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Cinema facts

So I was looking on my Facebook feed recently and found a thing about “The secrets movie theatre workers don’t want you to know” and it leads to an article named “36 Movie Theatre Secrets They Don’t Want You To know” and it got me thinking. The things that might be slightly different to the article only is in the basis of this is an American article but you’d think most of it was relevant to the UK… Actually I think it’s completely balls.

Firstly, yes… I work in a Cinema now. I’m still doing media bits and bobs but when I’m not at home being a fantastic dad and rock to the love of my life, or being a radio genius, I am working in a Cinema, which is pretty fun. I might not get into specifics like the company I work for… nor are my views are that of the company I work for or my colleagues. You can find the original article here.

Finding things in cinemas has been a subject on Prick Up Your Ears podcast but I can’t be bothered to find it right now.

1) An alarming amount of moms leaving dirty nappies under seats

In my 8 months of working in a cinema I have NEVER found a nappy under a seat, clean or dirty. You do find interesting and questionable things though, such as an empty ham packet. Someone clearly has eaten sliced ham by it’s self. I did find that someone had decided to not leave the auditorium to have a wee during the anniversary screening of Terminator 2 – which is mind boggling because they were found in the front row and the person would clearly have had to get up and pee… so their choice was to pee in front of a bunch of people instead of walking to the toilet and having some dignity. They’d have missed about 1 minute of a film THAT WAS RELEASED 20 YEARS AGO!

2) Employees don’t mind if you want to make it a double feature

We don’t mind… IF YOU ACTUALLY PAY! The article suggests that cinema employees don’t mind you skipping screens to see something else. There are a lot of people who do pay to see two films, so im not going to let in a few free ones. Personally I think some cinemas are not built with this possibility in mind and should have a walk through system that makes sense, but this isn’t possible all the time. In some older placed they used to have what film was on outside it, but in the one I work in this doesn’t happen and to find out what’s on where you have to go into the kiosk, which will require you to go past the “Drop Box” which is where they rip your ticket or scan your digital ticket. So many people are involved with making films and personally I feel responsible when people sneak into films, or do pirate copies.

3) Manages will give you a free pass if you share a screening with a crying child.

Nope… or at least not a given thing. Basically the films that are shown have age ratings, so the chances of s screaming child during something like “all The Money In The World” which is a 15 film is not likely. It’s possible in a 12A or PG film but the likelihood that the people coming to watch those films wont want to bring their young child because it’s a hassle for them and they want to watch the film, not settle their baby. People tend to get embarrassed with that sort of thing anyway. We didn’t take Finn into the cinema until we were sure there was something he wouldn’t do that in and embarrass us. Plus when you go into a U rated film (Universal – for everyone) it’s inevitable that there will be little kids in there. Fun fact, under 8s need accompanying by an adult. People tend to use their common sense more than not.

4) In Korea they have fried cuttlefish with popcorn.

This is no suprise. The cinema is a great place to find weird things. We once had Cheese popcorn which was gross apparently. We recently had Strawberry cheesecake.

5) The history of popcorn

I think the person who figured out how to make popcorn is a genius. I always wondered how they figured it. Was it just really hot one day and all the dried corn just popping in a field?

6) Employees Playing Xbox on the big screen after hours

Although this would be possible, you need to stop and think about how this would actually happen. You would need a lot of wires to do this, and even it it was wireless would the remotes actually reach that far? You’d need to connect it to the projection room and if you were to play in there you’d have to see it through a small window… it’s a lot of effort. Doable, but too much effort. You’d also have to get managers permission to go into the projection room, or at least for the chain I work for. Everything is connected digitally including how the films play. More on this later.

7) Cup Holders were not a thing until 1981

Well that’s news to me.certain seats have movable arm rests and atleast in the cinema i work in they have cup holders on both sides at the front. This is not the case for other seats.

8) The average amount of popcorn Americans eat

70 Quarts apparently… not totally sure what that means but that’s what the article says, which I gather is a lot.

9) You’re better off going for a dinner than snacking during the show.

This depends if you’re wanting to actually go to the cinema for snacks and a film in the first place, or whether you’re up for a day out. Personally when I go to the cinema I enjoy getting the pick’n’mix or a massive Ice Blast or Slush drink. It’s part of the fun, but if you want food then go to the many near by restaurants that will have opened off the back of a cinema being located near-by. We sell Hotdogs, Nachos, Popcorn and loads of different sweets. They are snacks not meals. The reason for this is probably because if you have something too smelly like a McDonalds or chips with lots of vinegar it can be distracting to others in the screening and be rather unpleasant.

