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Girls! GAHHHH!

Yeah, one of those posts. Don’t worry i’m not generalising. It’s just stuff that’s happening right now. I’ll just be ranting for a moment so excuse me miss.

I’ve been in a good mood today. Did the podcast which will be released tomorrow. I left it at uni though so i’m gona get in tomorrow and edit it. I’ve been singing sentences all day 😀

Lately ive been getting attention. This attention is not from one or 2 girls, its from 4 of them… yeah lucky me… or  not depending on whether i want the attention. I’ve done nothing to lead these people on into thinking that i will get into a relationship with them or that i want anything else but i get a hell of alot of messages especially in the last few days and i’ve got really tired of it. Especially when im trying to record and i have to switch my phone off, come off facebook and turn MSN off because i get accused of ignoring them.

I dont mind the messages but i really dont appreciate having to explain everything loads of times. I’ve explained why im not interested in a relationship thing, or what i would need in a relationship, which is just not working. I gave up a while ago looking and this is just pushing me further and further away from a relationship with anybody.

If two people really like eachother then sending texts all day is completely fine aslong as they don’t freak out for not getting a text.

So to clarify: (Sorry this list was supposed to be short… and its reflected on things that have happened to me in the past)

If you cant accept my daughter and my education being high on my priority list.
if you’re not funny.
If you’re not into comedy (not even a little bit).
If you cannot be silly and childish.
If you have no imagination.
If you cannot be a friend.
If you cannot be honest or talk to each other about things.
If you cannot accept my career choice.
If you want a relationship with me simply because were both single.
If you want a relationship with me simply because you havnt had anyone for a long time
If you want a relationship with me simply because nobody else wants to and you think i cant get anyone else.
If you dont care that we dont see or speak for days on end.
If you are a man, look like a man or used to be a man.
Are not aged between 19 and 35
If you have no self respect
If you cannot give me time to myself
If you are already in a relationship
If you are dead or an animal other than a human…

Then i’m sorry, you are not for me. I know this list might be a bit way too specific but as this blog can show you if you read back on it, i have had very bad experiences with relationships.

I might like you alot but if theres nothing to take it to the next stage then why even bother?

I gave up on it all a few months ago anyway because theres nobody who fits the criteria where i fit theirs so… Tough Ttitties. You can be friends with a girl without being in a relationship.

That’s me over and done with Girl bashing. im sure when this blog is 10 years old i’ll look back and think, What the fuck.

Going back to other things, had a chat with an old friend about old times, exchanged some links and memories. Righty… time to get tired so i can sleep and get this podcast done tomorrow.