So this week I am a sicky one. Not quite really sure what it is whether cold or flu is more accurate but it’s been rubishy. Things started on Saturday night when I came back from helping out with something in Weston-super-Mare and felt ill and was trying to get some links recorded for my radio show which gradually gave up on as i felt worse and managed to muster up enough energy for the staff meeting on Monday. Anyway since then I’ve had to have 3 days off and have been in bed for two of those. I went out for the first time in 3 days and it felt alright. Still feel pretty ill but atleast its subsiding.

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while about making a connection with friends and stuff… the idea of that slightly ruined when I no-showed to a small uni reunion… but that was mainly because of work but it was somethung that caused the thought and with the various deaths going on it was shelved.

Last year we went on a family holiday to Gran Canaria.

Our journey back from Birmingham airport was nearly a nightmare but Fred (my uni friend) offered to take us back. Finn was very interested in talking to Fred, where as Fred wasn’t totally sure how to converse with a 3 year old at 1am… but did well. It made me think though that I need to make more of an effort with friends and bother making some new ones. There are people I gravitate towards but don’t tend to go the next step recently so I might give it a try soon.

I’ve dropped in a few things there… Holiday was lovely and had a great relax. There were loads of cats. I did wonder if they were there to control the canary population. Lots of time playing in the pool with Finn. Oh and the side info my show is on Total Star on DAB in Gloucestershire on Sundays.


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