Monthly Archives: September 2008

Energy & Electric

I was watching an advert on tv today about this man who came into his house and started complaining about the electric bill that has run up in his house.

My dad used to do this all the time, walk around the house chanting “why have you got the computer on and that mixing desk” and “That red light on the tv on stand by uses more electric than the actuall tv does when its switched on” so when i see an advert with some dad doing that and the official energy saving people agreeing, Im there thinking “hang on, this bloke’s a wanker, im not going to listen to him”.

The whole point of the ad was that energy costs are going up so they are using that excuse to save energy and cut down on carbon footprints.

I think its a cover up. Ive already heard various reports that they are thinking about having scheduled power cuts. I think they are trying to cover up the fact that were going into a ression and that the gouvernment cant afford to keep the electric on. How come we’re running out of electric all of a sudden? I might just go and buy one of them little wind turbines. Would i have share my electric?

Anyway what my point is… they are ramming this “your wasting electric” thing down all of our necks, Why dont they just send out a letter or something and fine the people doing it.

I think we will end up having this thing of having regular scheduled power cuts, so im going to get loads of batterys, a portable tv and a wind turbine so i can go online when the power cuts happen 😀

Not really a point to this post… just something going on in my head lol

Time for an update

Hey, Just updating as i have nothing to do

Been focusing on the show lately and trying to get a radio job (More in my radio experience blog), We’ve been constantly coming up with fresh creative stuff for almost 6 months now… its mad how we never seem to run out of ideas!

I have a laptop now so it’s easier to write down a full sketch or write a script where ever i am… Especially if im on a train! Travel pisses me off… especially if i spend 9 hours on the coach and the best ideas come up when i’m taking almost a full day to travel. The down side to having a laptop and not taking a load of paper with me anmore is that i cant write and walk at the same time or get the laptop out while traveling to the radio station… get half an hours worth of sound editing in… but knowing the sort of people who sit on the back of thamesdown busses… i’d end up getting beaten up!

Ruby has been talking! She can say Mamma, Dadda, Cat, Grandad and Duck (She was calling my dad duck after calling him grandad) and knows how to say Yes, and shakes her head for no.

The Show has been going quite well. Our Producer has had a bit of a rough time lately and decided to take a step back from the show and the station a little. He’s now our silent co-producer and we’re looking for a new producer. Studio Matt is filling in as producer for a while. He’s doing a pretty good job at it but he goes to collage fulltime, I think keeping him perminantly wouldnt be a great idea because of that, but we’re happy with him being the fill in. To be honest when rich and i leave the station, They could do with someone like matt to fill that space.

Yes Rich and i do plan on leaving the station, but dont worry, Not yet because we havnt got anything else but we dont plan on being on Swindon 105.5 for ever.

Anyway hope to update again soon, c ya l8r!