend Vicky and then plugging in the tv. We watched Guardians of the galaxy which was a good film, Jelmer laughed all the way through in the cinema, Robin had his head in his hands most of the time that happened. I invited them back fir dinner but Robin couldn’t stay, Jelmer did though which was cool.

I’m sure here are other rants I could do but it’s bed time, nighty!