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Well… there you go then matey

Today was the last day of the festival so our broadcast finished about 2 hours ago.

Today has been a rocker. I woke up and got stung by some little fucking twat in my shoe. To be fair i was in it’s territory (In a field in Cheltenham). I squashed it mainly because it scared me and insects don’t usually bite me and it was spooky. I think i woke up with shock this morning too. I was cold, not just normal cold, i mean sick cold. Really horrible shaky so i put my coat on, I still kind of feel cold in a way. its like im a bit shivery inside.
I had a bit of a rest and then helped Robin bring the tent down. We blitzed that one. I was ace at getting the tent in the bag. Boom. 
We went to the studio for Robin to do his show but i was feeling really rubbish about lots of things. I think i needed some alone time anyway (I do this sometimes) and probably could do with some sleep. All my internals were achy after tearing it up at the headphones disco last night. I didn’t stop dancing at all. So with the tiredness and feeling ill i had lots of things in my brain that needed extinguishing, like the songs i couldn’t get out my head, being worried about silly things and needed lots of water, some lunch. the plan was to recover and come back later for the show. On the way back i felt really weak. I think i was going to spew the world out, or crawl home like i was missing in a desert. 
I got “home” and put a film on that i was going to fall asleep to but it was so interesting i stayed up. It was about Joe Meek and i got too into it, which resulted in some weird dreams including riding on busses and a manager who had offered me cakes as a trademark screwjob trait. This wasnt good sleeping material so have i got news for you was popped on.
When i re-woke i finished Have i got news for you and then made my way back to the festival. not much happened after that. Pete Harper (From bands Danny and the bachelors and Thrill Collins) repeated my name a number of times again (Which im pretty sure has something to do with the X-factor) and interviewed the rest of them.
I then went to the final show of Wychwood 87.7 FM where it was Dan VS Alex. 
I was thinking about sticking around for the headphone disco but i was feeling a bit ill. I went back and walked. back. So now im just laying on the bed. it hurts to move, but i should eat something and sleep. If i could discribe today in weather form – dry but cloudy with patches of rain which clear up near the end of the day.

Im feeling a bit down though at the moment. I’m not sure why, its not to do with the radio ending. But its probably because i want sleep. I’m sure ill be better in the morning. im all cold again now, so im gona wrap myself in everything. Night yo!

Day today and The Welsh

Well the day wasn’t so bad i guess. I did what i said i was going to along with some shopping and got some sweets 😀

Went to the radio social. only 3 from my year again. One of my gripes with facebook is how people answer to invitations. It works simple. Press “Going” if you are pretty sure your going. Why don’t you just press no if you have no intention on going? It makes things easier for everyone. If you are unsure press but could go just click “maybe” and if if you know you are not going to come for other reasons don’t just press “Maybe” to be polite! Press No. Just be blunt and everyone will be cool. Other than that it was pretty cool.
I did get asked for my ID at wetherspoons though! would be understandable if i wasnt 27! I’m still having the same problem.
Hot topic lately especially with uni – the Welsh. Someone put their status as something like “They banned smoking in welsh playgrounds – Let’s just ban the welsh”. Ok that i guess was a little bit funny. However i actually quite like the Welsh. Would this class as racism though? You couldn’t swap the word “Welsh” with “Indian” because you’d get killed or something from the police so if it’s not fair on Indians then why should it be on the Welsh? Surely the Welsh are picked on enough aren’t they? And surely if you are at uni with someone the last thing you wanna do is slag off their culture. Just because we might not be so hot on our own heritage who are we to insult that of others? that too pisses me off.
When i was a teenager i thought the Welsh girl next door (Alison) was a really nice person (She spoke way sexy too). But that aside I’ve never had an unpleasant personal moment with a Welsh. Leave them be.
Anyway i dunno why i said all that rubbish but still it’s something to blog innit.
Popular music lecture in the morning. Going to struggle waking up. Totally gone into student life with the sleeping patern.
Have a cool day and that.

Walcot FM & No Repeat Work Days

I’ve noticed that one of Community Radio Swindon’s nickname is becoming more known than the actuall name.

Back then during the trial broadcast in 2005 we were SCB or SCRB. It had some silly names like SCAB because apperently the R looked like an A on the website so that was dropped. Scab Radio was mostly given to us by presenters from other stations.

We also got the nameWalcot FM… The name a couple of us were saying as a joke in 2005 during the trial in 2005. We got it off a few confussed people who didnt know who we were, but knew we were broadcasting from The Bulldog Pub in Walcot.

Caroline went was speaking to somebody the other day who called us “Walcot FM” and i’ve spoken to about 5 other people since i’ve been back who had listened to a bit of us on “Walcot FM” asking when we were coming back.

Well for “Walcot FM” or “Community radio Swindon” I’m expecting to hear any day now about this licence business!!!


i was listening to Brunel FM lately and although they have this no repeat weekday thing where they only play a song once for the whole day. Thats ok… Untill you hear it the next day, and the day after, and the day after which makes it just as annoying because it makes each day seem as boring as the last one. And it’s all the same sort of music. Nothing Special, I’ve heard Sugababes, Ronan keating, Lighthouse Family and so on, same old Radio Rubish.