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my dad is “gang man style”

ok so i went to swindon on thursday afternoon out of the blue. i was in the journo studio and i thought… hmm i might as well go to suprise my mum, see if my dads about and whoever is around. my sister was at my mums with her spoglette so went with them to watch the lights get switched on in old town, then went to frankie and bennies. it turned into a family dinner with pizza and just a generally nice time. it was actually the first time my mum had sat down with us all since… well must have been before they split up when my sister was little. It was cool. my dad thought gangnam style was “gang man style” which set ki and me off in laughter, ben and matt cudnt get served because they had no id and they wound the girl serving us up. my dad also got grumpy that his becks was in a bottle and demanded a pint, and i was talkin all nice to the person. ben and matt doused their pizza with hot sauce so much they used most of the bottle. ki and i were continiously cocks and vaginas to make my mum uncomfortable and we found a dough stick that looked like an emu, so i dipped it in cheese sauce and gave it a beak. i then drank the cheese. and after stating “im having no food, im unsociable” my dad decided to have cod and chips. although “the dockle does better” (wetherspoons) . it was a good night and nice to see everyone… it must have been like 3 months.

really big bag of records

ok so i decided that i was gona take the decks back to cheltenham and re-ignite my vinyl passion… so i got my old wires bag which is the biggest bag with as many records i cud cram in. i was getting a lift onto town with Carl (former manager at swindon fm) so thought i mite as well take them while he was lifting me. thing is i wasnt planning on it being so heavy. so i dragged it down the stairs and lugged it into his car. got to the train station where i only just managed it onto the train… when all the handles and straps broke. so im now on the train with a 10 ton bag of vinyls that hasnt got any handles to carry with in the wheel chair bit. disaster!

Have you met my pet pig

Ok so i’ve been sat on the sofa watching E4 since i got back and watching the big bang theory now.

I’m having a think about some uni work about what i want to do, so i thought i’d write them on here and maybe remember them for the actual assignment.

Building audiences:

The task is to make a radio station, its branding and how it would work. How it would get, and keep an audience and what audience that would be. So far i have 2 ideas.

The Secret Idea – I was advised to keep this idea secret from blogs as it was a pretty good idea and shud never mention it unless im going to do it.

The second idea is “loveyourradio” – an internet/dab station cross music download website. There would be a new music chart (new and unsigned bands) and a regular chart show based on the downloads from the website, but would focus on personality radio. The downloads would provide as an income for the station, and unsigned artists can price their downloads at whatever they wanted, with the station charging 7p each download minimum, and anything over that is charged to the artist. Possibility of maybe having a subscriber service so theres no adverts. The station would be funded by the subscriptions of a few pounds a month and the service would actually be entertaining. – Thats as far as i got.

– – – – – – – –

Turn It Up: Making a specalist radio show.

The Johnny Robinson Experiment – Experimental and electronic music. So far the music i’ve picked include the following

And talking about circuit bending and Bit pop.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Radio Genres and Cultures: Write an essay thing.

We had to previously talk about our listening history in the past. The essay needs to be 3000 words on the genre of radio of our choice. Mine is Radio Comedy (The Lesson will be tomorrow). My comeedy inspirations come from TV. I grew up watching lots of old TV from the 70s and 80s, and mainly the people presenting these shows had all the excitement they had transfurred from their radio show. For instance Kenny Everett used to be on UK gold and paramount, The goodies and monty python used skills they got from the radio from I’m sorry i’ll say that again, and st I used to stay up late and watch the 60s and 70s top of the pops on UK Gold, and the rest of it was watching MTV europe and listening to my dads records (Thats the short version). Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, And when i got to about 18 and listened to radio more and old internet things, i realised how fun and exciting old radio used to sound and that the only people who were still doing that kind of radio were Scott Mills and Chris Moyles. I need to think about this one more.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anyway in other things, not much happened today. Did a tiny bit of work. Earned myself £16. Might pop over to swindon over the weekend. My housemate keeps asking me to do dog impressions, im not sure why but it reminds me of when i was in school and everyone asking me to do car sounds.

