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Walcot Wasters PT 2 (Evening at the hospital)

Seems like the window wasn’t the only thing these wasters wanted to smash.

Just as my brother Mat was going home, Not even 30 seconds away from my dads house, one of them who was involved in smashing the window had seen my brother and punched him in the head. Not only that but he had given my brother a gash in his Left Eyebrow, in within 10 seconds blood had gone completly down his Millwall Shirt. We Called the police and had taken my brother to the hospital.

Now my mum was called to come to the hospital and we have come to an agreement that things were probably best as they are between us both as she put it (Hitting the nail on the head) “we’re both very strongly opinionated people” “and we have different views on things” and called a truce. But i think it only took about 20 minutes after that untill we started arguing whether (If the option arises) that my brother should Press Charges on the Attacker.

My View:
Matthew Should press charges, It will teach the attacker a lession and will put an end to the matter. The attacker is then less likely to do it again because he has been recognised and any further assult will be blamed on this person or people around him. I also know for a fact this person either has an ASBO or will get an ASBO or fine or accumulate to a fine/Asbo/Possible prison sentance if this happens.

My Mums View:
Matthew should no go to Walcot at all what so ever (Where my dad lives) and if we want to see him we should meet him in the Town Centre. He should not press charges and let it blow over because (Even though this person does’nt know where they live) she is worried that they will get the backlash of the incident. This also means that the person doing it gets away with it but she says that her view is the one that is with Mats best intrest in mind.

What do you think?

A lot of people put Walcot down, I dont blame them but thats not to say that everybody here are all Drug Taking Violent Theifing Assholes. I have many friends in the area and its not their fault they are here and it pisses me right off when people in other areas put the people of walcot down because of the reputation of a very small minority.

The way she was talking about it was like her area (Town Centre) is the best place to be and thinks its a higher level than walcot. But (Read the Adver) the paper always says about the latest killing or mugging in the town centre. You hear about stabbings and that sort of thing once in a blue moon in walcot.

So with this in mind i questioned my mum about what if someone did that in town to her? Everybody goes to town, especially alot of drunk people and i asked her would she had been assulted in the town centre, would she press charges? “No” she said. I dont know what you would make out of that, but in my view, for mats best interest he should think about him self on his decision.

Anyway most importantly Mats Ok. He got his wound glued up in the hospital (Even though it took Two People to put him back together) and was sent home.

On my way home from the hospital i called a taxi to get me home. While i was waiting for the taxi there was a taxi driver having problems with an injured drunk man. Earlier, when we got to A&E at GWH the same drunk man had been treated and an hour later he was sent home in a taxi. This taxi had pulled up back outside the hospital with the man inside afterwards and the drunk man was instructed to eave the taxi and a confused nurse was trying to figure out what to do with him. Anyway i called my taxi and waited in the main reception. The taxi that came was the guy who was having problems with the drunken injured man.

Dunno if you read lately about the Taxi drivers getting loads of grief from customers. Well this one had LOADS of it tonight! Poor guy, He was really distressed. I think he was glad to get a customer that wasn’t an abusive waster. He was telling be about his problems with the Injured drunk man, With the man drinking cans of beer in his car, spilling it, Pulling the steering wheel, Telling the driver he’ll kill him, Almost Crashing! Thats bad! He was telling me that he asked if he could only go on days because nights were stressing him out, and he had no protection from people like that and was seriously considering his job. He likes the sort of work but doenst like the drunk, Threatening or abusive customers. I told him i can kind of relate to that as i was in a similar position in my last job at the nightclub (No protection, drunk and abusive customers) but his sounds twice as scary. I hope he gets what he wants or that he finds a better Job.