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2011 predictions

Anyone who read my old website will know about the predictions i used to do… I didnt do one last year but i did the year before. Thought it would be fun to do another, so my 10 predictions are:

1. Lady Gugu Gaga

Lady gaga gets pregnant

2. Ronnie Corbet snease attack

Ronnie Corbet sneezes out his sense of humour and a number of other defunct organs during a massive sneeze attack at a slipper shop.

3. Robbie williams goes mental on stage with take that

This odd feeling complete take that reunion will end in madness with Robbie going so nuts that starts giving the rest of them singing lessons while they are on stage and then insists that he should sing their bits to. Its also revealed that son of Ken (Off Coronation Street), Gary Barlow wrote all Robbies biggest hits.

4. Sting and N-Dubz get a number 1 

N-Dubz join together with Sting and make this song a little bit like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony featuring Phil Collins did in 2003. They use the song “Demolition man” which sting offers to sing on.

5. The Queen Screams

The Queen spots a mouse and screams loudly. It is on the evening news

6. The creation of the world is down to Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

Its found that a time travelling Creme Egg caused the big bang that the world was created (by shooting two of them out of a cannon half way across the world faster than an intercity train, which has never been attempted). Prof. Stephen Hawkins said “Yep, its true, i can confirm it, i saw it with my own eyes”.

7. More Student Riots 

Students take over the internet and do a “Die hard 4.0” situation type thing. Computer expert and student Dan Rodgers is called in to click “undo” on everything

8. Singer death

 A Famous singer will die without notice. They’ll be a solo star and will be really famous. It will have something to do with electric Pylons.

9. Strawberry flavoured Snow

In an attempt to bring attention to their brands, Walls (the icecream makers) find a way of adding Milk and Strawberry to the snow so it tastes like Strawberry mini milk. They manage avert a huge bee and wasp incident by doing it over winter.

10. John Lithgow stars in new BBC Sitcom

John Lithgow who plays “B.Z”. the evil guy in the film “Santa Claus” (With Dudley Moore) and “Dick Soloman” in “Third Rock From The Sun” stars in the new BBC sitcom “Harry and the Devil”. Lithgow plays ‘The Devil’ that only co-star Dani Harmer (Off Tracy Beaker) , ‘Sally’ can see and hear. The Devil talks Sally into believing that he will help her through life and be successful and influences her actions.