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More nothing

So I’ve not been doing much again today. Mainly I just copied some old shows from my first RSL in 2005 and the Spark radio shows into the radioshock media vaults (From CD) Just to make sure they are safe and so they are easier to find. I need to go through the Tone shows I’ve not edited as well, and i need to get the In the dark shows in there too… Sorry type-thinking out loud.

Many people have texted me and facebooked me today. I don’t mind talking to people but sometimes when i get lots i just ignore most people. I don’t like that much attention from so many people.

As far as me, I’ve been OK recently. its probably because I’ve been cooped away indoors and nothings been able to get to me the last few days. I really enjoyed Sunday and the whole day with the amazing end to it. Then I had a lovely sleep last night but i had this weird conversation with Rich over Facebook in the morning, i cant really remember what it was about. I sometimes get easily knocked and a bit down about stuff and sometimes its something little that doesnt matter, which im not sure why.

I had a blood testy thing the other day. Making sure i’m human or not got aids or rabies… oh and anemia and diabeties but those don’t sound exciting. The doctor said that if anything bad comes up then i’d have been phoned. I’d like to know what blood type i am so if a vampire comes over i can explain that my blood might be a bit rubbish.

So yeah, all I’ve done today is mess about with audio and listen to the Ray Peacock Podcast which even though is rather old, still funny. Tone Radio meeting tomorrow.

And just before i go… the aim of this blog is to atleast write something every day. It don’t matter if its after midnight. the chances are the day befores over covers it so uhh… yeah 🙂