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My little Fishy, Finn Robinson

Soo… that was an epic Sunday.


This is what was here by 8.15… it is nice isn’t it? Apparently this is my fault. It’s called a baby and it cries like the other one but it’s a different kind than the other one because it’s a boy version so I have got a son.

Yay! We called him Finn Charlie Robinson. He was 9lbs 9oz and is a long baby. I’m looking at his hospital cot now and hes got little head space. There was a slightly complicated birth as he was so long he couldn’t get out and they had to use forceps to get him out and was nearly a cesarean. Hes got a few bruises and a bit of swelling at the moment but it will sort soon.

I’m so proud of Aphre, she worked so hard and went through so much and is currently recovering and repairing.

Its the start of something magical for us all


A very awarding time

So world, nation, friends, fan. The last few days have been hectic. The baby is imminent. Hes going to be born soon. I’ve dropped almost everything and went in to be with Aphre in boring and uncomfortable times. I say almost because she was wonderful enough to let me go to the umi’s radio awards.

Yes the title is not bad grammar, it was an awarding time last night and Jelmer and I were awarded with best digital project. I was kinda startin to feel like leonardo Di’caprio being up for nomination in 3 catagories, and eeryone who got their award deserved it especially Zoe who got the lecturers award, and Nichole who won best documentary.

Anyway I need to go back to the hospital because I over slept and I was supposed to go in a bit sooner than I am.

I can feel myself nodding off.. noooo!

So Wednesday was a but uneventful. I’ve just had lots of feelings moaning around in my heart and not knowing what to do

Knowing what day comes after Wednesday (Thursday if you didn’t know) and that is probably the worst day. I need to get into uni early (which is a mere few hours away from writing this. I need to complete an assignment and do some revision for the exam which I know I’ll fail. Before that, i’ve got a presentation about sound gorillas.

I have the final prick up your ears to do tomorrow which I’m looking forward to, but I think it will all end in tears. I’m going to miss everything about it. I’ve said this enough so I’m going to shut up.

Day schedule

Oooh my jeebers. So trying to steer clear of things, I decided yesterday that I need to own this week of potential terriblism. If it messes uo its going to be royally messed up.

I’m making good progress so far. People are crying everywhere, I feel like total crap, I slept for 4 hours and hardly did what ever I had to do today because all my times were wrong.

The globe is just one big clowns nose if you think about it but bigger and it’s really bluer than a blue ribband which by the way isnt even blue.

Theres no dinner so I had some sprinkles for dinner. Theres actually soup in real life so I think I might have some of that. As you can see world today has heen full of peaches and sunshine as you would imagine.

Anyway I didn’t get to blog yesterday bt im working on getting back on track.

On a plus though, Zoe and I sent off out radio demo ti a radio station today and had a productive meeting for the last radio show. Its going to be interesting. Im goin to miss it sooooooooo much <\3


Right now im in a hotel room with a mind full of things and thoughts and stuff. I seem to be in this mode of banging on about the same thing which is going to leave a huge hole in my life. I know I have other things in that are megaly important and obviously looking forward to. I fear though I have reached the point where I have lost all enthusiasm for doing the rest of my coursework.

This is a bad bad thing as I am only 2 assignments and an exam from having to finish and I really need to muster up the energy and passion for radio and all that other shit. Right jow I just feel like I’ve got no creativity and need a break, which also sint good because I need to get part 5 of code red for part 4 to be released.

What else can I talk about? Im in Halifax for court. Thats not fun but its a thing.

I lost a tenner today somewhere. I dont know where. Im 100% sure ive not dropped it because I’m safe with money since I had mý money stolen from my coat in 2005.

This is a segment of the blog where I add bits in after posting. I read a spiderman comic today. I think I’m into marvel comics. Not sure if its the xmen end of the spectrum but definatly avengers, ironman, spiderman and that. I miss writing code red. This is another thing id rather be doing than assignments.

If the pepperami in the advert eats himself how does he survive. Is that self cannibalism?

