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John Wham

Ok so not the most creative title (providing I’ve not changed it from Christmas yay) but it explains everything. Jingle Yells came to mind but it sounds negative.

Christmas eve… I’ve already explained.

Christmas day, the morning was lovely. It all kicked off when we heard some Jingling and Ruby (at 7am) was surprisingly still asleep so needed a hand waking up and luckily the jingle bells continued until she got up.


We opened presents together, and i got a few things that I’d wanted for a while, like yummy Ferrero Rocher, and some really cool things like hungry hungry hippos and how to draw comics like Marvel. Its probably the best set of presents since my last childhood christmas.Aphre really did a good job. Ruby got a good bunch too but she’s really considerate sometimes about what others get her, although I think she’s honest with ours and polite with others.


Aphre also had someone make me a Koala which I’ve called Ganley (after the little monkey on the telly who got lost from his family).

Finn got a nice set of presents, I’m suprised about some of the stuff he got from others. We didn’t really get him lots as it’s his first christmas  and wont really understand what it’s for but he got a really nice train from his great uncles and aunties on Aphre’s side. My dad hit jackpot on Ruby and Finn’s presents. He got Ruby a dragon which i think is like a draft excluder… but Ruby loves it (named it Stormflower) and hasn’t put it down and Finn got a train set, although strangely he couldn’t find a selection box so got them advent callanders… on christmas day… made me laugh. They also got some classic quilt covers which used to be part of my childhood.


After a day of presents (and not so many sweets to the point of feeling uncomfortable ) it was the afternoon, time to prepare for christmas dinner. We did 3 different meats and loads of vegies to go with ut. It went ok but we were so busy that by the time the food was out and all the extra stuff it went cold by the time anyone ate it, and we were rushing around trying to get things prepared, then we did too much food because my sister wasn’t well and didn’t know she couldnt eat, and my niece was sick too, and we baught extra chairs than didn’t get used because they were not well enough to sit, some had a dinner beforehand so there was loads of food left and it was a bit late, plus they had to go not long after eating. Aphre wasn’t well either and she tried really hard to get it all done. There was so much to clean up afterwards. Quen, Alex and Elena helped us clean it the day after before the first annual boxing day sausage fest… which i will go into in a second.


Anyway we enjoyed the presents they got us, and hope they enjoyed theirs too. Matt even went to the garage to get me some little bottles of Jack Daniels because he felt a bit bad about not bringing me something. I’d have settled for another time, but thought it was nice. We got him a Compton hat. Aphre got a wisk and a cherub amongst other things. My dad gave us a tin of nice biscuits (nice as i tasty not nice as in the place in france). There were others but too many to single out really.

Boxing day was nice. We had a little tidy before Quen Elena and Alex came round. We all opened more presents, Finn tried to lick and bite some of his open which he is too little to understand it.


They got me a batman bear from Build-a-bear which smells of apples.


It was really fun. After making our epic sausage dinner platter (where 5 types of sausage was showcased) and lovely roasted vegetables were on offer with the left overs from the day before. At the end of it, we played an 80s pop quiz with Ruby being the audience, then a game of articulate – which i was bad at because I can’t articulate well when I’m under pressure – thanks Dyslexia. Thankslexia. It was fun though.


The night was rounded off with a game of charedes and one of pictionary.

If you’d have came to our house on the 27th, you’d have seen me, Aphre and Ruby snuggled up in blankets on the sofa chilling. It was nice. Our guests had all gone by lunch time, and after watching, tidying and general admin, we all played with the various toys that we had for christmas and ones from before.


We’d got Ruby some lego and a sylvanian families nursery and her dinosaurs so played with those. It was fun. It ended up with the creation of John Wham, it was a lego person made with a bridge for legs that made him big hips so he walked funny and i referred to him as John Wayne. I converted the pascal show to the “big world entertainment presents cinematime” as a theatre and cinema, and John Wayne kept starting the show an hour before anyone got there and I was the boss, and i told him off from my lego car. Ruby got the name confused and ended up calling him John  Wham and it stuck, it was shortly followed my Mrs Wham. She also let dinosaurs run the nursery.