Time for bed. Laters yooo

Johnny Robinson is situated in Yelizovo

Ok so i had this dream last night and i think it was pretty much telling me i  was living on another planet… although still on this planet, it was far away, Russia to be exact (according to the map memory in my dream)

The dream included going to a radio station that was taken over by a community project and on the blackboard. It was a former TLRC station that mapped everything across the world with “Johnny Robinson” situated far away from where i actually was.

In the same dream, a talking cat, and that i moved in with a number of uni students on my course who decided we can only keep the talking one and one of its kittens. His wife had 5 kittens but 3 died and the other 2 was ok, and we had to have a ginger one too from one of my friends. The pick of students were unexpected and although it was a bit awkward with one of the housemates it was ok really quickly, i just had to stop worrying.

then in the same dream again, i went to uni and saw ny brothers Ben and Matt and our friend Anthony  were at uni where they had some sort of work.

And speaking of work… i need to go because i have work at 10 )its nearly 9:40 rite now.

Getting rid

Oi. So i thought i’d better pick up the mood so hey there.

I’m laying on my bed having a nice rest. Sorry if that’s boring but you’re reading it so suits you sir/madam. I was called Mr Boring earlier and in current conversation as to why i took a picture of a mac advert being watched on a mac. People fail to see that part of what my point is, is some sort of art or mild cynical comedy. I consider a lot of my stuff to be art, especially the weird stuff like the feet pictures. Its not me not getting it, its other people. A lot of the things i write, say and picture, my observations and stuff have a meaning or some sort sometimes, other times its just innocence.

I explained today that i see myself as a comedy presenter on the radio. I say lots of funny things for amusement, not because i mean some kind of serious insult. I see lots of meanings in things and question them on a level where people can say “Yeah i wondered that too” but some people just don’t get it.

I’ve been having my frustration moment again today where i wanted to do everything. I managed to update tones music and i should have some sort of money in the next few days so will hopefully find something to do.

I think this is becoming a daily blog again which is pretty cool. I need to turn it around though. I think i’m being too revealing and maybe typing things that maybe i really dont mean. I had a bit of a regret moment today about a lot of things and considering how other people might feel about what i wrote. To me, like i say its art, maybe painting a picture of whats in my head and my heart, and even though thay’ve not added up lately, and my head thoughts seem to get pretty deep to the point i question everything, it would be cool to show that i am actually ok if you look at the broad picture i’ve painted. I’m just mole tunneling the various ports in my head. I think maybe its a phase i’m going through. the Simplistic honesty stage. I’m digging the indie look. Maybe i’m a fucking Emo?

One of those throw back 80s “the world is better off dead” type people sitting on brown sofas and wearing long coats, scruffed hair. “I would go out tonight but I haven’t got a stitch to wear”. But yeah theres people i truly care about and i wish things were better and i could be a bit more social with people without thinking i’ve done something wrong or get frustrated about wanting to start a conversation but not being able to… this is what i mean, i’m gona shut up 😀

I dont keep diaries so this is the closest to one that i keep. I guess if you’re gona write a diary down and keep it for yourselt then… well why anyway? you might as well some someone, seems pretty pointless to write with no need for it. If i want to forget about it, i wouldn’t write it down.

Having a moment

Ok… i kinda lied to the person i just spoke to. I’m having one of my moments, so i’m not totally ok, but thats probably because ive not thought about how im feeling.

I feel rubbish. theres not anything im feeling positive at the moment. so there you go. I just came back from my radio show to announce this travesty. Partially because in a way people i want to care just plainly dont want to associate… do i re-assess these people? Are they worth having/wanting/bothering to have them in my life if they are not prepared to show an interest? Why am i asking these questions on a blog? Why am i even asking questions? Maybe if i shout loud enough i can hear an echo. Wow… an albatross in my very own head.

I found out my auntie is going to be starting her own radio show on hospital radio this week, so i’l have to have a listen to hear her voice, not seen her for aaaages, so its gona be very weird to hear her.

I’ve got a lecture in the morning so i guess i’d better get some sleep, I am a bit dissapointed because we’re doing comedy on thursday… but i have work at 10am… NOOO! its the lecture i have been looking forward to! Maybe Jim will educate our class with Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.


Anyway… Sleep. Byee!!