10) There’s a reason why popcorn smells so good

This article suggests there are tricks to make it more irresistible to buy popcorn and one of those is adding oils or chemicals to it. I can categorically confirm that in the chain I work for, it has online training that is rolled out to all of it’s employees, and the popcorn contains Corn, Oil and Salt or Sugar depending on which one you want. One fun fact though is that our popper is based in the back, and it’s pretty rare that you see those popcorn machines in the Kiosk in modern cinemas, however the smell of it is it’s USP… and cinemas have always smelt of popcorn, they were just smaller and in a closer proximity of the machine. These days they hook the air vent to the air that comes from the popcorn machine into the air conditioning. I did have a dream the other night based on this which is that it snowed popcorn through the air conditioning, but this is not a thing.

11) Theatres rarely control what they show

Just like the radio, the cinemas are owned by large companies and they are told what to do. Radio stations are told what to play. Heart for instance shares a music library across the UK, and all the local breakfast shows are given the same content and music, the difference is that the local presenters can take local calls and can mention local places. In the cinema there are local interests, but these tend to be things for special events, and local groups can book a screen out.

12) It’s easier for the crew cleaning up to leave your rubbish on your seats

No. This is not true. It’s easier if you take your rubbish with you and put it in the bin outside or give it to the person with the rubbish bag. This is a fact. If you’re not going to pick it up then it doesn’t matter where you leave it. If you leave popcorn bags on the seat there is a chance that it will spill all over the floor and create more mess. If you’re going to leave a mess then just leave it in a tidy pile and not all over the place.

13) You May be in luck if you’re not into blockbusters

I’m not totally up on the whole indie movie scene locally so there’s not much I can say on this, but the chain I work for tends to have blockbusters. They have new releases every Friday (Unless they have a release in the week for some reason) and we don’t generally know as staff what is happening sometimes until it comes out. It’s just the nature of how it works. I guess it’s like having a baby that you know is coming, and the person having it isn’t in agonising pain.

14) Many midnight screenings were banned because of the Aurora shootings.

This is certainly not the case in the UK We have midnight screenings here, and we had spooky clowns come to the midnight screening of IT earlier this year. We recently had loads of Jedi knights and storm troopers at the recent midnight screening of Star Wars.

15) Films often start late but finish on time.

They do sometimes start late, but they don’t always finish on time if they start late. This also can impact the next showing in the screen as we need time to do a quick tidy up. A late start is usually because of a technical problem which happens sometimes. Depending on the problem we might play the ads and trails, or might skip them. There tends to not be anyone in the projection room and staff come in regularly to check that things are all good and everyone is behaving, but if something is wrong, like the 3D doesn’t seem right or something is out of focus, or someone is acting like an idiot, they you just need to grab a member of staff and tell them what the problem is. We’re always happy to talk about whatever. We have regular customers who come in just to talk about a film franchise or something.

16) There’s rarely anybody in the projection booth

This is correct. There only tends to be anyone in there if there’s a problem and that tends to be a manager. This doesn’t stop people from shouting to the projectionist when the wrong film comes on which happens sometimes.

17) Some theatres are experimenting with Alcohol

This has been a thing happening for years…

In fact other cinemas in the chain have full on bars and historically the older chains when cinemas had 1 or 2 auditoriums had bars in them. In our cinema we have a small fridge with stuff like cider or Vodka and Coke in a can. People are always surprised.

18) Noise levels can be dangerous

Yeah they probably could. I don’t know much about the volume right now but what I know is that if it’s too loud for us then it will be to loud for our customers, and if we have complaints it’s something I’d speak to the manager about and they’d do something about it.

19) Combos don’t always save you money

I guess this depends on what company the cinema is. For instance the one I work for, if you get a small size popcorn, it’s actually small and if you go the next size up (Roughly about 70p difference) it’s double the size when you go up. Same for drinks, but it’s 50p… it is like £4 for a large though so I always think if you’re spending the money you might as well… and that’s probably the reasoning for the price.

20) It’s possible to get blacklisted from a cinema

Yeah, I guess it is… if you’re like… a cereal… whatever… wanker… thief… kind of thing. If you are caught filming even just a little bit that can get you into serious shit… it can also earn me some cash by getting my managers attention, especially if you’re convicted.