This morning was rubbish because it was time to take Ruby home. She said goodbye to Aphre and Finn, and we made our way to the train station. The train trip wasnt bad today, there was hardly anybody travelling, we even got table seats which hardly ever happens. She played on angry birds all the way there and made the journey so quick. We had chats about all sorts, did the whole daddy explination about her general life questions and then had to pass her back to her mummy. I always hate it when she goes, but i get to see her again in a few weeks.

I got home where dpthe lovely Aphre was to cuddle me, and we had takeaway. I’m getting through my Ferrero Rocher golden collection nicely though see…


There are lots of cherry ones bevause they are my favourite so I’m saving them. I’ve eaten the coffee ones dispite being the least nicest.


Merry Christmas and that

So it’s Christmas day and in about 6 hours I face a one girl bombardment of excitement. I would say two chikd  Finn is too young and to be honest his excitement comes and goes throughout the day depending on whether you have a bottle of milk in your hand or whether you look at him funny.

Later today my family will be coming to Gloucester for christmas dinner which will be fun and interesting.

I’ve still got some  wrapping to do so im up for atleast an hour… Finn was up at silly o’clock last night so I’m knackered and had an early last minute christmas shop this morning at about 8 so it’s been a day, including watching the muppets christmas carol and a nice meal at Aphre’s parents. Ruby had loads if fun.

Right… time to get back to things!


Ok firstly the title here is a bit over dramatic and not necessarily how id discribe the supermarket B&M, but it worked and I was there today.

I had to buy some stools for the Christmas dinner, so we can get an many people around a table as possible. As soon as i walked out the store one of the seats tore. I wasn’t sure if i could say “just got outside your door and it ripped” and ask for another, but i didnt anyway. Finn hasn’t been sleeping well lately, and last night he was up at 2, 4.30, and 6.30. It doesn’t help that hes in our room when Ruby is over but still also ment that I was up sorting him and trying to keep Aphre asleep because I’m nice.

The last few days we’ve been showing Ruby the importance of puns. Aphre is really good at them, and I generally make bad ones. I’ve taken to the phrase “that was a pun” after some of them, and also having to explain why.

Anyway I’m off getting an early bed time… as soon as Finn stops noising.

Wrap God

So today has been a nice little day full of Christmas shopping and at the end of it, wrapping everything. The only issue is that its nearly 2am (and the police helicopter is flying around) and I think I’m going to feek the effects of the late night tomorrow, especially as i have to go to the range or somewhere like it and get some chairs or stools or something so my other family members have somewhere to sit.

Ruby is down over Christmas and she came shopping with us, we also went to Frankie and Bennies for lunch in Cheltenham.

Wrapping presents has been fun, me trying to hide what I’ve got for Aphre as i wrap it next to her, and her hiding it from me (althought I’m not really a peeker, I enjoy not knowing so I prefer not to see whats being wrapped of mine. I’m particularly pleased with one present, which i wont go into too much but I used the left over paper shreddings from my (now dead) paper shredder and some old code red scripts /scrap paper as a holder to keep the stuff I’ve put in a box, just to keep things in place.

Anyway it’s time for bed now. Byeeeeee

When excitement strikes!

So it’s a very exciting time at the moment in our household… It’s our first Christmas as a family, it’s also Finn’s first christmas, we have Ruby down for the first christmas since she was at mine in 2012, and its just bloody christmas!

Tomorrow morning I will be getting the train up to Yorkshire to pick up the little lady, come back down on what I would imagine a heaving train, and prepare for a week of cool stuff.

On Christmas eve we’re off to Aphre’s parents for dinner, on Christmas  day my family are coming round to ours, then on boxing day Aphre’s brothers coming over for an event that we’re calling “the boxing day sausage fest”… a sausage based day of sausages for dinner.

As far as podcasts and work, I’m only doing little tasks and getting ready for next year, it’s going to be fun!

I recommend it!

