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Apply within

Work. It is time to do some or find some or something. The last few weeks I have applied for a few jobs, and only a small number have replied and sain “no thanks” compaired to the number that dont reply at all. I applied for a position at the BBC nearly 2 months ago and they got back a few days ago saying no.

Today im applying for onenin Norwich that I think I have a good chance with. Its community radio but paid which is good.. compaired to other things I have done at community stations (for instance being promised me a job I never got).

So instead of sitting here telling you about it I should do it. Blog ya later!

Rough idea

Monday comes and goes as quickly as it came… which most days usually do. The morning had questions answered about the birth of the boy. In was interesting to look back on that day and the exact notes of the events of that day. They have to note everything down that happened. It made me wonder if they did that for my birth and if so, what was said.

I’ve been working on the music database again for the shiw starting definitely next monday, I’m goin through some features and so far im not re-using any old features. One is a bit controversial. I think I will see how that works as time goes on. I’ve not made the jingles yet hut I’ve got a rough idea.

Aphre and I have in the last few hours put up the boy’s cot. It looks ace but theres 2 screws missing so we cant close it, but its usable for now, so he will be transported into that afte4 his midnight feed.

Time for me to go to my cot.

Busy times

So, here I am, sorry for the slight gap, I have been really busy.

I look Ruby back on Friday and since yesterday been restoring the house to its rightful state, along with workig trying to het his radio show ready.

I am still doing it and I could probably do it tomorrow, but I’d rather buikd a little more hypenand get things sorted ready for air so its perfect and without the tech gremlins. The music database is 2/3 of the way done, but website and jingles need doing. I’ve also had an idea but I’m not sure if I’m going to bother with it or keep it in the ideas box.

Anyway, I need to be up for the night feed first tonight so it’s time for bed.

Double headder: picnic post part 2

Today was another fun day in the park, this time in Pittville Park. Our picnic had mini chicken kieves and ham and cucumber sandwiches. Ruby had a few tantrums for a change.  The first when we had to go and wouldn’t move. We said we would go without her if she didn’t hurry up, and she wouldn’t move from the sofa, so pretended to go out. I’m not the type to get cross and did what I could to avoid it so I waited outside the front door to see how long it would take her to look for us and open the door.

when she did she was still misbehaving  so it was time to bring the naughty step back, after 5 years. I got the hug and “sorry daddy” I was hoping for. The second was that she spat on me and I said it was rude. Other than that she was good. We span around and chased eachoher, played in the park, it really fun.

I’m badly fighting off sleep. So without dolwr its time ror sleep

Double headder: picnic post part 1

Firstly last night I was so tired I didn’t get to do a blog so heres one now, and another later.

Yesterday we had a picnic with my mum, brother, brothers friend, sister, niece, Aphre and Ruby all sat in some park in swindon. To be fair I didn’t want 2 picnics in a week which I did explain but for some reason or another it happened.

We all uad a mess about, had some ice lollies that would end up getting all over our hands and basically Ruby running about with my sister.

We got back a little layer than plannedm and did get time wih Aphre after to talk about some stuff till I fell asleep with my glasses on.

Today has been interesting and fun. All this and more in the second half of picnic post.

Jumping on the loom band wagon


So I made a loom band today along with some pictures and a mess. Its been interesting. Ruby and I were looking how to do it properly.

Also I do plan doing the show, I’ve had Ruby here all week so been really busy. Plan is tonstart next Monday so stay tuned for details.

Late edition: sunday

So sunday was so busy I didn’t get chance to blog so here is what happened. I got on a train for 5 hours from Gloucester, got off it for 20 minutes in Halifax, got back on the train with Ruby for 5 houre more, then had some time to het her settled.

Finn got her (yes… Finn) a bubbke machine to play with and after tipping almost half the solutionbon the carpet we had a nice dace around.

It was a fairly late bed time but was worth it for all the fun.

Late edition: Monday

Due to last night’s bed time, morning started slightly later than normal at 10. We watched Wall E and headded off to town. On the way a wasp flew into my nose and I had to flap it out. It carried on its merry way after but it felt weird to have a stingy thing in an oriphis (not sure if that’s spelt correctly).

We went to spoons for lunch, went to b&m for some painting stuff and headed home. There were things painted and was lots of fun. Tomorrow’s plan was a picnic but we may change that plan because we could do with a rest and had no plans thursday.

These were baught…

These were made…

This was played with…


This was the end result…


Seems like a good idea. I’ll try and make sure that tomorrow is more of an interesting day.

Who wanna be a painter man

So I’m in bed and keeping this short, I painted a cot today, tomorrow I need to catch a train, pick up the girl and take her 300 miles back home. What funnnnnnnn.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the painting but at least I got to paint with the lovely one.


Today has been a bit of a funny one. I went into proper dad mode today. Firstly I was up late doing radio award things, so going to bed at 3 didn’t help at 4:50am when Finn woke up. It was actually Aphre’s turn to wake up and feed him but I said to her that I would take over if she was up past 5am because she had a busy day today. 

Anyway it took 45 minutes to get him back to sleep which was nice, which meant I could sleep. 2 hours later though he woke, but I managed to get him back to sleep for another 2 hours after that. Today he’s not had such a great day though because of the heat and he was wanted to drink all day. I took him into Uni to talk to Pirate Dan about jingles which must have been odd with a baby in my hands. I enjoyed having Finn today though.

When we got back he was clearly tired but I couldnt settle him. I had the Chinese takeaway I’ve been craving for the last few days and then set on trying to get him to settle. Who knew it would be icy milk to get him to sleep. 

Tonight I am looking forward to sleep. I’m looking forward to the weekend because on Sunday, I travel up to Yorkshire to get Ruby. Tomorrow its a Cot adventure, I think I’ll be helping paint it or something. Not an activity people usually do. That’s cause I’m special.

Why does TV bleep out swear words? surely it just makes it obvious that the person swore. It would be better just to silence it.