21) Employees get to see the films before the public

This isn’t always the case. We have staff showings and on occasion they do have a screening on the same day as release, but it’s usually when it’s been out for a while

22) Its pointless to complain to an employee about a film – There’s not much we can do

Well… yeah there’s not a lot we can do. I’ve had people demanding a refund or a comp after the film or half way through. That’s not a thing though… you went to watch a film… if it’s crap it’s not our problem. It’s nice to hear when someone has or hasn’t enjoyed a film, it’s actually one of the best bits of working there (Other than pouring Iceblasts). I once had an elderly man who went in to watch “Girls Trip” last year, and he came out traumatised, and couldn’t believe that he went to book that film. There was a woman who came out of “Mother” half way through who said it’s the biggest ball of shite she’d ever seen and couldn’t take much more of it. Same for a good review though, but we don’t have as many of those. An angry voice is a louder voice, but for me it’s all about the cinema experience. I just wish that there was a way of making more of an effort on that.

23) Sometimes you can get free tickets if your friend works in a cinema

Yep, well… sort of. If you go on a trip with 2 people we have a card that gets you discount on snacks and also free films. However the only way you can get your friend into a screening is if you win a comp from an incentive. These are things you get when you do something like sell a certain amount of things.

24) You can get arrested for filming a movie

Hell yeah you can. We have something called VRAs… Vulnerable Release Alerts. These are all about new films we need to keep a special eye on to ensure there’s nobody filming whether with a camera or phone or whatever, or even the audio on a recording device. It can get you banned not from just one cinema but all the bloody cinemas. Recently people have been adapting caps to record films.

25) Sneeking into films that are not your age rating (If you’re a kid)

The article says about getting another ticket for a film. Thing is, there is a few problems with that. The first is that every seat is allocated and you have to sit in the seat, because that seat may be already sold. We also go into films to make sure everything is OK. We can challenge anyone in the screen if we suspect they shouldn’t be there. There’s a few ways to get tickets that people try and get away with it too. Kids try and buy online, but they get asked for I.D (Yeah! we actually do this) when they get to the drop box (It’s a podium where we take tickets). They also try and get their ticket from the machines downstairs, which again we can ask for I.D or some sort of age confirmation. The other one is from the box office or concessions stand where they could face a gauntlet of questions there, and on the drop box.. Even if you’re accepted by one you might not be by the other. What sort of I.D though? Well this is kind of subjective, however you kind of have to use your best judgement and question any doubts. I tend to go with the following.

  1. Ask how old they are. If they are under 8 their parent tends to buy their ticket so I ask them how old they are. If I think it’s true or plausible then I’ll go with that, but I tend to ask them how old rather then “are they over the age of 8?”.
  2. If they are alone I will ask them how old they are. For a 12A film where you have to be accompanied by an adult if you’re under 12 I will ask for a date of birth and basically judge whether the way they have conducted themselves has been relatively what I’d expect from someone who was at least 12 . I will do this to anyone who asks for a child or student ticket. If they ask for an adult ticket I will tend to follow the below.
  3. For a 15 film, I’ll ask for either a student pass, passport, driving licence (you can get these from age 16) or a pass card. They need to be 15 to get in so In my head I will ask anyone who I suspect to be 13 or under and if they fail they don’t get in . This is a safety for a few reasons, but the person on the drop box could also turn them down so I’d want to be sure. A photo of these would also be acceptable. I’d advise anyone who is under 20 take some sort of I.D whether that’s physically or a picture on your phone.
  4. For an 18 film I ask anyone who looks under 20 for I.D and will accept a student I.D, or I might look for an indication that they are over 18 before asking such as a professional tattoo or piercing. It’s also about how they conduct themselves. They need to be 18 to get in so In my head I will ask anyone who I suspect to be 15 or under and if they fail they don’t get in.
  5. With all the ages I tend to I.D anyone if I think they are the age just to make sure they are the correct age. Basically 2 years each way.

26) Theatre staff interrupt sexy time once a week.

Sexy time happens, but it doesn’t tend to be as frequent than that. If it does we can tell them to leave.