Today has been a nice little day, not much going on but I’ve lots of fun doing it. This morning (and yesterday morning) I’ve been looking after Finn and having a morning routine with him, which i enjoy. It consists of waking up, watching Thomas the Tank Engine on netflix, and giving him breakfast til about 11.30/12, when he falls asleep for 2-3 hours, back up and a smaller sleep from 4-5. Its pretty boring in the way I describe it but actually it’s nice. It means making him giggle and talking to him, tipping him upside down and watching him litterally download a jar of fruit based baby breakfast at such a crazy speed, its like The Flash just ate it.

On that note, I’ve been watching The Flash on sky. I would recommend it to EVERYONE! It’s a really good storyline and I’m properly hooked. I want tonwatch Arrow also but I want to watch it from series 1 episode 5 which is how far I’ve got. It’s not on TV at the moment,  series 3 is on sky but I like it enough to 1) not let the later series ruin it for me and 2) hope that it’s on Santa’s list. I think sky is on episode 4 of the Flash now, so seriously find a way to catch up.

Other than that stuff, (and watching the latest episode of The Flash) and watching some more Arrested Development on Netflix (Aphres getting me into it so we can watch the latest series)  today’s been chilled, playing with my tablet and thinking of ideas. Aphre’s friends were round for apprentice night, and had a nice dinner, I didn’t have to take a break from editing. I normally edit on wednesday and  evening because the Podcast takes a while to edit.

Anyway I’m mega tired so sleep time it is 🙂

In Days gone by

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’m going with my media career and the drive in me finally getting to the point where i should address it so I can properly forget about it… and I did,

The other day I emailed the person who said I’d never get i to radio. His name is Neil. He is a really nice chap, and back when I was rraininfor my NVQ in warehouse it was his job to do some clases to help the guys and gals with problems with numbers or words, and maybe the more shyer people at the centre.

I took in my audio and played it to people who seemed to emjoy it. Durinone meeting he said i have a zest in the way I think of things, and in another meeting after listening to one of my tapes, told me that i wouldn’t get into radio – however I did question whether he actually meant it or not. Deep down I feel like he did say it to boost me a little, but also maybe to nit get my hopes up. It didn’t matter because from then on i strived to make sure I did it.

13 years later I graduate from University in Radio production. I had a Job interview with to be honest, a really good company to work for and I’m shortlisting job interviews now for positions in the radio industry.

It was starting to annoy me because although im getting shortlisted, I’m not getting work yet, and then Neil’s words kept ringing. I emailed him and said hi, hope he was well and told him where I was. He was pleased – I was pleased he replied – and had a chat about what was said. Anyway I explained that I didn’t think any bad if him and his words helped me to get where I needed. It was nice to catch up… even if its just an email.

I waited all weekend to hear back from my most recent interview. It was at Key 103 in Manchester for Bauer media as an imaging producer. It would have been a nice little job but I didn’t get it… so theres another job waiting for me somewhere. I had to do some production tasks… which I will put up (kind of… with mine and Zoe’s  voice instead of the official bauer imaging) on the podcast when we record it. It’s the christmas one so hopefully will be cool.

Anyway with all the thinking and knkwing id nit got the job, and not being told on friday, I started looking back at all my old radio stuff and how far I’d come. I am making somethinwith the best bits so I might release it soon. In the meantime… laters yooo

Busy boy

So last night Finn hadn’t been so great. He is teething and you can actually feel the sharp little toothy poking out through his gum and I wouldn’t be suprised if it was rather hurty.

I’d been dropping on the Philip Scofathon programme because it’s interesting to see how that works. I managed to watch the comedy bit at like 3.30am. I’m interested to see how talking and entertaining for that long has an effect of the voice. It doesn’t seem to have effected him in that respect too much.

Right, a busy day now of editing, later another podcast recording which I’m looking forward to – I always do. I’m still editing last weeks mainly because of graduation, the the job stuff and taking the weekend ro have some family rest. It’s the final podcast of the year so technicly its the christmas one which I will miss doing over the christmas period, but gives me time to have with the family and arrange plans for next years ideas.