Monthly Archives: April 2006

New Wall

Bob thinks he has moved back in to his house, just as i’m moving out. To keep me and “Down and outs” out of his space, he has erected a wall in the bedroom made out of his girlfriends old livingroom doors and nailed them to the ceiling useing planks of wood and sheets (Where he ran out of planks) I did suggest he nailed himself to the wall as he is also a plank.

I’ve offered him rent, and he didnt want it but told everyone that i wouldnt pay him. He’s pulled the wallpaper down, and everyone it ws me, He’s come in, thrown my stuff around and taken items and called me and my friends down and outs and has had no respect for me, then complains that i have none for him… If someone doesn’t have any respect for you how can you respect them? He’s called me a thief, I dont know why but he has, Tryed to brake me and my girlfriend up, Blamed me for all of his bills from 1996 saying he has to pay £500 because of me, and has done all this stupid stuff that is just nasty.

After bob told us to take the wall paper down about a month ago, i had decided to write a letter to bob on the remaining paper on the wall to tell him how i felt. He didnt read it.

Eventually we got into an argument and i ended up throwing his broken TV down the stairs. He brings a Passing man and his dog into the argument, along with my mate Dave and my Girlfriend because recently he had been taking items from the front room and dumping them outside the front door for the bin men to take away (expecting the bin men to take away a chair and a TV). The man had a go at me (He was a bit drunk) but after i told him it was bob he wasn’t putting the full blame on me however did threten to smash my face in (Because apperently he didnt want his kids tripping over and hurting themselfs on the items left out side) and at the end he walked off.

I squared up to bob, he backed off and went upstairs. I brought the chair in, threw it and smashed his broken TV on the floor. Dave Caroline and Me then went for a walk. We came back later. bob was arguing at us in the street and wouldnt let us in the house saying he wouldnt let us in untill i appoligysed, Said i had a baby’s mind/ The mind of a stupid spastic little girl and took the stuff off the walls. I said i wouldnt take it down untill he read it but he wouldnt. we were out there for quite some time but in the end he went down to just taking the writing on the walls down, which we agreed to. Bob now dosent know what he’s let himself in for. Stay Tuned!!!

The fuse has gone… AGAIN!

The cooker fuse has been removed by uncle nob again (Oops, the letter N was next to the letter B on the keyboard and my finger slipped) and this time it’s not in the cooker or around it, instead, he’s taken it. I’ve tidyed the house up now but i’ve had a phone call!!! I was ased if i would like to move into a flat by one of the local houseing assotiations so me and Caroline may have a flat!


Ok so my website should be ready in about the next month. I’m updating the mental page to have some new storys and complete things i didnt start on the last one. i’ve got plenty of time to make everything for this one so should be good.

check out the old one at


Now what the hell has gone on here.

I get home from newcastle, and all my things are on the floor, i get mad and break bobs decorating table. Anyway i continue to look around the house and find petty things missing. As i don’t have much cooking equipment i mostly do my cooking with one pan for the hob, and one plastic bowl, which was not found… = Bob thrown away. Dave’s Clothes which i have been looking after, uh ho… = bob thrown away. i then go to look for my laptop which i am learning something for working on my website, Can’t find laptop… = Bob thrown away. I wasn’t too fussed about the laptop but was disapointed because it was a present from my uncle tom, wasnt anything new but was good to practice webpage building on. Caroline is with me.

Jonk:Thing, He’s taken my laptop.
Caroline runs downthe stairs in shock: Basterd! Why’s he taken that?
Jonk:I dunno, to be a nob.

Jonk cleans up a bit, when caroline goes he opens a tin of soup and puts it in a cup, opens thi microwave…



Went to newcastel with Dave, Claire and Caroline. It was good, Dave’s mum, Sister and Dog looked after us. We got 2 new matresses, one for me and caroline and one for dave and claire, however when i got home to pump mine up, i left it infront of the fire while i was blowing it up and now has loads of little wholes in it… F##k! That costed £15 and now have to get a new one.

Anyway had a greeet Tim widda geoooordeee’s, was glad to home