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So im still in yorkshire… I decided to stay up a little longer and thinking of going back on monday for a little bit to get some uni work done.

Ive had fun since iv been here helping Hayley consume vodka and also helping eachother not do uni work. So day 1 – sunday night was vodka night, i think i had alot. Day 2 – went with hayley for lunch then went to see Tom who informed me of experiments with skittles and various other sweets mixed with vodka. That night id never had so much vodka that streight, was really nice though. Day 3 – after sleeping at toms we went to bradford, then back to queensbury. I left my stupid keys at toms though so had to go back. went with hayley (suprise suprise) after for a pub visit and taxi back. Today has so far been just a creative day writing things but i got bored.

Anywale i am gona finish watchin the one show. Maybe more later

Wishing for a meteor: Episode 1

I thought i’d start start a new feature in my blog now because my awkward moments never seem to fail me, so I’m calling this feature “Wishing for a meteor” as the moment is so awkward id rather br struck down by a meteor… simple.

This time it was the crotch split. Oh yeah it’s as bad as it sounds. It seems as the cargos I put on this morning had weakened since I baught them and they ripped all up the crotch. I scootered them to death. Luckily I had underware on and a long t-shirt and a bag in the way. Plus people dont tend to look at other peoples crotches when they first meet, so I think I got away with it, and baught some emergency jeans at the nearest Primark. I could make jokes about that it split because of the size of my manhood, but I think I’ll skip that and just put it down to that I was scootering and the ware and tare must have gotten the better of them… whether its true or not.

Daddy would you like some sausage?

In my on-going quest to find old and forgotten music that’s never played on the radio (For no good reason) I raided my old cassette library when I went to Swindon today and brought back a bag full of gold. On one of the compilations I made a few years ago I found a bunch of tracks I dont have anymore (I’m not sure why) but I thought I would share it with you in youtube form so here it is 🙂

Intenso Project – Luv da Sunshine

Beyonce – work it out

Romeo – Romeo Dunn

Azzido Da Bass – dooms night

Starchaser – Love will set you free

Ludacris – Roll Out

Missy Elliott – 4 my People (Basement Jaxx Remix)

Miss Dynamite – Dyna-mi-tee

Gorillaz & D12 – 911

Tim Deluxe – It Just wont do

Gorrillaz Feat Space Monkeys – Lil Dub Chefin

Paul Oakenfold – Starry Eyed Suprise

Tom Green – Daddy would you like some sausage

I was obviously going through my “Freddie got Fingered” stage in life to have put this on. Infact this reminds me that this tape was once full blast outside Keyline while purchasing items for dividing the front room and my 10 year old sister rocking out to it in the car.

Abs – Give me what you got

I did my radio show last night and I noticed that with the new studio I was able to record the links by themselves with no music… I didnt realise I was that shouty. Maybe its because of the studio. So I think i’ll remember that for next time.

Anyway I have a busy weekend – Friday i’m interviewing and recording sounds at a market in cirencester, if I get time pop into the studio for Robins show and then i’m looking at a place to stay for next year. Then Saturday i’ve got training for a new job i’m starting at uni, then as soon as that’s done run for the train to Halifax to see Ruby on Sunday. Sleep all of Monday and then decide whether i’ll be staying up for the week or not. So uhh… yeah! Bye bye bye bye bye!

I’m a purest – Does Comedy work on radio?

(This is the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy theme so radio geeks might want to use their headphones for that extra tingle)

Soo… lots of talk about radio comedy with people in my class at uni and thought I’d get my bit in there because it’s actually something I’m really passionate about, however i’m keeping rather low on the subject, Mainly because I am a Comedy writer. I’d like to get into making radio comedy and dramas – whether thats at the BBC or doing it independently. I think production is amazing however i do have issues with radio drama which i will go into. I’m also interested in being a comedian – Something which might not happen but the skills would be helpful.

I love the Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy (And also Dirk Gently which was on BBC tv – another Douglas Adams doodah). Also I think Round the Horne – although sometimes a bit dated – is still really enjoyable as well as the Goons and some other Radio 4 content. I will also say that radio 4 does make the best radio comedys because lets face it… Nobody else does! You don’t get radio drama on commercial radio, and as far as the beebs output that’s mainly what it’s there for, other than the odd one on radio 2. Comedy is generated by the presenter on other stations.

I think it’s important to also see my view on what i mean by Radio Comedy. Radio drama is usually about a subject. Period, sci-fi, romance ect… but it can also be humorous. Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy, The Goon Show, is a Radio Drama – They might feature funny people/comics/comedians so yes it counts as radio comedy – they follow a story but they are funny. Radio Comedy is Panel shows too like I’m sorry i havn’t a clue or room 101, Whose line is it anyway are comedy shows, No story but there to make you laugh.

On various days when i feel like a change from 6 music I switch to Radio 4 extra on my travels to uni. I can listen to a bit of radio 4 depending what’s on but i can find a lot of radio 4’s non entertaining content rather boring. I can get a shorter version of this information on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine.

