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Another New Job. I really…LIKE it.

So if you read the last post (which you probably didn’t) you’d have seen that I went to Hereford yesterday for a job interview. The result:


This one is a major one for me so let me explain why.

It’s a presenter job, something I’d just accepted I probably wouldn’t  get because it’s so competitive, and although I love it, the other things I do are a close second, so editing writing and producing is where I thought it might go. At the moment it’s weekend and covering but I’ve been trying so hard for ages to get something like this so it’s a great start.

I got the email with the offer last night, so my reply email was sent just now signing off with “Yay, Johnny Robinson”.

So there you go. I intend to stay with the travel news too because the days shouldnt clash. My show will be in the new DAB station “Like Radio”. I started out my career on DAB in 2003 at Swindon FM so it will be a very strange return to DAB airwaves, especially as considerably more people own DAB radios now, I have some actual education behind me and this time it’s paid! Whoop!


Hereford via the world.

So today I went to Hereford from Gloucester. Stuipdly I decided to train it there which was a little daft as it goes via Newport which seems way silly as hereford is the next town from Gloucester. The journey was nice though. I like travelling around on public transport, its a good time to think creativity and do some editing (or play on minecraft which I am obsessed with at the moment)

Why Hereford? Well, i went for a job interview. Yeah the second one in 2 months, and it went alright! As I write this I have no idea if I have the job but I will post another entry when I hear back. It was for a weekend presenter position at a new DAB station in Hereford. We had a quick chat and then they plonked infront the mic, showed me the system and they shuffled into the other room to listen. I wasn’t expecting to do a live demo, but I love to “play radio” as we call it at uni, that’s when we pretend to be on the radio so we do presentery things. I also like their system and desk. If I get it that would be awesome. I know I love presenting, but I dont get much opportunity, and I also love editing and making things so really as long as its radio it’s all good, but reading this blog you’ve probably figured that out.

I did get slightly lost after my interview, which wasn’t the best but as I am good at finding my way around I managed to figure it out (and also familiarise my self with the areas of the town centre).

Anyway in general life things, Finn is growing well – I say that like he is some sort of cow or pig I am fattening up for Christmas. Fattening up the boy with biscuits and Milkybar buttons. He is learning to talk at the moment, or communicate at leaste. We’ve learnt some Mackaton from Mr Tumble and he knows how to say “hello” “friend” “well done” and “no” by signing it to us until he can talk, a little like on meet the parents.

Anyway I need to go and eat my sushi before it gets… um… i just want to eat my sushi now. Bye!

P.s It is now the morning and I have heard back (I wrote this on the train and had no internets). Post shortly following.

Plugging Time

Alright. So I’ve not only been mega quiet on the blog recently, but I’ve not plugged the heck out of my work, so I thought today I would do this, mainly because It’s better to have it than have nothing! Plus it keeps you up to date with everything I do. There is a lot so… you can’t really say that you’re not getting enough of me in your daily diet, and if you did say that there is something very wrong with you. Join the cue. – It’s my website that I hardly ever update but if you want to hear some of my oldskool audio from Swindon FM 11 years ago or hear me on hospital radio feel free listen. I do plan on doing things with it this week because I’m rejuvenating a couple of things and to be honest the site is well in need of more content. My videos are all on there – Jelmer and I make content for this site such as my podcast Prick Up Your Ears. There’s about 28 episodes of that if you like absurd humour (From me and Zoe Fell) and 30 hours of the Big Podcast, along with our superhero radio drama Code Red, and all of the other audio we’ve produced over the years. Zoe and I are in the process of planning some new stuff for our podcast, hence why there’s nothing very new right now.

Twitter or and my facebook page is so check those out.

Although my site has clips and stuff, they are all connected to my Mixcloud and Soundcloud where you’ll find even more audio of me either messing about with things like mixing (Badly) so have a listen and be wowwed (With great shame) at or

On youtube there is a few. , and . I’ve taken a break from videos the last few years. I miss it but I’ve not got anyone to make videos with at the moment. Stay tuned though as I have some more plans for the adventures series mainly recorded from my phone or pad. Check out this one from ages ago… It features Ruby. It’s her birthday yesterday… yeah we’ve been having fun for 8 years. This is her when she was 4!

Don’t bother with Google plus.

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job, and heaven knows I’m not miserable at all

Yay so I have a big announcement that you mignt have peiced together, but stay with me here.

Firstly I just would like to say hi and welcome back to the blog, I’ve been quiet the last few months, mainly as there was not much to report and also because what I could have been reporting may have fallen through by then and I would look a bit silly.

However a long enough time has passed now and things have happened now, so I mayas well go and say it. Way back in some of the first posts of this blog, I mention about getting a radio job and all through this blog it’s been an underlying storyline. I’d done radio before at Swindon FM and really enjoyed that, and then did all sortsat various places, working towards a paid position working in radio. Things were going mega slow though and felt like maybe education was the way to go, or as I put it then “a bit of paper to prove I’m as good as I say I am”.

I got those bits of paper and graduated last year. This evening almost a year later after celebrating my 2:1, I’m celebrating my new radio job… yeah I actually have one now. Some fools are paying me to say things in the radio!

So it’s not a radio show, and I may not be on air for a while, and that isn’t really a mega big deal, but I will be based at BBC Bristol working for a company that produces the traffic and travel reports for the south west. For you radio geek friends, basically it’s a room with a few work stations which consists of some monitors, a mic, an ISDN line some nifty software. My job will be editing the incidents on the system for now, until i get mlre experience. I’m mega glad about it and Aphre is too, she gave me a Rubicon and some shorts, and we had some chips and a sausage for a success celebration. It was all much appreciated. She has been so supportive and helped me out loads, especially with the whole thing of me not thinkingwhether it would happen or if i deserved it.

So there you go… all good. I’m in training at the moment so won’t be doing anything actively until that is done. I am a happy boy.