28) The cost of digital projectors has driven smaller cinemas out of business

Actually in this country the cinemas were already owned by other bigger companies. Even going back to the days of ABC Cinemas, these were closed mainly due to being bought by nightclubs and converted. There are smaller cinemas that exist that wouldn’t be able to house an old style projector, and in some cases a smaller projector does just as good a job. At uni I once put a double showing on in a lecture hall with sweets and snacks.

29) Pretzels may not be your best bet of snack

I wish we had pretzels. We don’t sell any sort of crisps or anything other than nachos.

30) You should have your order ready at the counter.

This isn’t a biggie for me as long as you don’t walk off and get pick and mix half way through your order or that you don’t decide that you’re going to swap your large coke for a bottle. If you have vouchers, you need to tell us first because every time you get something wrong we have to cancel it on our tills and it’s recorded as a mistake. Purchase your film first, and if you have vouchers tell us these, don’t say “Two adults and a child” and let us put this into the till as two adults and a child because we have to cancel your order and put it in as vouchers.

Don’t stand at an empty till… It’s probably closed… It does say on the till. Also don’t assume that just because someone is in that area at that time, that you can hang around and be served next. When when we say “Sorry this till is closed, you can join one of my colleges over there” don’t say that you’ve been there 15 minutes… because I’ve been here for 3 making an ice cream and you just came here because you were in another cue. Don’t move cues because you think it would be quicker unless you are called over.

31) The Cleaning schedule doesn’t allow for the most thorough cleaning.

Most of the time we don’t need to do this, but we have around 20-30 mins to clean a screen and depending how busy it might take a few more than 2 people to do screens. Any floors that are sticky will have a quick mop.

32) The popcorn may not be as fresh as you’d like to think.

Popcorn may be popped on a different day at times, just because we go through loads of the stuff. It will most likely have been popped a couple of days before, and is totally fine for it to go into the warmers.


36) Adverts

Ads have always been there since forever. These days the ads and trails last about 20 minutes in the chain I work for.

Maybe this will shed some light on the subject. Any questions? Give e a shout and I may be able to address it


Predictions 2018

Ohh look! After, what, 9 months I’ve decided to do a blog! What goes on? Well…

(How about that as a nod to the old blog)

I’ll be doing a proper blog either later or in a few days but basically this year has been a ball bag of sh*t. Not all of it, but majority has been so rubbishy – the highlights include being evicted for no reason other than the landlord was a cock… Our first Hedgehog died, financial struggles (which I’m glad to report are sorting out) and there has been a bunch of unfortunate family events in between. I’m sure I will do more blogging on this as I’m going to make an effort on it this year.

So each year (other than last year… I seemed to skip that one for some reason so technically they carried over) I do a prediction of events for the coming year. So far unsuccessful predictions included:

  • Take that and Five will join forces to create Take Five, and will go on tour for 6 months (2016)
  • Beaker from the Muppets will be knighted (2014)
  • Ronnie Corbet sneezes out his sense of humour and a number of other defunct organs during a massive sneeze attack at a slipper shop (2011)
  • Danni Harmer (Off Tracy Beaker) will have a slot on top gear.
  • Bay City Rollers will get another number 1 this year. (2016)
  • Aliens make contact with a girl. She thinks it is her dolly talking (2014)
  • John Lithgow (Dick Soloman Soloman in “Third Rock From The Sun” and Lord Farquar from Shrek) stars in a new BBC sitcom “Harry and the Devil”. Lithgow plays ‘The Devil’ on her shoulder that only co-star Dani Harmer (Off Tracy Beaker) , can see and hear. (2011)
  • One Direction will have the number 1 at Christmas (2016) (It was Clean Bandit)

And Successfully:

  • Another celebrity that everyone loves is charged with a bad sexual thing (2016)
  • Someone very famous will unexpectedly die (2014) – Bob Hoskins, Rik Mayhall, Richard Attenborough
  • And forgot to post this video in regards to one of the predictions. (2016)

So what are this years predictions?

1) Famous Flipped

A famous will be outed as actually doing something good, and the right wing newspapers  flip it around to sound like something bad.

2) Real Americans

Donald Trump causes more of a stur by ensuring all the “genuine” Americans are the only ones that stay in america and anyone else who were not born in America or anyone who has a mother or father, or grand parents born in america in the last 70 years will be told to go back to their own country. Hulk Hogan will also join Trump’s cabinet to show what a real American can do.

