oh, one of those

last nite i forgot to charge my phone so got a txt from tom saying “happy birthday mary shingles” and then got on with cleaning up stuff in castle bobskull. but while doing that my leg started hurting and its still hurty. tom said it sounds like a strain or sumfin. other than that not much has happened today. just tired which is why iv not gone back yet.

im in one of those moods where i just want company. ive not really been in a funny mood last few days, probs because of my stress.  i think theres been a couple of times. i think i get annoying when i panic or nervous.

like when im waiting in court. i remember last time i was singing songs and this time i was saying so many stuff that was inappropriate. i wonder why my friends put up with that sometimes. i dont feel like ive had time for the stress to go away. kinda why another reason i didnt travel today bk to cheltenham. anyway thats not gona change till i do sumfin about it and im probs better off without

on a happy note, i have icecream. yum.


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