In the place

So today I am in a city for an interview/chat. It’s one of those “is it, isnt it” situations. I won’t be saying where this is happening or who it’s for, but all I will say is that I’d feel awkward wearing my University of Gloucestershire jumper. I was going to grab before I left, but then realised it might not be a cool idea.

So I’m sat in a wetherspoons as I’m very early for the thing, and chilling with some cheese crisps and a pepsi. While walking down the stairs though from the train station, it dawned on me that I’ve done something very wrong to my leg. On monday i went out and delivered a load of letters as an odd job for Aphre. It took me about 7 hours to get everything delivered and did it all on foot. When i got back I could feel my knee hurting. A few years ago i was coming back from a gig at Pittville Campus, when it snowed. It stopped classes for the day so we had a mess about day on Tone. See that post here.

So I thought the issue went away but walking for 6 hours must have agrovated it. I fell asleep on monday night with it slightly hurting only to be woken up by the pain on tuesday at 1.30am. I rested all day tuesday and Wednesday and thouht it had gone down, but I walked for 30 mins into town and by the time i got there, it was feeling a bit weird. I must have sat funny on the train because there it was again, doing feeling screems at me. 

I feel like feeling screamsshould be a phrase. 

This spoons is nice. It’s a hotel spoons, and its like all oldy rustic inside. A bit like somewhere my friend Rich would take potential Mrs Richards on dates. You’ll usually find me on a sofa in these types of pubs, the sofa or on a comfy chair. This seating reminds me of an early childhood sofa. When i was really little, my parents lived in Didcot, and I have vague flashes every so often, and that yellow/brown leather sofa is something that I remember. But yeah, pubs, I’m on the sofa or the bit that looks the cosiest – if it’s my choice.

I’m just trying to think of things to write now, I’ve still got a bit of time before I need to go. 

Oh here’s something… I’m trying to decide what I want to do about podcasts. Basically I was abandoned podcast wise that put an end to Prick Up Your Ears, and I was thinking about doing it with someone else, or doing a new podcast, or a similar podcast but I’m a bit stuck. I was looking at the stats today and they are good, if only we were having that many new listens when we were actually doing it, id have actually earnt something. We have 25k listens on the Sound Gorillas audioboom channel which is great, and Robin and Jelmer are doing a monthly podcast, but I want to be back doing silly things… but I’ve had various conbersations with people and there’s some thoughts out there that ive looked into, at the moment they are in the fridge.
right, time to do a leisurely walk to the place i need to be at. I’ll let you know what happens!


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