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Very important news now about my ribs… very important. This is not a date with my ribs though… as fitting as it would be on Valentine’s day.

Today have felt improvement with the movement situation and movingbaround alot faster. I can move without pain getting in the way, still can’t lift stuff yet and my arm is a bit tender. I’ve been making animations with Finn today which I will post online at some point. Since being at home since Monday I’ve been trying to tame my creative energy that is going through the roof even though my actual energy has been running on half power.

Making Aphre a valentines card has helped though. I have a lot of sharpies and i love any chance I get to use them. I should learn to draw because I’d be lethal. I might do that with my remaining days off work. I got a how to draw marvel comics book a few years ago that I’ve been meaning to do something with.

I was having a think earlier about how the ribs thing is probably the most serious injury ive ever had in my life. So far I’ve had no broken bones, I’ve never been left writhing on the floor in pain. I mean the worst stuff so far was 1) When i fell in the snow a few years ago and landed on my knee (got cartilage damage) and Kopperberg nearly landed on my head. 2) I was about 6 i fell in the snow and my glasses went into my eyebrow and bled everywhere. 3) Age 9 I cut my hand open during an argument when an adult launched a broken toy at my head and i blocked it (tbh this was to no suprise at the time thanks to the funs of an abusive stepfather but I will leave that there) I bled everywhere that time too. 4) When I was unable to function due to a tooth that needed to come out that was hell. The next day i was boasting that I got shot 9 times like 50 cent. This is the worst if not on par,which is weird because when it happened it only felt like I twinged it.

Anyway, I will fix hopefully by Monday. Today I had a nice evening with my lovely one. This year will be our 5th year anniversary on Finns birthday. We watched a Jane Austin film which I managed to stifle any jokes sobi didn’t ruin her enjoyment (i did quietly mention if the Heyters (?) were gon hate).

I have enjoyed my evening though. Just like I put in my dating profile those many years ago, snuggles, icecream and a film. I am the happiest.

Right… time to completely fail on catchphrase guesses. 🙂

Bit of a ribbing

Ok so maybe not as many updates as I’d hoped but still more than last year so far… maybe we can call it a gradual return.

This week though has been a bit of a dick though, thanks week. The first thing was that my computer died for some unknown reason. It shorted the electric out so now i have to investigate what happened. The second thing this week is that I slipped over and as you can imagine the first reaction is that people will laugh… even if they weren’t there… like I did something to deserve it.

Basically I’d mopped the floor and had no other choice to walk on the floor, but as soon as I stepped foot on it I went down and I’ve clearly done something to my ribs. It’s not fun and at the moment as every movement equals pain. I’m doing the ibuprofen and paracetamol thing which isn’t having the desired effect but hoping it will help sort stuff enough for me to sleep.

What else is going down? Well not loads reallt. We had a hectic period and crap year last year and things compaired to now… well it’s a sleepy patch. Not really any other blog friendly stuff comes to mind but if it does then I will mention it. I should do things deliberatly for this blog.