3) Bling Ben

So Big Ben is in the process of being pimped out… or at least that is what is REALLY happening. Big Ben was set to have some restoration work done to it but due to a mistake by one of the decorators made and because of an over ambitious work experience kid keen to impress, they made some booboos that couldn’t be hidden. This inspired other artists to get involved and Improve the monument. The clock face was sold to Apple and they converted it into a giant apple watch. The features include the Queens Speech being broadcast on the clock face, regular messages during unimportant times and a smart way of making the bells inside the clock tower being used as speakers. The tower will be fully lit with blue and pink neon lights, along with being fitted with chrome stripes.

4) Celebrity Escalator death

The BBC air a new TV show for saturday nights and one of the ideas was to do a Generation game type celebrity activity game. On one occasion live on TV though, tragedy strikes. One challenge was to do a dance using escalators, however when it was time for a former bake off contestant’s go, the escalator falls into itself leaving the contestent hanging on to the side, being chewed up and the judges screaming saying it’s not part if the show.

5) A proper famous will join the Shadow Cabinet

I know Eddie Izzard technically is involved with Labour and consider him a proper famous, but he was against Corbyn. This addition will be a full on Corbyn supporter and SHE will end up being one of the major players in Corbyn’s (and then Emily Thornberry’s) government. (Corbyn will take power at some point over the next 5 years but will ensure stuff has started and retire on a high)

6) We really want to see that Danni

After taking a break from entertainment to focus on family and ting… Danni returns to the TV screens as team captain on a new series of Shooting Stars. This will also return Vic and Bob as the hosts and Ed Gamble as a new team Captain.

7) 24 hour cinemas

As someone who works in a cinema (this will be news to you… I will explain later) i can see the impracticalities of certain things. For instance the opening and closing of shops and it’s equipment can get rather monotonous, especially when you have to say, close a cinema at 12pm or some cases at 3am, to open at 9am again. Plus not everyone can catch a showing of Star Wars at 8:45pm… the solution? The 6am showing for those early risers. You could watch a flick before work or school and would be fuel to water cooler conversations.

8) Donald Trumped

US president Donald Trump will be impeached… and the evidence will be very interesting. Some of it will be that Trump has a very unique smell when HE trumps. It’s down to the amount of gold he eats with his dinner prepared by world famous chefs and his trademark smell, which turns out to be 30% old spice, 60% stale Brut, and the rest is piss. It turns out that his smell was detected by smell detectors held by spies in Russia, and because his smell hangs around for so long thanks to the piss, his pungent smell was still smellable in various rooms at the Kremlin.

9) Tony Blair in for a dare

Tony Blair, the political wank stain that just won’t wash off announces that he will be launching a new political party and nicks off with some old friends and big names from his old times. This will turn out to be one big rubishy thing that comes of nothing and everyone retires from it, but it’s one of the ploys to try and stop Corbyn from getting into government.

10) Camay makes a comeback


The oldskool soap becomes some what of an iconic bathroom essential in 2018. It’s not really known why but this along with some other shitty things comes back.

11) (YEAH A BONUS ONE!!!) Channel 4 – The new home of classic gameshows

Give Us A clue and other classic game shows start finding a new home on Channel 4. These include the Wheel of Fortune, and that big game where it’s a big computer screen hosted by David “Diddy” Hamleton. This comes after the success of “The Price Is Right” being on the channel for the new year.

Right… So I’m planning on doing this more often. Maybe not daily but near on daily. Happy new yearrr!!!

The Nightly Show

Ooh look, it took telly to get me writing again. I will go on about this in a minute but first a quick update. 

I got a new job today. I had one job and i did it well, but it finished because it was on a temp contract anf they didn’t need me. This started about a monh ago, hence why there’s not been any weekend edition. Hopefully now i will be able to do it again because the hours were craxy before, 4 days a week, but it was 12 hours a night it was working for a book company and dealing with mostly people who don’t have the books they ordered.

the end of it came as a shock to be honest and I was pretty down, especially after the agency was all “they are looking for someone who wants to progress” and made an effort to show that. I was pretty down and Aphre was amazing and propped me up for the night 🙂

In the day i saw the job going so I thought i should go for it, and the guy gave me an interview.

