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So I thought I’d better update as I’ve been fairly quiet recently and a nice update does us all good.

As you can see im not naturally the sort of person who talks about life things at length or have a lot to say when nothing has happened (even though if sometimes i do ramble on about something pointless).

At the moment Aphre and I are waiting to hear back about a house which we’re hoping to move into in a few weeks. Ruby is down next week and goes back a day before we move. I know I already live with Aphre, but I’m looking forward to moving and actually living somewhere that there will be space for things and a home for our family to feel like that it is somewhere we can live for the long term.

Since Sunday I’ve been packing all the stuff away into boxes and making the eventual move easier. Taking so long though, to make sure we take things we need and not the crap.

I’m still looking for work. I’m also looking for something part time until I get some more radio work. I had a very nice email from someone at the BBC the other week that said I was professional, engaging, creative, and that I’m good at making the certain type of radio that I make, but didn’t really hit the BBC local radio target audience and would need to work on that if I were to try and get work at one of the local stations.

I’m applying to everything relevant whether that’s full time or freelance, and getting some positive feedback for things. I wish I wasn’t the the world where there was always a “High Calibre of applications” because that seems to happen with the bigger companies that I’d like to work for, and there isn’t that many smaller companies out there. Still worth it though.

Out the way of that.. Finn is learning to talk now. He’s learnt “no” now but sometimes still is not sure on what it means. He used to do the actions and do a squeal but now hes actually started saying it, so we’re trying to teach “yes” also to see if that catches on and can tell if he needs a new nappy without having to smell him. Yuck.

If i can think of anything else I’ll put it up tomorrow.

Today’s fun theme is Death

So today I found out that my only living grandparent wasn’t actually living at all and died in 2012, which was… well firstly rude of nobody telling my dad, but secondly just part of todays theme. I will get onto this in a bit.

Luckily from what I can tell nobody I knew died today, but there were definatly some signs today of things ending and things coming to ahead. For i stance I went to look at a house today with Finn – the end of having to live above a chemist and drag a push chair up and down 15 steps or trying to stop Finn getting out and falling down those 15 steps. On the way we saw a horse drawn hurse (I’m not sure if that’s the name, but there was a coffin in the back, horses on the front and a man in the middle, there was also a car hurse). I also lost the ability to store words into my head when the man was talking to me about the house as things seemed to be going rather quickly and my brain doesn’t deal well with that in high pressure and struggling to stay calm.

Anyway so this evening my dad posts on my facebook wall where everyone can see it about his dad. It is a sad thing, and yeah I’d have liked to have known him better. I got to see him in 2011, about a year before his death according to the obituary in the Saltcoats newspaper. It was the second visit, the first with Rich and my dad in 2009. I’m glad I met him. My gran who divorced from him way way back said I should meet him, even though they had bad blood between them. I was hoping to take Ruby up and (not knowing he’d been dead) Finn and Aphre, so it’s sad they never got to meet, and its sad that I never got to know him because it would have been nice, but that’s all out the fuck window now, so just have to accept it. I’m not sad, but just disappointed. I’m glad also that he wasn’t alone and had his other family he was closer to was there.

But my dad… I don’t get why he can’t call me or text me or private message me, this was kinda a big thing. I’d totally not want to hear about the death of someone through public message on there. He did it about money before when i borrowed some and told the whole of facebook. Here’s a tip for everyone. If you write on someones facebook wall, you might as well be writing it on the wall of someones house. Send a message, use a phone and call them.

Hang The D.J

The reason I called this post “Hang the D.J” will become clear in a bit, but in general there’s not really been much to talk about recently so thought I’d compress it into this post instead. We’ve been on the lookout for houses lately, and it’s a joke because they all seem to be gone by the time they are posted online. I’m seeing 2 properties today, one tomorrow and waiting to hear about another.

Yesterday was mothers day, and Aphre’s parent came round for a dinner. Aphre had a nice day. Finn and I (Mostly me) made her some breakfast and we took Finn to soft play. He was a little careful at first but was alright by the end, but would have loved him to stay longer if they didn’t have to close at 4.

The last few nights, Aphre and I have been writing a sitcom/comedy-drama. I always have new ideas coming into my head and it’s mostly Code Red superhero stuff that I’d like to write. However I’ve always thought about doing the “Write about what you know” thing. Obviously I know a lot about radio and the running of radio stations. My times have included experiences you’d not even believe that happened, myths and silly consequences that have arisen thanks to silly situations that are quite frankly unbelievable, but have happened in real life.

Aphre has wanted to write something with me for a while too, so I told her about this idea, and wasn’t sure whether it was going to be for radio or TV but it makes sense for it to be TV. It wouldn’t be one of those cheezy sitcoms either like Goodnight Sweetheart and it wouldn’t be called “Hang the D.J” because that already was a thing (It was a TV show in 1998 on the BBC about a station called Taste FM and it was so cheezy). It would like more of a modern show like the office or the thick of it. I think previous comedy programmes about radio stations have been a little too unrealistic or inaccurate. For instance here’s how they depicted radio on hang the DJ:

And later in 2009 the ITV gave it ago with their one called “FM” starring Chris O’Dowd

Studios in the UK don’t look like this… they look like this (Depending on how much moey they actually have)

Bottom right is probably the most accurate studio set up in the UK for commercial radio. The best example right now is Alan Partridge. Have a watch of Mid-morning Matters. There’s actually a lot more politics in radio and I think something showing that, along with the utterly dumb experiences that actually happens would be great viewing.



Deadpool day

Today has been really cool. Aphre finished early today so we could have out day to watch Deadpool. I had a really nice day with her not o ly watching that but we followed it up with a TGI Fridays. It’s always the case with TGI Fridays thouh because I always want to go there, but never seem to mega want anything on the menu, realising it’s too late to leave when you’ve already ordered a coke.

I can safely say that Deadpool is just as good as Kick Ass. Not better, but just as good which is a high compliment from me, as Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2 are both the highest benchmarks I give.

A weird thing happened today tho as Aphre and I were going into the cinema. We’d spent a Trumps worth on just getting in and getting drinks and sweets and went into screen 9. Walked up the stairs into Row L and who is sat in the first chair of the row? My good buddy Robin Smith… HOW WEIRD IS THAT? Had no idea that we had clashed cinema viewings. We went to see various films together in the past with Jelmer, but also that it was that film, that day, that time and that row… it was just so weird.

Anyway where was Finn? We put him in the dumpster of the chemists when we went out because we needed hi  out the way. Not really. He went with Aphre’s friend Vicki and had a lovely day with her looking at deer and birds. I can report he was still excited when he got home and was so happy. I bet if his words worked right he would have said about the whole thing.

Finally… yesterday Finn and Aphre were having a play around in the kitchen. I recorded it, and here it is for all of you to see how he’s coming along.