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Few and far between

So blog lover (face it theres only one, and that’s you) you will have noticed that the blogs have been few and far between,  and you’d be right.

A small fact about this blog (and possibly a little TMI) is that I sometimes write while im on the toilet. Its time to my self where I can just let my brain natter on with it’s self… although I’m not changing it to “the bog blog” any time soon. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been to the toilet for 15 days, which toilet fans and anorak bowel movement spotters will be more than happy to know. I’ve had a lot on focusing on my lovely family and trying to complete the audio comic.

It’s job hunting time again, this time I’ve got a degree under my belt… nearly. I’ve 2 assinments that I need to sort out first, but all going well I’m set for a good grade.

Sleep has become a big problem again though with the baby as he isn’t yet at the point where he is able ti sleep a whole night, and seems to have some milk, fall asleep and wake up when he realises nobody is there. Aphre and I have been tag teaming the night shifts, and although we enjoy it mostly, it can be frustrating when you try and put him to sleep and just as hes out, he wakes, but we’re getting there. I think it is to do with the weather, it’s been really humid with all the weather. Last night there was lightning and thunder but no rain which was weird.

We’ve been getting around it some of the time by “swaddling” him, which is whe you wrap a blanket around the baby so it can’t move its flailing arms and legs as it sleeps. A little like an Egyptian mummy. I’m looking forward to Ruby meeting him soon too, which will be ace.

Right, time to get back to things. Next month im hoping to do a month of daily updates. Night 🙂

Birth, Injuries and a Death… all in one week.

So this week has probably been one of the most traumatic weeks of my life. I was supposed to be presenting a radio show on Wychwood FM this weekend at the Wychwood festival, however it seems that I was destined not to take part.

The title at the top may seem drastic but true. Which I will go into. Luckily this all did not happen to one person, but it’s affected my family anyway.

So Finn was born last weekend, and he’s a week old now. It’s been a week getting to know him, and showing a new life how to live, Its really special also because it dawned on me today that we’ve got a human from scratch. He knows no references and what we do in his life builds his personality. This is one of the things I also love with Ruby because she’s growing up now and I can see all the things that are making her Ruby. Anyway so yeah back to a week ago and as if that was not stressful enough… we had some shocking news.

My brothers Ben and Matt were involved in a car accident. This wasnt just a little bump, it was a car rolling accident. I have no idea how it happened other than what I’ve been told by my dad and mum who both seem to not know what happened exactly but the car turned over and my brother Matt got trapped and had to be cut out. My other brother Ben (we don’t really get on) had an escape with a broken collar bone and some broken ribs, and Matt broke his hand, has some fractures on his head and was pretty beat up. He was sent to Intensive care at John Radcliffe hospital and since then has been moved to a ward. He’s going to be OK but for a bit it was spooky, I’ve not had chance to go and see Matt yet, but I want to soon. I’ve still got uni work, and also with the baby here now and settling in, life’s taken its own route.

Off the back of that, it meant I wasn’t able to get the music and Jingles done in time for the festival and I was struggling on Thursday to get them done. I have sleep problems and with the baby coming and sleeping paterns going all over the place, I’ve had to not do the festival. This was good in a way though because I had a lot to do, and I had my mum and Sister over on Saturday to come and visit Finn. I also managed to get the late episode of Code Red done. With all that, my sleep has been affected so I’ve been up at 3am or something, and waking up at 11.

When I woke up today, I had some very sad news. My granddad died. I say my granddad and it will cause contriversey so this is how I feel and if certain family members don’t like it then that is your problem and not mine. Although My granddad isn’t my actual granddad, he was married to my gran and has always been the granddad I knew until I met my real one in Scotland a few years ago. We got on alright. There was a personality clash but you don’t cause conflict with family like that, especially if they helped you out along the way. He didn’t like my editing or choice of career nor did he understand why editing needed to be done, and there was a history between him and certain family members which they tried to influence me with. At the end of it all, he was a dad to my aunties and uncles, and halfs or steps were never a factor, He was the granddad to my cousins and I love them loads. I wasn’t as close to him as I was my gran, but I would have still stuck up for him and my uncle Tom if needed. It’s sad that he’s gone, but it’s the start of new things in their lives, especially for Tom. 

I hope everyone feels better soon and my thoughts are with them (if they read this blog).  

Right, It’s late, so it’s time for bed. If you’ve not heard Code Red Part 5 then do so here