Fixing the imperfecticities

I don’t know if it’s because i’m getting picky or bored or i’m having some sort of complexity thing going on but its annoying me, so thinkin abour doing something about my looks. get the weight off and getting my nose spot off. I think i’v been a cuddly guy long enough, i think its not getting anywhere nowadays. I didn’t plan on it previously, it just happened, but yeah.

In other news it’s been raining in doors. House mate Matt had to resort sleeping in a different room being up till 4am. Too much rain! My rooms been leaking too through the window and theres another in the landing. Apperently they have just fixed it with paint so far but i think they may have to do some real work to stop the leaks.

I’ve been on a creative stint recently. starting loads of new things and not finishing them. That’s annoying! I’m doing Tones news tomorrow as well.

I was about to say night… but kitchen nightmares is on!

16 Hour Sleep

I actually had a 16 hour sleep last night. I must have been tired. I was doing some musicy things on the computer and i realised that i was feeling a bit tired. So i went for a lay down to relax and come back to what i was doing later. i woke up after 4 hours (about midnight) needing the toilet, so went down to do that and came back up. Went back to bed and woke up when Dev was finishing his show on Radio 1 and grimmy was about to start. I fell back to sleep after that and woke at 11 to Ferne Cotton. I stayed in the same position for so long though my back was a bit hurty, and i didnt realise till the end of the day today when i layed down that it may have been my leg that caused it because it was a bit stiff and my leg and back made loads of clicky noises.

During my sleep i had a number of dreams. One included a foreign family. There was alot about trains, climbing out the windows of a building at uni and back in them so i was safe, and snoop dog was reported dead on the radio while i was looking at the train times. I remember it being announced on the anniversary of 2pacs death. Another was my brothers and sister (as kids) were on the train and were late getting off. I had to take them off, but the train started moving. They let us off though.

In other things… that are real life, the house is soaked. The water is getting in wherever it can. The man came out to fix it, but nothing happened but the fix was unfixed.

Anyway it’s 10 past 3, and im tired so its my bed time. Niiight

Thinking about you

So I’ve got back home after my long day. I had about 2 hours sleep in the end last night and im pretty tired but not sleepy yet. hopefully my essay will be good enough to get a good grade. It always takes it out of me. Like sex but without the amazingness.

I’m thinking about someone tonight. It’s not the “Secret Crush” because i’m just going to have to get over her due to lack of interest and i guess it’s unfair to carry on about it – even if i do like her to peices. The person i’m thinking about is someone else, i suppose the people that matter are the ones that keep drawing you back… or maybe its because i’m tired off my face and my eyeballs could fly out my sockets right now. What do you think about my sockets by the way? pretty groovy eh? £15.99 at tesco.

And why do my feet smell so bad? i mean, my feet were clean this morning when i got up and i just walked in a but of rain. The rain, fucking hell. That was really shit today. Give me grass hoppers any day.



Well I’m just sat at home psyching myself up to finish this essay with loads of references.

I woke up this morning feeling opinionated. The first thing that captured my attention was the student protests in London. I had a think and thought i would share my thoughts on this here blog.

Well being a student I’m likely to be pissed off that there are course fees and i think yeah free or cheaper course fees would be way cool. However I feel like this whole class divide would be a lot smaller if course fees were cheaper or free because the way things are going now.

Students are skint enough, so taking it out on them is pretty unfair. I can get that David Cameron is faced with a financial situation that needs fixing and needs to be a bit of a dick for the good of the economy, but students are not the way.

And (My main point) Disadvantaged people are the real people that are suffering. If i hadn’t have gone to uni last year I’d have to pay fees that i wouldn’t have been able to pay it back. I hate the deal that “people from council estates” get as in to day that these people are worthless and are incapable of making something in their lives. There are pretty  talented people and lots of smart people who could really go places but can’t do it or not encouraged to go further because it costs too much.

I’m terrible at making points or showing how pissed off with things with words and stuff. The plus side is that the ones that go to uni are certified special, but its not fair that others don’t have that opportunity just because of their background.

Right, i suppose i’d have to sort my hair out… One of my housemates has offered to cut it, and then i have to do some work. Laters