Monthly Archives: July 2015

Bird Machine

Some days, the thing that starts the day off makes everyhing else that happens in the day a little weird although the world is back to being spun backwards for a few hours.

On Sunday I woke up at about 7.30ish to go to the toilet. Standard wee if you must know. The plan was to go back to bed after because I’m not a fan of sleeping in my own wee. On the way back i noticed a tweeting in the front room and being half asleep i followed the sound. It was coming from the fire place.

I wondered what on earth would make my fire chirp, maybe i was dreaming… and then it dawned on me… there must be a bird in the fire!

By this time Aphre had queried what I was doing. I explained before that the fire was tweeting, and then that a bird must be trapped. I moved the fire carefully and couldn’t see anything so i went to the front door to get Aphre’s solar pug light from outside the flat.

I come in and can’t find anything in the fireplace and just as i am startin to get confused i hear a rustling. I investigate to find it was a little baby bird walking near my amp.


I called Aphre in, and by this time Finn had woken up.  I picked it up and took it outside into a bush. Still worried for it and loads of messages on Facebook i looked for it again, and found it tweeting under the bush. I took it home, put it in a box and waited for mother bird to find it.

What happened then was such a cool thing to see. The bird came to life mega. The mother bird was trying to show it how to fly. It jumped around he little one and kept flyin to nearby roofs. The little one followed eventually falling off the roof into our recycling bin area. He was ok though and the mother bird just kept returning.

I then tried to ignore it from then as I didn’t want to interfere but really wanted to. I went back a little later when i could hear mother and baby still tweeting… then… mother bird went down, and both flew up! SO COOL!

Not long after there was about 4 babies flying with the mother one, it was so cool. I’d not see it like that before, it was really nice to see. I was worried about being happy for it though just incase I was wrong and i find it half eaten behind the bins.

In other news. I’m working on something to put kn the sound gorillas website. Keep an eye out because we’ve not mentioned it publicly at all. It should be there hopefully by tomorrow evening.