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Early night

Ok so I say early niht, and its actually 10pm but to be fair its a change to the regular 1am evenings.

I’ve been falling asleep all day on and off today, so once I rest my head tonight it will be a matter of minutes before I fall into a deep sleep and start to snore.

We all went to the park today and had a play with Finn’s bubbke rocket that he got for his birthday. He’s a little young to appreciate the fun of bubbles, rockets and the two mixed together but ruby wasn’t. She’s been going through his toys gettin excited about the things hes got and trys to help him play with them but at the momnt I think he has no idea why all these toys have appeared, but they aree there.

Life must be weird for babies, you know little, you don’t understand a lot of it but roll with it anyway. People talk, you dont know a lot about what hey are on about, and for some reason your parents seem to put you to your sleeping cage and you fall asleep not long after they leave.

Now off to my sleeping cage.


We’re having big fun

Monday was a really busy day but really fun too. It was Finn’s namig ceremony and then hus birhday party. Loads of our family and friends came, we had some music and some party food, and loads of squash to go around and there were a small number of kids runni g around.

My friend Nicole from uni was there which was really cool, and my friend Paula and her kids came too. It was really cool seeing them too especially wih it being a looong time and they are growing uo now. I recall updating this blog a few times on overnigt visits.

Aphre and I thanked everyone we knew and then I got a surprise thanks… which to be fair I didn’t know we were thanking each other so was a nice suprise. My parents got to meet the others in Aphres family and our friends, it was nice.

On top of that it was our 2 year aniversary… but we’re celebrating that another day soon so Finnn could have his glory.

As for today… it was the aftermath. I felt terrible. I was tired all day, the house needed a clean, i felt sick and it’s all just now managed to come to ahead where all the sick fealng of the day has decided to just all get the better of me.

I did manage to fit in the last Prick Up Your Ears Podcast before the Big Podcast. I just read Zoe’s blog which she explains well about the worries of the podcast. I was up the other night til 3am thinking about how it could go wrong, most specifically the members of the Road family who are prone to dieing or any selebrity or public ficgures that could potentially pull us off air. Im looking forward to it but so freaking out too.

Anyway i need to catch up with mybsleep so… night

World is testing me

Oh god… well there has been a lot on this week, loads of things happened that I wont go into but in short the world must be testing me or there must have been some play of spiritual intervention goin on.

I know it’s weird to hear something like that to some people but I do feel like things happen to people to either test them or stop them from being in a position where they would end doing somethin or making a decision that they shouldn’t take.

It’s just that it had to do it around a busy time. I really don’t think anything like this happend since around this time last year… although that was a bit more epic… failing a test, course work wrapping up and having a baby all the same time.

I am in desperate need of sleep though so i need to do that.

Building pyramids

I’ve not been building pyramids however if i were busy in the pharoe times of egypt i would probably be a designer hard at work trying to make pyramids. Part of tkday was a try and fail in some respects… but also yesterday and actually everything this week from monday evening and all day yesterday has been a battle.

On Monday evenibg I lost my ilok… It’s bit of hardware that makes a program called pro tools to work on my computer. If yiu lose it you need to call the company who make you pay for a support code, and then a new ilok. It’s probably one of the most impractical things to make a program that is pretty good work. Ive been editing the Prick Up Your Ears Podcast since saturday because i had to do other things. So I go into uni on monday to see some people and somewhere between there and home, my ilok went missing. It COULD still be here but I’ve looked everywhere. The TV remote has also randomly disappeared… so I’m hoping Finn has gone into the hiding things stage because if he hasn’t then my ilok is gone for good and the remote is… well no idea. I was keeping my ilok safe and if i carry it on my person I’m usually really careful so it falling out of my pocket woukd be a very odd thing to happen.

So I’ve had to crack open the old Adobe Audition and not only try my best to get some clear good sounding audio that i did in pro tools but need to get used to the program again. I’m using it more efficiently now though.

The thing is… I need to go out tomorrow as I’m travelling to yorkshire a day early. All the things i set out on Monday haven’t been done because of that. Also Robin came over today to do a podcast. I completely forgot but we tried to do something but didn’t workmout so back to the drawing board, but always fun to see him.

Im hoping to complete the audio tonight before sleep. Got an annoying coach journey in the day. Growl.

My name is Jonathan Robinson

Ok so the title looks like I should be doing one of those blogs where I sum up me… actually it’s an Arrow/Flash reference (or a Life on mars/ashes to ashes reference but that’s not where I was going). I also find that Johnny Robinson is easier to deal with for radio perposes, and in order to stop radio people calling me Jonathan on air I introduce myself as Johnny now rather than Jonathan, althougn I find that funny when anyone says it now in a quaint way. Plus It think that maybe it has more personality and I don’t sound like a boy who cant help having accidents and tripping over everywhere. I’ve gone on longer about this than I intended.

Arrow… I’ve watched it all now. Seen everything, even the extra bits on facebook, it has such great social media. I’ve got one Flash left, then a few Gothams, then I’ve got the chance to catch up on agents of shield  (whih tbh I’m not finding it as easy to keep up with it or as interesting… sorry Marvel, possibly on the list with Lost and Breaking bad). I think Aphre and I are going to work on Game of Thrones, but I think it might be the case of struggling to find some decent tv. Episodes is back but theres only 6 or 7 episodes in a series which is annoying, I suppose thats one good thing about american TV.