That means this week i will be training as a sales… thing. Bascally its selling advertising space in a paper. It’s 5 days a week but at least the hours are bareable… right… topic

The nightly show

I watched three of last week’s show, and if you follow this blog and have heard my podcast (weekend edition) you’ll know im a fan of last week tonight and the daily show. When i heard this would be happening I was excited, turns out i shouldn’t have been.  It’s  supposed to be baswd on the american ones including the tonight show, but it’s standard ITV. They’ve  been really banging on about doing something different, while doing something not different. They need a new plan basically. A great director and some great writers. David Walliams hosting was alright, but not really that funny. He’s alright at hosting but not edgy enough. John Bishop was better with the jokes tonight but not really a host. I think they shouod aim for people like Jimmy Carr and Russel Brand, maybe someone who is great with pop culture who is funny but not necessarily a comedian, or even a comedian thats really funny.

To be honest though I think they’ve gone around it the wrong way host wise, they should have had one host, done some proper practicing and (see above ain regards to directors writers and host) because they aren’t hitting their inspiration shows. And some real games. Have the news at 10, then cheer the nation up at 10.30 or even 11. 

Anyway i would write more but I’m tired. Maybe more tomorrowwwww!

Holiday, celebrate.

Ok so its been a while since the last update, just a little over a month so I thought it was time to say hello!

Right now I’m in Gozo in Malta listening to Aphre singing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac in the shower (possibly the Corrs version). I have had some nice times so far and it’s our third day here. Since we got here we’ve had to dampen down the Trump talk. I have so much to say but not really anything I can go i to right now, but what a state the world in.

Anyway what’s it like here? Well it’s very brown. I dont mean that in a bbc 4 way, but in a floor way. All the buildings are made of stone. We’re on a villa on a farm, so we usually hear a Donkey braying, and a cat meowing in the night. 

Aphre has been a lovely. She went to lidl over here and they had some of those sweets she always gets me at Christmas. They are basically Dark Chocolate with cherry liqueur and a cherry inside. They are amazing.

And as I’m a bit of a fan of Ferrero products (yes they do more than Ferrero Rocher nutella and Kinder stuff) I found these yesterday. 

These are basically Ferrero Rochers in a bar. Now yes I’ve taken pictures of food so far, but Johnny, You’re on holiday, what about the lovely pictures of where you are!

Here’s us all on the plane getti g ready to blast off. I don’t know who the man behind is. I wasn’t sure on the blasting off bit but actually flying and landing was ok, but a bit surreal to me considering I’d never flown or left the UK before.

Here’s some pics of the place were staying in

More laterrrr

On my bike

In Saturday’s post, I announced that I’d be doing a radio show from Tuesday and the rest of the week and said I’d say on what station and when  today. It’s today now so hello.

I’ll be on Worcester’s More Music Station Youthcomm 106.7 FM waking up Worcester at 7am. Now all I need to do is make sure I get there on time and hit the news, with the weather and traffic and travel. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve done some practicing of the weather and traffic. I won’t get much time to practice that when I get there so what I need to remember to do with reading is just pace myself and look ahead to what I’ll be reading. I’m over conscious about these things.

I even bought a bike. It looks like it’s from the 90s but it will do for what I need it for, and it’s in a pretty good state. I’ll be having a quick ride in a moment to make sure the gears are all good and that the breaks work (or at least work to a good enough level that I don’t have to stop by scraping my feet on the floor).

Back on-air

So today I’m back on my way to the place I was yesterday, which I can now reveal was Worcester! Why am I telling you? Could it be that yesterday’s chat/meeting/interview was a success? Well it was. I’ll be on the radio from next week all going well, I will reveal more info about it on Monday right here on this poor excuse of a blog.

It’s weird to be on air back in worcester, not that anyone will remember me from last time because nobody would have listened to me last time for various reasons. Due to the circumstances of last time though I am really nervous about coming back on-air, the last time wasn’t a fun experience, but I’m looking forward also to doing something I love and that I’m good at. It’s also a bit of a bit of personal nostalgia as the playout system I’ll be using was the one we used at Tone when I first started which made me smile, and I actually know the systems functionalities really well. I’m looking forward to it… which leads me on to today.

I’m off in today to see how it works, and maybe even for a little practice if I get chance. It depends what the idea of today is so im open to it happening if it’s a thing.

In today’s leg report, it seems to be alright today. I got back last night and it hurt, but didn’t take long for it to calm down. I’m hoping that I don’t have the same stairs experiences of yesterday which were not fun, it was like i got half way up and felt like my knee was like “naa mate”. All seems well though so far. I do have a bit of a walk in a bit though, it better keep its shiz together.

