Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Show

Hey, jusr getting ready for bed. Completly nackered. Slept for 4 hours last night, been up since 7am. Went to Birmingham today to see the SBES Exibition (Sound Broadcast Exibition show … i think it stands for that) I saw loads of cool toys that i want now that cost into their thousends… which i dont got 😦

The website is up and running now…. THE NEW ONE!!

I missed my chance to be on the Night Before with Nick Margerrison on Kerrang last night… Oh Well.

I added the shows speech/content percentage today… We are 40% Speech and 60% Music! just wanted to express that somewhere!!

Its Ruby’s Birthday on monday! One Whole year since she was born… Absolutly Brilliant. Shes Really cool. Still learning how to talk and also took her first steps yesterday! She just let go of the table and walked into the middle of the room… But when she realised she fell on her ass… She wouldnt do it again when we tryed. Oh well 😀

Caroline had an ID problem the other day. She went into the pound shop to buy some shavers and the person at the tills asked her for i.d to prove she was old enough!

Anyway Bed time… check out the website