As for life today, well I managed to do a bit of work, not a lot though so I have a lot to do on Monday and possibly Tuesday. Really need to get on stuff before Friday because RUBY IS COMING YAYYYYYYYYY!

Lazy saturday

So the creativity of the blog titles at the moment are as creative as my sphincter… which by the way has never contributed to my creativity, which I’m cross with, but then again its just sphincter and not doing anybody any harm. It’s doing it’s job.

I’ve lost all the energy in me recently. I’m in the mood for just chilling out right now. The dietry changes I made a bit ago have slowly fizzeled off so I need to get back into that, all right after the takeaway that was irdered because I don’t want to go to the coop again. The shop annoys me because it’s like they couldn’t decide what version if their colour branding on the fridges they wanted to go with. Its like they were a coop, then in the 90s rebranded to the green cooperative, then changrd back to the blue in the mid 2000s and then rebranded back to the green coop in 2009. It disterbs me. It’s in my dreams.

Although recently my dreams have been disterbed by the elections. I am shaking off the Liberal Democrats yellow and tryin to stop the red and the blue from making me uncomfortable. Sleep on my left, I’m red, sleep on my rignt I’m blue, sleep on my front I’m yellow, on my back is ok, but I snore so I can’t vote for whatever that one is.

Colour dreams, they arn’t a bing thing.

So… not much

I’m glad to say that today was shit free, not a turd in sight, or not at least one that shoukdnt be where it belongs, either in the bum waiting to be shat or in the toilet waiting to be flushed. Enough talking shit.

I’ve been applying for jobs today, or atleast attempting too. The thing today was do some and snuggle. I can do this because Aphre is in between jobs as in shes got a job that’s waiting to start which means I get to have her for the rest of the week.

Not muchreally to report on. I will be a busy bunny on Monday and all next week.

Head to toe

Finn regularly gets up to little episodes of mischief in his cot now and again, usually something like pulling some clothes out from the draw, taking off his changing matt from the table, banging on his window as people go into the Pharmacy below or removing all the nappies out from the bag next to his cot. Today was an achievement was unexpected in all  imaginative possibilities.

He seemed to have woken up from his mid – afternoon nap and made some noises. Nothing unusual and would at times do this and go back to sleep. He didn’t so I went to go and check to make sure that he didn’t need a nappy change. He needed a change alright… a change of nappy, a change of clothes, a change of bed sheets, and sat in the middle of a carefully smeared area of his matress was a very shitty baby smiling.

When I say very shitty, it was in his hair… IT WAS AROUND HIS MOUTH…HIS MOUTH! There was a clump on his forehead. The smell was horrendous… If i could forget the moment I would, actually I’d have taken a picture of it but it was just too gross, I’d not put you through it.

Amy left today, she is Aphre’s friend that came down for a few days. The flat is now back to its uaual bedless front room. We do however have a small hedgehog here for a few more days.

Busy Boy

So I have been a busy boy the last few days, that’s why I’m being rubbish at the daily blog thing. Here’s what’s been happening.

Monday – Aphre’s friend Amy came down to visit. I kind of had a rest but looked after Finn and was being the Alfred to Aphre’s Batman.

Tuesday was more planning day, more trying to think of how to devise ways of nit making this podcast fail. In the evening I recorded a podcast with Zoe and getting a late night.

Today I’d not had Zoe’s half of the podcast back so again I spent it making more plans and then going out for a meal with Aphre, Amy and Finn at TGI Fridays  (Sorry Nandos, you’re a little too spicy for me and Finn). I had a bit of a laugh because the guy who gave me my dinner didn’t give me my appetiser so I asked whe it was coming, and he brought me an Apple-tiser. I tried to respond without sounding rude but a little funny by saying “no… appi… appi… appitiser, not apple, i meant appit…” and explained with Aphre’s help that it was some chicken strips.

When we got back I attempted some mixing but it didn’t work out, well it did but it’s for Finn’s party and “I’m too sexy for my shirt” isn’t appropriate  (unless you are a baby and you think that another baby is sexy, but babies don’t have any understanding of what is sexy, but may be attracted to something for other reasons e.g sexy in the context of appealing… as in that’s a sexy pair of socks) as an emergency mix song. I couldn’t find anything else at he time.

After that we watched Episodes, a great programme by the way. Its a new series. Then I wrote some more Code Red. Creativity can be a gift and a curse. The curse is that if you sit there doing nothing after a while you start itching to do things.

The weekend blogs

So i deliberately didn’t blog yesterday as there wasn’t much going on and to be fair wasn’t worth blogging about in two separate blogs…

Saturday was eventful in a way as we went to Aphre’s aunties birthday party. Finn came and had a mixture of fun and crying at people who he wasnt sure on when they came too close or smiled oddly.

He had lots of scones and cream which I think was his favourite bit. We taught him how to clap his hands.

Sunday we just had a tidy and a clean. Watched tv with Aphre in he evening because she deserved a good rest.

That’s about all that comes to mind. This week Aphre’s friend Amy will be over visiting. Also the estate agents are over to inspect the house… so we’d better crack on with the bedroom when we get up, it’s the one room we can never seem to keep as tidy as the other rooms.