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wychwood. iphone funtimes yay!

ok so today has been pretty cool. i got up late and shud hav been at wychwood about 1 but got there at 2 ish as i was finding beds to use for the show. i got to the festival and met robin where we (mostly him) put the tent up. this was rather complicated because the wind was a fucking prick. after an hour and a half we completed the build and walked into town. we got back to camp and on the way to see punk innovators ‘the dammed’ which robin loved, i saw a big bubble and some muppet hats whick are fucking amazing. anyway we saw the dammed however my sensitive hearing became a problem and after moving once already i was feeling a bit crap so after. i needed an adult to confide in because i was feeling a bit down… but i dunno why.
i went to the radio studio to regain my hearing and spoke to sam and knocked around the studio til robin showed up. we saw some comedy and was the joined by jelmer.
we decided to call it a day but check out the headphone disco on the way back. we thought it seemed cool but didnt go in. i needed a piss so went to the toilet. jelmer asked if there was a light in there and said it was daft. i pondered over this thought while pissing and i saw a light – someones iphone!
it was ringing so answered it (someone called sarahi think) and said id found the phone. i met the person whos phone it was and she offered me a drink. robin at this point had just got out the bog and was un aware what happened and all of a sudden him and jelmer was being whisked off for a drink. (we saw tone station manager robbie at this point who said something but cant remember) and i managed to plug our show :p.  the girl whos phone it was took us into the headphone disco and got me robin and jelmer a drink. she was rly nice :-).
so we had the one and jelmer had to go. our show is at 10am so we were all gona go. but robin and i was havin fun with the music. i got a cider and carried on. then we had more drink and danced more till slowly we broke out into full on dancing. we saw te girl again and had a chat about it was adictive and carried on dancing. it got to 1.30 when we decided it was time to go… and danced about to house of pains jump around just as we left. the tent was still standing when we got back so got in.
what will happen tomorrow? hmmmm