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Its been alright

I wasn’t sure in the title needed a ‘ in it (as it’s wouldnt make sense… it is been alright, rather than it has been alright) and wether it’s the right its. Anywho…

Today has been alright. I went to bed last night at stupid oclock because I’m stupid, and woke up at 7 becauee of Finn. Recently he has been waking up early because he’s been stitching his radiator off. He switches it off in the day so when night time comes he ends up getting cold, not understanding the use of a blanket to keep warm.

I didn’t update yesterday as I had nothing to say really, so said it best by saying nothing at all (as Ronan Keating would have put it). The reason I was up so late though was a mixture of things. I wasn’t tired for starters, but also the last few days I’ve had loads of songs and tv themes and phrases going on in my head. I had the word “incisors” in my head thanks to watching Bones, then the news themes from my latest audio stuff (found on ) then kids tv, some songs, everything really, and really restless. I have to try and lay still at bed time so I don’t disterb Aphre… but it’s not working as best as I’d hoped, however I will say that the lack of sleep is making me go to bed at about 1.25 am, a lot more considerate time.

Today would have been the time to go and see uni mates (or at least the ones that want to associate with me) but everyone was too busy doing their thing, and when some of them did, I wondered whether I should just stay in and chill or something.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful. I think it might. All be revealed tomorrow evening

I didn’t think of a title yet.

Today has been a bit of non-starter. Nothing today actually happened that would change my life so there’s less than 40 minutes for that to happen. Yesterday was the same situation.

I’ve not felt brilliant today either. I must have slept weird last night because my back, neck and chest are all a bit stiff today, and just felt a bit like “why is life even on today?”.

The only thing I can think is that I slept in the cold, as it was terribly cold this morning and don’t really have any heaters on in my room.

They recently installed a fan heater fire in my front room as the gas one was going to mean that they would need to do some work to the chimney, considering that it wasn’t actually safe and have lived here nearly 2 years and moving out soon is a bit too late. The fire isn’t centre to the surrounding, and where the old fire was, the whole is all filled with metal, but looks all off and wrong. The weather (other than the cold spell over night) hasn’t been too bad, other than Tuesday in the day when it was freezing and the heater wasnt blowing hard enough. It’s even got a fake fire display to make it look like it’s real. What’s weird is when you put your hand on it and actually it’s nothingness.


I was looking on today where I stumbled over some audio of my old station manager Carl appearing on Dave Barrett’s show from the 26th of January 1995. I showed him and he was like “WHA?!?!”. I am a mega geek for radio stuff so if you are too and you’ve not listened to the stuff on there you should.

Right, time to finish my vanilla Coke and off to bed!

Time to jump off the bus

So today I went to my old uni at Park Campus to say hey to my old lecturer. I like to drop by sometimes and haven’t for a while. I actually haven’t been to swindon for a while either, but Park is quicker. I also managed to bump into my friend Nicole as I was taking Finn for a walk around the campus. We saw the ducks, but had to explain to Finn that we couldn’t grab them, or indeed go in the water to get them.

I spoke to Jason about some of the ideas I’ve had lately too so was good to see what others think of it. You won’t know about one of my ideas, but the other was Code Red, which I’ve had to ret-hink the recording dates due to moving. That is on the agenda in March time which will be a massive relief.

I was on the way back home earlier on the bus, and there was this guy who looked a little like Ronnie Corbett but less presentable. He was sat in the buggy area when I got on but stayed there, so I assumed he had some less obvious thing going on and sat on the other side. Finn had fallen asleep anyway, but his legs were dangling out of his buggu so everyone was dodgin to het past.

Anyway after a while, the man seemed to be getting annoyed with something. We got to Churchdown when a load of school kids got on, and the man was moaning, “you’re annoying me, dont annoy me, You wont like me when I het annoyed” waiting for this man to change green or something, but he just continued as like 15 kids all got on.

He then said, “I’m bursting for a piss… come on! I’m gettin fucking annoyed”. Part of me was thinking that I’d love to see what he does because I think it would be funny, but decided I should try and forget anout it. Then a stop before my usual stop, I can see some more kids waiting, that was my call to get off. I’d have hated to explain to Aphre why Finn and I were covered in piss or something.

Prince William

So today, I witnessed the funniest thing I’ve seen on cbeebies.

If you’re familiar with the channel, or remember the days when Toby Anstis used to hold a home made card of William’s wish wellingtons, they have a birthday cards section. And in this section today, i was staring at the tv saying what the hell.

Ben, one of the presenters was holding up a card for a child called “Prince William”. Yes, someone has named their child the actual thing, Prince William. I think he was 2. Also, they both (Presenters Ben and Andy) managed to refrain from any laughing. I personally would have taken a few takes to do that. I’m suprised it was even picked. Maybe someo e in the birthday card department couldn’t help themselves.

Anyway thought I’d share. I couldn’t find a video but I did look.