In the place

So today I am in a city for an interview/chat. It’s one of those “is it, isnt it” situations. I won’t be saying where this is happening or who it’s for, but all I will say is that I’d feel awkward wearing my University of Gloucestershire jumper. I was going to grab before I left, but then realised it might not be a cool idea.

So I’m sat in a wetherspoons as I’m very early for the thing, and chilling with some cheese crisps and a pepsi. While walking down the stairs though from the train station, it dawned on me that I’ve done something very wrong to my leg. On monday i went out and delivered a load of letters as an odd job for Aphre. It took me about 7 hours to get everything delivered and did it all on foot. When i got back I could feel my knee hurting. A few years ago i was coming back from a gig at Pittville Campus, when it snowed. It stopped classes for the day so we had a mess about day on Tone. See that post here.

So I thought the issue went away but walking for 6 hours must have agrovated it. I fell asleep on monday night with it slightly hurting only to be woken up by the pain on tuesday at 1.30am. I rested all day tuesday and Wednesday and thouht it had gone down, but I walked for 30 mins into town and by the time i got there, it was feeling a bit weird. I must have sat funny on the train because there it was again, doing feeling screems at me. 

I feel like feeling screamsshould be a phrase. 

This spoons is nice. It’s a hotel spoons, and its like all oldy rustic inside. A bit like somewhere my friend Rich would take potential Mrs Richards on dates. You’ll usually find me on a sofa in these types of pubs, the sofa or on a comfy chair. This seating reminds me of an early childhood sofa. When i was really little, my parents lived in Didcot, and I have vague flashes every so often, and that yellow/brown leather sofa is something that I remember. But yeah, pubs, I’m on the sofa or the bit that looks the cosiest – if it’s my choice.

I’m just trying to think of things to write now, I’ve still got a bit of time before I need to go. 

Oh here’s something… I’m trying to decide what I want to do about podcasts. Basically I was abandoned podcast wise that put an end to Prick Up Your Ears, and I was thinking about doing it with someone else, or doing a new podcast, or a similar podcast but I’m a bit stuck. I was looking at the stats today and they are good, if only we were having that many new listens when we were actually doing it, id have actually earnt something. We have 25k listens on the Sound Gorillas audioboom channel which is great, and Robin and Jelmer are doing a monthly podcast, but I want to be back doing silly things… but I’ve had various conbersations with people and there’s some thoughts out there that ive looked into, at the moment they are in the fridge.
right, time to do a leisurely walk to the place i need to be at. I’ll let you know what happens!


Today, in the middle of looking for my next job, I’ve decided to take a little creative break as I was starting to feel creatively frustrated. Up until last week I was working the college job which was fun, but fizzled out towards the end. I enjoyed it, and I feel that I’m a little more confident meeting strangers and being myself a little. Every student I dealt with during my time as an enrollment assistant, started their educational journey with me saying the words “Happy educational Funtimes!”… even the ones who were not totally pleased with having to go to college for legal reasons, at least there was a small smirk if not a smile.

The issue with creative breaks while frustrated means that I get stuck on where I want to go with it and go from task to task, then just end up blogging because that’s a thing I don’t stop half way through.

As far as work, a few weeks ago I went to Birmingham for a job interview, which seemed quite promising, but the concern was due to it being in Birmingham which is a few too many train journeys for them to be happy with. However the feedback was very good and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I was in the top 3 of 125 people who applied. This has been a thing for the past few interviews I’ve had so, we may be in a world where justice prevails for Johnny Robinson and the stint of bad luck since Christmas finally subsides.

I’m having a chat with some people later this week which I am really hoping that something will come out of. If it’s successful I will mention I will do more of a thing about it but apparently I have “Bags of potential”. I’m hoping those bags are bags are bags for life and not the paper bags you get at the chip shop that if you keep your chips in them for too long that they go soggy and your chips fall out (Genuinely happened once).

In other news, while I’ve been at home, Finn has been at nursery so I’ve had time to apply for things, but I’ve also been watching the Labour conference. It was nice to see that Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership again. I just wish the opposing members of Labour would just get on with opposing and getting voters interested in the party. As for uniting… well I hope it is a thing that can happen but it’s not going to be an easy thing. I see it more like a wound, and it’s going to take some time for it to be stitched, scab over, and then heal, providing it’s not aggravated again. I’m watching the conference now, with their mix of music that seems to be about 2 years old.