Hey life is a bunch of fun cookies, apparently you dip then in milk. Ive never done that. Maybe I should dip my life in milk. Or maybe just have a drink of milk. Id like cookies. Milk is nice after chocolate.

Note state of mind

Smiley face.

I shuffle away now. Be cool Johnny fan.

Today hasn’t been so great. I’ve still got lots to do and not that much time, which means the work I didn’t do today for one reason or another needs doing tomorrow. I did lots, but not as much as I’d hoped. Most of it is down to my mood again. It’s picked the worst time to play games which is a bit rubbish which mean’s I’ve ended up in tears at least twice today.

For instance, part 3 of Code Red (Available ) needed the end changing so the full acting credits were added, and later this week I need to do the following

  • Edit part 4 of Code Red,
  • Write my Assignment for Work Experience
  • Arrange Pirate Radio Weekend
  • Jingles for Rap Awards
  • Create (and hopefully present) a business presentation
  • Revise for a and then have a law exam (Never thought I’d be saying that 4 years ago)
  • Go to the Rap Awards
  • Attend the birth of my son (as you do)

Obviously the last one takes priority over the rest, or i’m sure there will be another member of the League of Ex-Girlfriends that my brothers and I have accumulated. Some of those over lap each other. Although It’s manageable, it’s a challenge that I’ve taken up. 

So busy pt2

So busy!

So to you my WordPress fan, I apologise for the lack of updates recently.  I’ve had so much to do with uni and not much interesting things happening worth mentioning. The baby isnt here yet, I’ve been stressing out with uni work, and blocking out all the potential sad, with lots of good future in the pipeline.

I’m sorting things out with assinments. Im tryin to do other fun projects in between so I dont get stressed out anot them.

Next week is the last show on tone radio which is really sad, and the uni’s radio awards. I’ve been nominated 3 times so far.

I miss doing the blog but I’ve got lots on and finding it all hard altogether to do regular life stuff but I’ll be back regularly soon 🙂

Tuesday Trials And Tribulations On The Tracks

This week has been a busy one, so much so, that the events and every tragic thing that happened on Tuesday for my Fun Kids interview hasn’t been blogged yet.

Tuesday was the day the underground was on strike. It was a day where I had to purchase TWO pairs of trousers, and jumped over an old woman in a wheel chair entering a charity shop.

The night before was a bit of a rubbish one for reasons I wont go into, but it led to me wanting more sleep in the morning. When I say wanting more sleep, it usually means attempt to sleep for 15 minutes but get out of bed in frustration because the work that needs doing gets to me. So I got up and realized that I had no toothpaste, and I miss the colors in my toothpaste so Aquafresh was required. also my shirt was all crinkled so needed an iron, and wasn’t going to travel to the other place so got a fresh one.

Once purchasing this iron i decided to iron my shirt. I realized at this point that i partially ironed my shirt to the carpet and had to peel it off and everything’s fine now. Then it took me too long to get changed, and my shaver ran out of batteries so I also had to shave all my face hair off with a proper razor and stuff. 

My phone was not charging so I went to Uni to get some print off of directions to get to Shoreditch in London and train directions. everything was like clockwork, but when I go to the station there was a que at the ticket office. I waited and eventually got served in time before the train left. The train had bored though and thought “I’d better hurry”. 

I jumped on the train and felt this almighty rip. MY TROUSERS HAD GIVEN WAY IN THE WORSE PLACE POSSIBLE!

I figured I’d better find a seat asap. Upon inspection, it was pretty bad. I panicked. When the train got to Bristol I was having a think.

