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Busy times

I thought last week was manic… but this week is worse!

Ok so there wasn’t actually much going on event wise but it was more like the events took ages. Theres so much paper work and other bits of work, and Ruby stuff going on theres not really any time to do anything, and when there is im tired! but yeah.
Ruby is with me this week in Swindon because she was sick on the day she was supposed to go back, so im off up this week to take her back

Anyway thought id just update… If anything interesting happens i’ll mention it.

Johnny Robinson + Ruby Robinson = 2 Sick Robinsons


I’m not feeling well today and neither is Ruby
She’s been down this week and we’ve had a great time… But i think something we ate made us sick today.
She’s staying with her mum at a friends and was supposed to go back today but they would of probably been thrown off the bus or something due to the river of sick.
We had a pub meal yesterday afternoon and Ruby didnt eat much of it so i had some. It tasted crap and really dry so we abandoned it. Rest of the day was cool.
This morning i’m woken up from feeling ill and immediatly had a phone call saying Ruby was the same.
Anyway interesting times!


i’ve been in quite a fed up mood lately so thought i’d mention it.
Been working on a college project today which really has got to me the last few days. Today i was so stressed about it i could feel the top of my head tingling again lol… havnt been like that since… well, the radio business! once that’s happened im not with it for the rest of the day!
Aaaaanyway most of the video is done, there’s bits that needs doing like parts of the motion graphics but it’s looking good. got good general feedback on the video i managed to get out.
I was plannin to write more but my headache is killing so ill update tomorrow lol

Money money money mon-ey…. MON-AY!

Okis… a “Johnny Robinson Exclusive” you might want to know about.

Been in a meeting this afternoon talking radio about a not for profit project (Mentioned in 2 posts ago). I still can’t go into detail but i can reveal that it’s an internet project with a twist.
We’re looking for investors so if you’re interested in the project contact me on and i’ll give you the lowdown.
At this point i feel i must mention it has nothing to do with a certain radio group/station in the area in turmoil at the moment.

Police End – Now with Added Music Videos

You could probably make an Elisabeth Town type sound track out of this Blog.

In 2007 I started putting songs into the blog as a sort of song of the day. Now (through the wonders of the youtube embed feature) I’m putting music videos in rather than just putting the song title in.

thought it would look more beefy than just the regular text or a picture. Anyway hope you like the songs

Where to place myself

Ok so today is one of those days where i have the creative energy to do things… but my brains not in motion so i’m doing what comes naturally.

I’ve got too many things on my mind so ill write them down and see where it all goes.
Okis so we did some filming last week for a College project. There is shit loads of work not done or done properly and i really want to at least get a merit if not distinction for this project.
I’m currently involved in a new radio project that has been in the pipeline for about 3 months now… cant really say the concept or go into detail but there’s a lot of brain racking, technical and financial talk.
I’ve been contemplating my future. For starters i must admit that even though i only spent a week in Newcastle, i sort of miss it and is a possibility that i might consider moving there in the future… if the above project doesn’t work out or go further.
If that’s the case and college is good, might go to uni there or something. The other option which i wouldn’t mind doing one day is go to America or something for a few years and get radio/media work there.
Someone is still on my mind quite a lot of the time too. I’ll just have to hope that sorts it’s self out. Im confused as far at that goes. I know a certain person will know what i mean when they read this bit. But it’s a bit like i’m bashing my head against a wall in a way. She said something earlier to which inside i’m really screaming for it to be reality, but meh.
I want to be in a band. Apperently i sound a bit like Brian Ferry from Roxy Music. I cant play an instrument but i’ve got a huge music passion.
I Went to look at a house the other day. Was all good and stuff but fell at the last hurdle. Apperently it was because the other person in the house is female and would probably prefur a woman to move in instead of a man… ok if thats the case why did she get in touch with me?!?!
Anyway… today’s song… Roxy Music – Out OF The Blue

The ups and downs

Well today’s been interesting (Yesterday was too but i’ll not be going into that)

The Downs (mainly because i’d like to get them over and done with) well it’s a bit odd. I dont want to go into it but involved my friend. It’s sort of an up in a way. so all i’ll say is i’m happy for her 🙂 . besides that… im soooo tired.
The ups – Well in November myself and a few people from college (assisted by the college and production companies to guide us) made a short film called “Planet Chippenham”. It was a comedy based on a wildlife documentary looking at humans from an animals view.
Well it was the final of the pre-loader film festival today (which was happening in Chippenham) and we won two awards. Best Story (from judges) and audience favourite so that was good
it’s all good but i feel empty
Tomorrows another day… which has potential to be extremely interesting

When you want to talk

Isn’t it annoying when you want to talk to someone but they aren’t online.

I don’t even know what i want to talk about.
Ha, they just came online 🙂 . I’ll wait till they talk to me just in case they don’t want to.
I sort of have various various things in my head i want to say to people and i need to get them out (this isnt all to one person). If you’re on my Facebook friends list i might be wanting to say this to you.
I think your a nice person
I can’t wait till Wednesday
Stop Talking about her like that
I actually propper love you
Why am i crap at games
I actually miss it there even though i was only there for a week
Move in with me!
I think i like you in a way i shouldn’t… but not enough to be worried about it
I miss working for you
I Wish i could do a John Coffee and fix you
Your weird
High Five!
I’m saying this as a friend, you need to loose some weight… seriously
you seem ok but i’m not a fan
I have the same hobby as you, how come you never speak to me even though we see each other at college all the time?
I want to kiss you so badly
how come you liked me loads but never met outside radio?
Fake Flirting for camera was funny
Why didnt things ever hit off with us
Your my kind of person
I don’t get why you are doing it but your wasting everyones time
Why do you keep texting me the same thing?
Why dont you talk about anything but your girlfriend! Jeepers!
Thats it