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I’m Free

So It’s past midnight so technically it’s Monday the 25th of January and I’m free to say whatever I want. I was under a contract which meant I couldn’t talk about certain things. I will do some more explaining about that situation at some point next week. I’ve written the post already and I’m really looking forward to releasing it.

Firstly I’ve been looking for work again, and at the moment nothing’s come up. I’ve contacted Audioboom to see about putting ads on the Sound Gorillas channel so hopefully soon I’ll be posting new stuff up and possibly revisiting some of the older podcasts.

I’ve got another plan I’m investigating, with help from Amazing Aphre. I really hope that it’s a thing that will happen and if it does, well it will be cool. i’m not putting my hopes up though.

Also, as I’m not doing any radio right now and, well back in August 2014 I was going to start doing an independent show online. I did a few shows but then the podcast was offered and I went with that. At the moment Zoe seems too busy to talk to me let alone do a podcast right now, so I’m going back to the show idea, although I may do some sort of podcast, I’m still deciding. The Johnny Robinson Affair will be launching in February. I’ll figure out a date then.

Recently I’ve had issues with creative stuff. It’s probably down to my mood which hasn’t been great to be honest, but I’ve been in the situation where my creative energy wants to be focused on something that I’m not doing, but I want to be. It’s an annoying thing, as I start something and it doesn’t flow. It happened a lot with reports when I was at uni. Anyway these things pass, and the creativity wont be so fragmented.

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Absolutely Nothing

So I can safely say the reason for not updating recently is that I’ve had absolutely nothing to say. When you do a radio show, If you have nothing to say, you shouldn’t open the mic and chatter crap, you do some research and look for something to talk about that would interest your audience. The blog is the mic, you are my audience and my research is just general life stuff because that’s the topic of the show. I hope that’s validated that.

What I can report though is that Finn is eating his breakfast very nicely. This morning it’s Toffee Crisp breakfast. I had a dream about him last night, that someone was babysitting him and was worried that she ran out of baby rice. I said to give him anything and that Cheese Sandwiches would go down well (Which they do), but the dream was just one of those where nothing particularly exciting happens.

I did have an impromptu sleep though, which was inconvenient considering as it was half an hour before a chat with Robin and Jelmer, and I slept through it.

Guess what though, from tomorrow I can be more open about what I’ve been doing, a bit of an announcement on something, and in February I’ll be revealing why I’ve not been able to talk about it, so if this was a trailer, the end line would be…

“Your entertainment for February, on the Whole Affair”.

All in a day

So today, what can I say about today?

It started late due to internet problems for starters, which is why there has been a lack of updates, but also I’ve not had any opinions or things that I can talk about or are interesting anyway. Its frustrating. Wait to pick a month. Actually wait to pick a time for things to happen. My friend Jelmer could probably vouch for how busy I have been.

I’ve decided next tuesday that I’ll be popping in to uni to see my old lecturer next week and see how things are going. I’m working on a secret project at the moment so it would be cool to see if he has anything to say about it.

Time for me to sign off for the night before I’m asked if I’m going to bed.

I continue to be a busy

So there hasn’t really been much of interest going on that i can talk about anyway, but I have been a busy doing lots of research and getting lots of interesting things in line. Just hope its something that can actually work.

Our gas fire got condemned yesterday. Apperently it should never have been used. They also took aged to get someone to look at it, as soon as the actual gas people heard about it, they were like “that’s fuckin dangerous” and stuck yellow tape all over it in an X . Xes are a weird thing. Xing means crossing, like xmas is x is a criss cross, but also x means stay the fuck away, dont touch, danger, which funnily enough is the case with some of my exes.

Anyway its time to sleep

Time to myself

Today Aphre went to her great Aunt and uncles withthe boy, so I had some time to myself, so I used the opportunity to have a go at mixing. I’ve not had chance to do it lately. Have a listen here.

It’s kinda all I did today other than clean the crap up from last night and relax.

We’ve been talking about next Christmas. It’s a bit late for us though as we usually make arrangements a year in advance, I know it’s not far off a year, but still, its normally decided on Christmas eve.

I’ve been itchin to write some Code Red also. I’ve already started plotting out the events, so we’ll see how that works out over the next few weeks.

Post Christmas dinner

I didn’t manage to post last night, so here is the post from then, and later I will post todays.

We had fakemass yesterday, thats when Aphre’s two friends Vicki and Esther come over and we have a festive style meal. It wasn’t an actual christmas dinner though, it was lasagne. Aphre and I stayed up til 1.30/2 in the end. I was knackered. I actually had a really good sleep though and woke up not only having a good sleep but also with a clear head after having a bit of a weird dream about god. I’m not a god type person by any means and I wouldn’t say it was a message, but i think it was a dream that cleared some stuff out of my head.

I think the dream has something to do with some graves and the church was going to bury them so nobody could see them any more. Then god happened and then  some other shit. I forget now. But I had a nice long sleep.