  • Maybe I could just carry my jacket… yes… use it as some sort of modesty rag.
  • Maybe I could get some trousers in Reading… No… I’ve never been to reading… then again I’ve never been through London alone
  • What If i have to get the Tube because the train’s late now. What if someone notices
  • What if a kid sees me?
  • What if they have kids visiting Fun Kids
  • Can i facebook something to see if I have any friends in Bristol, or Reading or Swindon or Didcot or SOMEWHERE I can meet at the station who can give me some trousers.
  • I wonder if anyone else on the train has trousers

The train changed in Bristol where I phoned the station and said I’d be late due to a major wardrobe malfunction. I get on the train to Reading, which had a few stops so I went to the toilets to see if I could fix the rip with whatever I had in my bag. This is what was in there:

  • Drawing Pins
  • a small bit of string from a clothes tag and a safety pin
  • A Lolly stick
  • 2 forks
  • more string
  • a Costa Coffee card
  • Sausage Roll Wrapper

I get to work, and my survival tactics kicked in. First trying to bend the drawing pins in a way that would secure the rip which was between the seams. It didn’t work because I couldn’t bend it with my fingers. I tried to with the fork but it didn’t work. I could only bend the pins once. I needed something that would keep the pins secure.. THE LOLLY STICK! 

I pinned the seams to the lolly stick and it kind of worked, I thought this was genius… how the HELL did i come up with this. I should get a prize!

The rip was longer than the stick so I put the safety pin a little higher and you could almost not tell that there was issues. As long as i didn’t strain it, it would stay.

I managed to finish it, and thought… let’s just make sure it holds until I get some more trousers in London. The tran gets to Reading and I saw there’s Time till my next train. YAY!!

So I get off in Reading, and take a guess that the station is in the town centre… which paid off and dashed into town. I saw a Heart foundation shop. I covered myself just in case anyone noticed (I had underwear on by the way, and black so was less noticeable. I got into the shop, I had 10 minutes to the train. RUN RUN RUN.

There’s an old woman in a wheel chair outside the shop. Her carer tells the shop people she wants to get in. I go past and look at the trousers… 38… yes you have trousers for fat people… ACE. I’ll have them. 7 minutes to the train. 

Shop people faff around looking for a ramp. The boy in the shop who is serving ignores me. I wait. 6 minutes and I’ve been noticed. He takes FOREVER to regester the garment, and asks if I want a bag. I say no thanks, so logically he STILL goves me a bag and struggles to enter it. 

I leave with about 3 shop assistants trying to set up the ramp for the woman. I Jump over the half finished ramp with 5 minutes to the train. Run to the station as my pins and stuff holding my trousers fall apart again, I run into the train station, get the train, and then put my trousers on in the toilet.


The trousers don’t fit… THEY ARE WAY TOO SMALL! WHY! WHY! WHYYYY!!!!!!!!


So… the train arives in london. Not the station I wanted because I got on the wrong train because of my panic. I tell Aphre what’s happened, and she guides me on where to get a train… not knowing the tubes closed. I figure that I can’t go to the interview like this so I risk again… not ever being to this part of London (I’ve only been to BBC twice and the Tate Modern) I go on search for a department store of some sort. I find Marks and Spencer. never happier to see a clothes shop.

I dash in… get some Jeans that I know are more likely to fit (38 waste black jeans) and put them on before leaving the shop. although tight because they have different sizes in different shops which is bloody stupid. But I was in a rush and wasn’t going to complain.

I headed back to the station (Still with little battery on my phone so couldn’t satnav) and phoned the radio station to see how to get there due to the tube strike. They assist me, and I find a way to get to Mooregate station, take a quick peek on the satnav before the phone ran out and got to the place. 

The interview its self I think was OK. I wouldn’t reveal what I thought my chances were or the questions I was asked. Getting home was a lot easier too. I got back and just fell asleep. It was a crazy day.

Since then, I’ve been working on my experimental audio, and doing things with Code Red and Sound Gorillas projects. I’ve currently taken a break from doing the business plan. 

And right now, I’m in a Hotel Room in Halifax writing this blog, ready to see Ruby tomorrow. I think my phone internet is just as quick as my old 56k modem. 

Hopefully that crazy adventure was crazy enough for my lifes natural surrealism to have something to chew on, and you had a bit of a giggle about it. I suppose its time for me to do other things.

Laters 🙂