Anyway i better make my point and just so you know… i’m a purest when it comes to radio so i need to get this out the way first.
1 – I don’t believe in doing a gag twice unless i think some ones missed it, or id its a running gag.
2 – I beleive that internet radio isn’t actually radio because it’s not being broadcast to a radio (Internet radio is easier to say and understand). But it is a broadcast though designed for people to listen to with the minimal intention for it to be listened through an internet connection so in my heart it will always be an internet broadcast. A Radio broadcast is where the producers minimal intention for it to be listened through a radio.
3 – A podcast is a RADIO PRODUCTION providing it will be broadcast or has been broadcast on a radio.
4 – A podcast is an AUDIO PRODUCTION of its intentions are for it to be broadcast on a phone/mp3 player/computer

Sorry, thought id be pedantic. Heres my points.

Some Radio dramas are too stiff. They resemble views that are not valid in this day and age and use techniques that we should have developed on by now – something which i am working on. The script feels forced in these dramas and some of this is the case for comedy but not always. The archers for instance – especially Ambridge extra. Not all… but many of the voice actors are acting… you can tell they are acting because voices are so bloody fake.

You can tell when something is forced on radio because you don’t have the visuals to cover it over. People don’t talk or act like they do on The Archers. I don’t like it when this sort of thing ruins it and detracts from the quality or the storyline and im sure that other passionate listeners feel the same. I would like to hear real voices and accents, and acting that isn’t badly acted or over acted (Unless for comedic value). Where’s the use of every day vocabulary and a conversation spoken like you would to a friend – after all radio is supposed to be your friend. You can even hear it’s in a studio. It’s 2012 and you’d have thought someone would have ironed that out now to make it sound more realistic or natural. The transitions from scenes as well – like the ones on “What ever happened to the likely lads” adapted for radio, they make me cringe.

As for Comedy the aim is for a laugh. Anything to do with humour or anything funny is comedy. It doesn’t matter If its in front of an audience or in a studio long it gets a laugh, and the audience are not laughing at the physical action so radio listeners miss out. The above problems should be used as effect to enhance the comedy or give it a feel, however certain programs just make it sound out dated. I’d like to do what Quentin Tarantino does but on radio – put that tape sound and compression on everything like it’s coming from a personal stereo.

I think radio comedy did work, and can work. In some respects it still does but its out dated. Why should radio comedy only suit radio 4 listeners.

This is my opinion and I respect others on this. Would be good to hear what others think :D.

Below are some other blogs which have been written recently from others on my uni course about radio comedy and why it does/doesnt work
Robin Smith:
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Where is my low frequency!

Ok so i’m updating this pointless blog that people seem to read – maybe you work for the government or my life really is the Truman show.

I’m trying to decide whether i want a haircut. I’m starting to dig my long-ish hair and beard situation. I think it actually makes me look a bit older and not so much like an overgrown school kid :P. I suppose the fact i act like one doesn’t help.

I was getting annoyed yesterday due to the lack of low frequency in my voice. There was an FX setting on the desk in the new studio… not a bloody chance. Bit annoyed at that but that’s my voice so i cant really change it. Apperently i even sound young which is also annoying because some people say that i sound too young for their station. I’ve never questioned whether it was a dis-advantage for a presenter. I don’t think I have a high voice or anything. At this rate i’ll be 80 by the time I get on W.O.L.D (Harry Chapin/song about radio reference) – and if i make references like that surely i’d be ok for mid 30’s station.

Maybe i should get some advice from a voice over artist or someone at uni.

I’ve had a lucozade fuelled day today… so im thinking and doing random things. Like looking at whether squirrels have rabies, writing some more of my story, laying around writing blogs, Watching button moon and Charlie brown on DVD. If they did a mash-up it could be Button Brown, or Charlie Moon (Sounds like an Eastenders character).

Oh and i’m trying to think of some sarkey responses to the old “What do you do?” “i do radio production” “You have a face for radio” gag… like it’s new and I’ve never heard it before. Some guy said it last night and i was thinking “you have a belly for beer” which isn’t really a great comeback. i suppose i could always say “oh fuck off” haha.

Oh and i nearly fell off my scooter yesterday because when i was on the path i didnt see the dip because it was dark. i managed to jump off before that happened but i bashed it on my leg so i have a bit of a dent on my heel. Oops. Thinking about getting some real road transport sorted soon. Car sounds like my cup of tea. I doubt i will get a Cortina or a Sierra but i might start out with a Black ford KA. Odd choice i know but there are reasons. When i was 16 i used to walk past the ford garage in town and look in the windows and want one. then recently i’ve seen a lot of them. It’s highly possible a black ford KA is following me either wanting to be baught, or gathering my secrets.

Whatever is happening, it doesnt matter because it’s just gone midnight and I’ve got uni in the morning.

Bye bye! Yadadadadadadadada.

Building Blocks

Ok so i’m just chilling at the moment doing that youtube thing where you watch a video that links onto another and another

So in this post – as i’ve not wrote much the last week or so, is explaining my building blocks theory.

This is where i believe – or at least inside me – past media has influenced the media i do. So depending how bored i get writing this… i’m about to show you some of my early inspirations.

The following ads contribute to be being able to make a tune out of anything.

Anyway that’s as much as i can be bothered with. Pretty pointless but thought “hey why not”