The big move!

Hi blog fans (I know there’s at least 3). So it’s been 9 months since the last update and I actually have something worth writing about.

Like the bad title of a good film, the title of this post gives it all away. Yes there has been a big move, but just how big? Where have I moved? What am I doing? What what WHAT?

I have moved to Manchester with Aphre and the boy! So yeah, it was a fairly big move. About 130 miles apart. And for people who don’t drive, it’s been an expensive and tiring for us all, except Finn who has just enjoyed coming along for our exciting new adventure.

How did it all come about? Well the main thing was we were missing Ruby. The plan had always been to move to Manchester at some point to be able to get to see her more, but Aphre and I were very much like “Let’s just do this now”.

Aphre has a new job, and I got a transfer from the Cinema, so I now work in one in the Manchester Area. I’m not admin there… even though I enjoyed doing it at the last one, they already have that covered, so I’m back on the tills selling popcorn and frozen drinks. I’m also looking around for some radio projects, but still sorting out the house at the moment.

The move was… well… annoying. We were going to have other people driving us and doing it ourselves but it turned out that they were not available through nobody’s fault… so we go a company to move us. All I will say is that it was expensive, a bunch of our stuff got broken and we had to pay extra for another van to bring some stuff up that we now need to get rid off because it won’t fit up the stairs.

The house is nice. We viewed it online and got Aphre’s brother to video chat on Facebook to check it out. There are a couple of niggles we need to sort out in the house, but nothing mega.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get back from work, because the busses in Manchester are weird compared to Gloucester. This has involved a fair bit of walking after my shifts at work so far. I’ve been very tired though because everything needs to be put away in the house, so there’s a lot of house Tetris in a small amount of time, as well as trying to keep it reasonable which is a never ending thing. We till have a lot of pictures to put up, and shelves to fill, but the other than that, things are starting to come together. Our dining room/play area is looking a lot clearer than it did since we moved in. You couldn’t navigate it.

I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels with Finn and together we have a quite big collection coming together, so we have been racing them and called it “The Galaxy Raceway”. We have some videos on here. We have a load recorded but with the move, I’ve not had time to edit any more yet… but I can tell you that there’s a few exciting twists before the end!

Anyway I need to get Finn dressed now and get on with some stuff. Laters yooo!

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