Speaking of Finn, he has been so good with nursery. He’s had a little bit of a faff with the first few weeks, but had cheered up bundles now. Apparently he hugs other children and seems to have a friend which is cool.

Aphre is also doing cool, She’s just been away for a bit to Berlin and I missed her loads and loads, so I’m glad she’s back. She was a bit down that she didn’t have her own space, as I have my cupboard studio under the stairs and although she has the Study, it doubles up as a dining room and general storage. I tried to make a clothes cupboard, I used a flimsy clothes rail as poles to make a new clothes rail, but I put some nails in the wall and put it up, but then when I put some clothes up, the nails fell out and now there’s some chunks in the wall so I need to re-visit that another day. I just wanted to show her that I do care about her and her lack of space issue, so I now consider the walls in the wall as love chunks.

I have stuff to do now, so I’ll get on with that. If I say this now it will hopefully mean I will update more often so here goes – I will try another attempt to update more regularly, once every day or every two days – let’s see how long that lasts!

Lightly Gnawing

So I’m writing this in my spare time while working. Firstly yes… I have a job right now working as a temp enrolment assistant. It’s OK and last week and the week before was very busy, but today hasn’t been so much.

The reason for this blog bit though was mainly so I could look busy, and to tell you about the brownies that are currently sat next to me. These brownies were… at one point in their journey probably quite tasty, but in their current form on Monday the 12th of September they are dry and dusty. I know because I’ve tasted it.

I’ve resorted to lightly gnawing my pass now, as I’m refraining from drinking too much more of my drink. I had a horrible time last evening being ill and not even eating my macaroni cheese last night which is like… nah mate.

Right, i have things to do! I must go!


TV Time(s)

Tonight was Channel Four’s Friday Night Dinner which is always a great watch. I’m glad that the obvious joke that could have happened happened early on and in more of an epic way that predicted. 

Last week I watched the first 3 episodes of Wasted. It’s on e4 (and all 4) and seems to be slightly inspired by Hot Fuzz/Scott Pilgrim/Spaced/Edgar Wright, but is great writing in its o  right. It’s based in a shop called “Stonedhenge” in a west country village. Surprisingly it has Shaun Bean in it as one of the main character’s spirit guide (or something). It’s pretty good. I wouldn’t say it was a version of something, but I would say that you can see the influences. The soundtrack is amazing, and is a little like something you’d expect to see on channel Four in the early 00s, which makes it great for Four’s brand, but also looks like it could have been picked up by BBC3… but could have lost some of its charm due to bbcing it up and losing some of its rawness.

Another new comedy show Aphre and I have been watching since it started last Tuesday is actually from Channel 5 – who’d have thought it? Boarderline is directed by Matt Jones (Badger, Breaking bad) and is voiced by (and executive produced by) Ralf Little. It’s a Mockumentary about officers at the uk boarder agency that is followed in a similar way as Ricky Gervais ‘The Office’ but again it’s taken that format and shaken it up with it’s own way of doing things. Can get a little crude at times, but I like that sort of thing.
We’ve been watching inside Number 9 on gold which is a great piece of writing from two of the guys from league of gentlrmen and Psychoville. I like how it’s unpredictable and you can guess what happens but would be wrong. So far I liked the one with the robbery for the way it was like a silent film and didn’t really have speech driven dialogue. That kind of series makes TV magical.

Not on comedy, but a habit I’ve had to break for a bit… Watching BBC news, especially breakfast. I’ve switched to ITV I’m afraid… only for the morning till Jeremy Kyle as Finn doesn’t like the shouting. I hate hearing about the olympics all the time. I have no interest so they are just ramming it down my neck. I would rather deal with Piers Morgan thank you.

Lastly, I just want to vent my dissapointment about the appeal court’s decision to overturn Monday’s decision to let members vote past the 6 month date. I paid my £25 to vote… I was one of those who could muster up £25 unlike a few of my other friends who joined past the retrospective date, and I have a great respect for the people who went to court to fight the case. Although I can vote, i feel gutted for the ones who can’t, and that I really hope this isn’t the end, whether that’s through another case or that that this doesnt happen in the future. I think this whole thing is unfair, and now those people who faught for the people of the party have to pay the court fees which is just crazy. 
Right, that’s all over and done with… it is time to go to bed!